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Bourne, Michael
Cummings, Meg
Cummings, Sara
Davis, Emily
Deschanel, Armando
Deschanel, Cole
Deschanel, Leo
Douglas, Annie
Evans, Ben
Harrison, Virginia
Hart, Vanessa
Katzenkazrahi, Bette
Martinez, Gabi
Mitchum, Casey
Neilson, Amy
Nichols, Brad
Richards, Olivia
Richards. Sean
Robinson. Tyus
Torres, Antonio
Torres, Maria
Torres, Ricardo
Truman, Tim
Vargas, Francesca

Sunset Beach Family Trees

Dates given are the day the event was shown on TV

Michael Bourne:
"devoted to those he cares about, he is quick
to consider others needs first"

Siblings: none but he considers Casey like a brother
Romances: Jane: his old girlfriend
Children: none, but considers Jimmy Harrison like a son
Enemies: none
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none, but he feels guilty for being involved in a drive-by shooting that killed Virginia's husband, Jackson
Occupations: Lifeguard


Meg Cummings
"liked by all, friendly, but maybe too trusting"

Parents: Hank and Joan Cummings
Born: Nov. 24, 1974
Siblings: Sara Cummings and others who have not been named or seen
Romances: Tim Truman: nearly married him on Jan.6, 1998 (found him having an affair with bridesmaid so left Kansas and so starts the story of SB)
Mark Wolper: they were never an "item" but he somewhat confessed his love to her a few days before he was killed (Jan.14, 1998)
Casey Mitchum: are his feelings more than a deep friendship?
Derek Evans: slept with him thinking he was Ben
Marriages: Ben Evans on Oct. 7, 1998 (met over the internet)
Children: none
Enemies: Annie Douglas (she is always scheming to break Ben and Meg up. She hates Meg because she is everything Annie wishes she could be.)
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Occupations: Waitress at the Deep
Gregory Richard's assistant at
Liberty Corporation


Sara Cummings
"intelligent, caring, friendly and a little
jealous of her sister Meg"

Parents: Hank and Joan Cummings
Siblings: Meg and others not named
Romances: Congressman Blythe-caused a big media frenzy
Casey Mitchum
Enemies: Melinda Fall, Maria Torres-Evans
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: teaming up with Tim to keep Casey and Meg apart, and helping him try to win Meg back
Occupation: student -was pre-med
works at the Shock Wave (a restaurant owned by her parents)
Intern for Congressman Bob Blythe


Emily Davis
"strong-willed and stubborn, she goes after what she wants and tries her best to get it"

Parents: Bette Katzenkazrahi and ? Davis
Uncle: Del Douglas
Cousin: Annie Douglas
Romances: Sean Richards
Children: none
Enemies: Amy Neilson
Brad Nichols (he tripped her so he could get the lifeguard job over her)
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Occupation: Life Guard, college student


Armando (AJ) Deschanel
"mysterious, and passionate he has returned
to SB for unknown reasons"

Parents: Armando Deschanel and Julianna Deschanel
Children: Leo Deschanel, Cole Deschanel (never knew he had another son till Olivia told him on his return to SB, told Cole on May 15th, 1998)
Grandchildren: Trey Deschanel
Romances: Olivia Richards: we know they have a past because the first day he arrived she was going to kill herself and he stopped her and they talked of their past
Marriages: ???
Enemies: Gregory Richards
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: was a thief when he was young
Occupation: Don't quite know but he does something that gets him lots of money and he is also co-owning a resort with Gregory


Caitlin Deschanel (nee Richards)
"loving, forgiving and loyal to her family, she is liked by all"

Parents: Olivia Richards (nee Blake) and Gregory Richards
Siblings: Sean Richards (younger), Gregory Junior 1 (deceased at birth) (older than Sean, younger than Cailtin), and Trey (Armando Deschanel #3 (the truth is unfolding about him)
Romances: Mark Wolper: they were never an item but they did flirt
Marriages: Cole Deschanel on Feb. 12, 1998
Children: adopted Trey (born Feb. 23, 1998) who is really her mother's child and the father is either Gregory or Cole. Cole just recently realized she miscarried their child on Oct. 31, 1997. She has been told she can never have children again after her miscarriage.
Grandparents: Thomas Blake
Stepmother: Annie Douglas Richards
Enemies: Francesca Vargas, Annie Douglas
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: -after learning her child was dead, she secretly adopted a child with Annie's help (Trey, at the time unknown to her that Annie had stole the baby from Olivia) pretended she was still pregnant and let everyone, including her husband, believe he was hers. Cole learned the whole truth on Feb. 24, 1999.
Occupation: none at the moment


Cole Deschanel
(also known as Cole St John)
"a daring, jewel thief who is trying to mend his ways, he has a big heart and would do anything for Caitlin and Trey"

