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~ When testing your nail polish to see if it is dry, brush your polished nail against your bottom lip. The skin has no "print" (like a finger would) and the skin is much thinner and smoother, so if the polish is not yet dry it will not smudge or dent. (posted by ladyofnight)

Chanel Nail Polish ~ goes on smooth, thick, the best colors. I always wear Sorceress on my toes and
sometimes I'll wear it on my fingers during the weekend, if we're going out.
(posted by Valerie1)

Mary Kay ~ I don't care for their cosmetics but I am in love with this system they have for the hands. It's called Silky Smooth or Satin or something like that. I just love it! (posted by ladyofnight and seconded by Risajena)

Nail Polish ~ There is NOTHING like OPI. It is the best i have found and I have tried just about everything out there! As for a topcoat, I love Infiniti Air Finish. Dries polish (hard) within 2 minutes and it makes the polish last without chipping for weeks! (posted by ladyofnight)



The Potion 9 IS fabulous! I love it, love it, love it!
The best part is that if you put it in damp hair, then blowdry it protects your hair against the heat.
(posted by ladyofnight)

As for shine I love Biosilk Silk Therapy. I rub a small amount between my hands and then apply it to my hair (ends first, then shaft, then scalp area). Tip ~ The small amount I have left on my hands, I rub on my elbows. I hate those dry spots on my
elbows..this really helps.
(posted by ladyofnight)

Shampoo and Conditioner ~
I have too many favorites to list. I am really loving
Back to Basics right now. Especially their brand new stuff. It works great and smells incredible! (posted by ladyofnight)

Tip ~ It's important to notice when you're products aren't working as well for you anymore. That means it's time to switch for a short while to something else. Then go back to your favorite stuff. Believe it or not, your hair becomes accustomed to a certain product and you need to change every once and a while. I personally don't believe in cherry picking shampoo and conditioners (using different brand shampoo than your conditioner) but i know several stylists that do...matter of opinion i guess. (posted by ladyofnight)

Hair Spray ~
I love
Joico's Joimist Firm. That will always be my favorite :) (posted by ladyofnight)

Tip ~ Always use a pick or comb on wet hair and a brush on dry hair. It is not a good idea to brush wet hair or comb dry hair. Breakage will occur! (posted by ladyofnight)

Sebastian Shaper ZEROg Weightless Hairspray ~
this is the best hairspray i've ever used, it made me switch from Aussie Styling Spray which I had used for over 10 years. Anything that can make me switch after i've used something else that long, has got to be good. It really is weightless, feels good, and doesn't look like you have on hairspray at all.
(posted by Valerie1)

Tigi Essensuals Spray Shine ~
You spray it on for shine. Don't know if it works any better than others, but it smells SO good. Also, my hairdresser used a lot of it on me for my wedding day, so it always reminds me of that too.
(posted by Valerie1)

Sebastian Potion Number Nine ~
You use it while your hair is wet-- for shine, hold, and softness. I heard about it through some magazine that said all the women on Friends use it, so i thought i would try it, and i really like it.
(posted by Valerie1)

Sebastian Laminates Conditioner ~
Just the best conditioner around for dry or course hair. It works instantly and you don't have to use half the bottle or keep it in your hair for 20 minutes or more.
(posted by Valerie1)

Sebastian Laminates Drops ~
works great on curly or wavy hair-- shine and straightening. I don't think they say it helps keep your hair straight, but this is the best stuff for me when its humid. Put on before you blowdry. (posted by Valerie1)

Speaking of humidity, Aussie does make a great spray called "anti-humidity spray" or something close to that. It works really well to keep your hair from frizzing up-- but it also makes your hair look a little stiff, so I guess you have to decide which is more important. (posted by Valerie1)


S K I Nxx C A R E

Physicians Formula Luxury Eye Cream ~
You can find this at any drugstore. This cream is incredibly rich. This is just as good as any other eyecream I have ever tried and it's really inexpensive. Since it is very rich, it's best to use it at night before bed. Makeup tends to slide off of it if you use it during the day.
(posted by Valerie1)

Estee