Parents: AJ (Armando Deschanel II) and Elaine Stevens
Born: Jan. 22, 1975
Grandparents: Armando and Juliana Deschanel (Juliana had Cole kidnapped in the hospital when he was born. Elaine always thought he had been dead until April 10, 1997)
Siblings: Leo Deschanel (half brother) and Paula Stevens(half sister)
Romances: Olivia Richards: slept with her unknowing she was Caitlin's mother
JoBeth tried to seduce him but he rejected her citing that he loves Caitlin
Helena: his ex-fiance
Francesca Vargas: his past lover who claims to be the love of his life
Jade Sheridan: a past partner and lover when he was involved with stealing jewels (she died on Terror Island)
Marriages: Caitlin Richards on Feb. 12, 1998
Children: Raised Trey till he was 1 year old thinking he was conceived
by himself and Caitlin. On Feb. 24, 1999 he learned the truth about Trey and now the question is "Is Trey Cole's or Gregory's?"
Caitlin miscarried his child on Oct. 31, 1997.
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: -keeping the secret from Caitlin that he slept with her mother
-sleeping with Olivia to get the Deschanel jewels stealing back the Rosario jewels without telling Caitlin the truth
Enemies: Gregory Richards, Olivia Richards, Bernie Nichols, Phillip Vargas, Annie Douglas
Near Death: on Cruise Ship Aug. 11,1998 when Phillip Vargas tried to kill him but Phillip (supposedly) died instead on the cruise ship on
Aug. 7,1998
Occupations: now working for his father AJ Deschanel
Construction worker
Jewel Thief


Leo Deschanel
"quick to make friends and loyal"

Parents: AJ Deschanel
Siblings: Cole Deschanel
Grandparents: Armando and Julianna Deschanel
Romances: none yet
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Occupations: none


Annie Douglas Richards
"materlistic, calculating, lies easily but deep down
she wants to be loved"

Parents: Madeline and Del Douglas~divorced. Del died Jan. 13, 1997
Siblings: none
Step-children: Sean Richards, Caitlin Richards
Aunt: Bette Katzenkazarahi
Cousin: Emily Davis
Lovers: Eddie Conners: she slept with him to get things
Tim Truman: while plotting to break up Ben and Meg they started to have feelings toward each other
Ben Evans: she has always wanted him
Marriages: Gregory Richards on June 30th, 1998
Children: none
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: kidnapped Olivia's baby and made Olivia believe it was dead
-helping Olivia to break up Cole and Caitlin
-wrote things in Maria’s diary to get Meg to believe Ben killed Maria
-always trying to break Ben and Meg up
-married Gregory to get her money from her dead father
-made it look like Olivia had been drinking and that is how her baby died
Enemies: almost everyone
Near Death: she was presumed dead when all thought she was burned in crematorium
Occupation: shareholder of Liberty Corp.
was a waitress
was a personal assistant to Ben


Ben Evans
"rich and generous with his money, he is dedicated
to those he loves but a little reserved with his feelings"

Parents: names have never been mentioned
Siblings: Ted Evans, and Derek Evans (evil identical twin, now presumed dead)
Romances: : flirtation with Annie Douglas, she was Maria's best friend Marriages: Maria Torres (married approx. 1993) Assumed dead but returned on June 30th, 1998 with amnesia. Ben comes face-face with Maria at the reception for his wedding to Meg on Oct. 8, 1998.
Meg Cummings on Oct. 7, 1998
Children: Children: there is a rumor circulating that when Maria disappeared she was pregnant
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none known of
Enemies: Derek Evans, Tim Truman, Ricardo Torres
Occupations: Shareholder of Liberty Corporation and Owner of Java Web and The Deep


Virginia Harrison
"will do anything to have Michael in her life,
and sincerely loves her child"

Siblings or parents not spoken of
Romances: Casey Mitchum: she used him to make it look like she is not interested in Michael.
Michael: tried everything in her power to get Michael to be with her
Marriages: Jackson Harrison(deceased)
Children: Jimmy Harrison
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: -set a cabin on fire so Michael and Vanessa could not make love
Vanessa with another man's (Tyus)sperm
-gave Vanessa Martains Syndrome
- poisoned a stew so Vanessa would have hallucinations
- drugged Tyus and Vanessa and put them in compromising position to make it look like they slept together
-set everyone up to believe Vanessa's baby is Tyus'
-set everyone up to believe Vanessa purposely slept with Tyus
-pushed Vanessa down while she was pregnant causing Vanessa to miscarry.
*All her dirty deeds were revealed on Feb. 15th, 1999
Occupation: Nurse at Cedar Oaks
Worked as a waitress at Ben and Meg's wedding and worked at Elaine’s waffle shop
*Virginia's last air date is the week of March 1 1999. She will be in Cedar Oaks


Vanessa Hart
"intelligent and beautiful, she is a super friend
to everyone she knows"

Parents: Lena and Robert Hart
Siblings: none spoken of
Romances: Michael
Tyus: never really an item, but Tyus loves her
Marriages: none
Children: found out she is pregnant on Nov.11, 1998, miscarried baby on Feb. 8, 1999
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: kept the truth from Michael and others about who was the father of her baby
Enemies: Virginia Harrison, Jo-Jo
Occupation: journalist at Sunset Beach Sentinel


Bette Katzenkazrahi (nee Douglas)
"outgoing and a little wild, she loves her family dearly and
bails many of her family and friends out of trouble"

Siblings: Del Douglas
Niece: Annie Douglas
Romances: Eddie Conners: she always playfully flirted with him
Marriages: Vincent Duke (divorced)
Charles Lakin(divorced)
Enrique ? (divorced)
? Katzenkazrahi (divorced)
? Davis (divorced)
Jeffrey Goodman (divorced)
Al Kennedy (divorced), died Jan. 30, 1997
Children: Emily Davis (started role on SB on May 28th, 1998)
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: -lied and told people she was the person who had an affair with Cole to keep people from finding out the truth
-knew about the kidnapping of Cole when he was young and never said anything
Enemies: none
Occupation: Gossip Columnist


Gabi Martinez
"at first was vindictive and out for revenge, now starting to see her as frightened, caring, and unsure about love "

Parents: Lorenzo and Anstella Martinez
Siblings: Paula Stevens (half sister)
Romances: Mark Wolper: they were starting a relationship when he died on Terror Island, Jan. 19th, 1998
Ricardo Torres: She accused him of rape but this has been forgiven and they became engaged on Feb. 17, 1999 (supposed to be Valentine's Day according to the show)
Antonio Torres: slept with him when a building she was in blew up on Feb. 9, 1999, she is in love with him but afraid to tell anyone
Marriages: none
Children: none
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: -tried to seduce Ricardo when she knew he was going to marry Paula
-let everyone believe Ricardo raped her but in reality she was having flashbacks to her father raping her. At the trial she told the truth and since then has turned herself around
-keeping it a secret from everyone that she slept with Antonio
Occupation: works at Sunset Beach Police Dept.


Casey Mitchum
"a friend to all, he does whatever he can for friends,
a little uneasy about love"

Parents: John and Alexandra Mitchum (played by Barbara Mandrell) She was on the show at one point as she came to tell him she was dying of cancer. She has not, as she went into remission. He has not talked to his father in many years due to a disagreement
Siblings: none known of, but considers Michael Bourne like a brother
Romances: Virginia: never really an item, she used him for dates to make it look like she was interested in him
Rae: they pretended they were married for a few months. She left the show when she realized she was still in love with another man
Sara: he is slowly starting a relationship with her
Meg: how deep do his feelings run for her?
Marriages: none
Children: none
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Occupation: Lifeguard


Amy Neilson
"moody, and her main focus is getting Sean back"

Parents: Bernie Nichols (died Oct. 30/1998)
Siblings: none
Romances: Sean Richards
Brad Nichols: she mainly uses him in her plots to get Sean to notice her
Enemies: Bette Katzenkazrahi, Sean Richards, Leo Deschanel, Emily Davis
Crimes and Dirty Deeds:-cut up Emily's dress so she had nothing to wear to dinner with Sean
-sent nasty e-mail to Emily saying it was from Sean
-used a Rosario jewel to curse Amy to break up with Sean, instead she made Emily blind
-set the coffee shop alarm of so Sean and Emily would not
make love
Occupation: none known of


Brad Nichols
"egoistic, yet does whatever he can to aide Amy"

Romances: Amy Neilson: they sometimes play the role as a couple
Enemies: Emily Davis, Leo Deschanel, Sean Richards
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: always helping Amy to break up Emily and Sean
-tripped Emily to get the lifeguard job
Occupation: Lifeguard


Gregory Richards
"rich and powerful he uses his power to manipulate people(including his own family), he feels what he
is doing is in their best interests"

Romances: sort of fell for Alexandra Mitchum
Marriages: Olivia Richards Nov. 10,1975, divorced June 29th 1998
Annie Douglas on June 30th, 1998
Children: Caitlin Richards, Sean Richards, Trey Deschanel (unsure if he is the father), Gregory Junior #1(deceased)
Enemies: Cole Deschanel
AJ Deschanel
Annie Richards
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: hired a hit man to kill Cole
-was going to sedate and take Caitlin's baby away and say it had died
-tried to convince Caitlin, Cole was having an affair
-drugged Cole and sent him on a plane to be arrested in Europe
-blackmailed Annie and Caitlin about knowing all their secrets about Trey
- eetting it up to look like Trey is his even if he is not
Occupation: Lawyer
Shareholder in various buildings
Currently building a resort


Olivia Richards
"sometimes over emotional, she is dedicated to her children but she sometimes goes overboard to protect them"

Parents: Thomas and ? Blake
Siblings: none known of
Romances: AJ Deschanel
Del Douglas: she had an affair with him
Cole Deschanel: she had an affair with him not knowing it was her daughters ex-boyfriend
Marriages: Gregory Richards Nov. 10,1975, divorced June 29th 1998
Children: Caitlin Richards Deschanel, Gregory Junior #1 (deceased), Sean Richards, Gregory Junior #2 (a.k.a. Trey Deschanel)
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: -trying to break up Cole and Caitlin
- helped in Del's plan to kidnap Cole when he was a baby
-set Cole up for stealing the ruby necklace so that Caitlin would catch him and be mad at him
Enemies: Annie Douglas, Elaine Stevens
Occupation: none
*Was going to kill herself twice....once Cole stopped her and the other time was when AJ stopped her (this was when he appeared on the show, May 8, 1998)


Sean Richards
"close to his family and very giving,
he likes to help those in need"

Parents: Olivia and Gregory Richards
Siblings: Caitlin, Gregory Junior 1(deceased), Trey
Step-mother: Annie Douglas Richards
Grandparents: Thomas Blake
Nephew: Trey
Romances: Tiffany Thorne
Amy Neilson
Elizabeth (died on boat to Terror Island)
Emily Davis
Children: none
Enemies: Brad Nichols
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Occupation: Student
lifeguard trainee-but gave the job to Emily


Tyus Robinson
"moral, and a friend to all, he also knows many
of the towns secrets"

Romances: Vanessa Hart: he has fallen in love with her
Children: Vanessa miscarried their child on Feb. 8, 1999
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Enemies: Virginia Harrison
Occupation: Doctor


Antonio Torres
"handsome and mysterious, compassionate about
what he believes in, he is the town's confident
and knows many secrets"

Parents: Madame Carmen Torres
Siblings: Ricardo and Maria Torres
Romances: Gabi Martinez: loves her and ended up sleeping with her
when the building they were in exploded on Feb. 9, 1999
Children: none
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: feels bad about something he did in Rosario, Mexico
Occupation: Priest


Maria Torres
"beautiful, caring and a true friend to those she
cares about but has a mysterious past"

Parents: Madame Carmen Torres
Siblings: Father Antonio Torres and Ricardo Torres
Romances: Derek Evans: slept with him not knowing it was not Ben
Marriages: Ben Evans approximately 1993, presumed dead but returned on June 30th, 1998 with amnesia
Children: It is assumed her child has returned to SB
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: tried to fake her memories so everyone could move on with their lives
Enemies: Sara Cummings


Ricardo Torres
"known as a ladies man in the beginning he
is now very faithful, can be hot tempered"

Parents: Madame Carmen Torres
Born: Dec. 3rd ??
Siblings: Maria and Antonio Torres
Romances: Gabi Martinez-propsed to her on Feb. 17, 1999 (supposed to be Valentine's day according to the show)
Paula Stevens: he was supposed to elope with her on Feb. 21, 1998 but Paula was abducted, they never did work through things after that
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: none
Enemies: Ben Evans
Occupation: Police Officer-now Detective


Tim Truman
"calculating and determined to win Meg back, but at the same time he does consider other people's feelings and has friends"

Romances: Meg Cummings: nearly married on Jan. 6, 1997
Connie: Meg's best friend and bridesmaid, he slept with her before his near wedding to Meg
Annie: slept together and they flirt a lot, but have never been an "item"
Enemies: Ben Evans, Meg Cummings, Maria Torres
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: Many involving Meg and Ben, he teamed up with Annie to break the two apart and is now teaming up with Sara to try to win Meg back. He was instrumental in bringing Maria back from the "dead" at Meg and Ben's wedding. He tried to convince Meg that Ben killed Maria and all the people during the Terror Island (although he did have reason to believe this).
Near Death: Derek Evans pushed him off scaffolding and nearly killed him. Tim was in a coma for a few months.
Occupations: Shareholder of Liberty Corporation
Chauffeur to the Richards'


Francesca Vargas
"sometimes seems remorseful, she loves money
and everything associated with it"

Romances: Cole Deschanel: they have a past together and she is trying to get their future together
Marriages: Phillip Vargas (he supposedly died on Aug. 7,1998)
Crimes and Dirty Deeds: trying to seduce Cole knowing full well he is married and in love with Caitlin
-stole the Rosario jewels
-videotaped Gabi and Antonio sleeping together and is now blackmailing
-making it look like Aj had an affair with her to get Olivia mad
-pairing up with Gregory to break up Cole and Caitlin
-blackmailing Cole so he will steal jewels with her
Enemies: Caitlin Richards Deschanel, Olivia Richards
Occupation: Jewel Thief

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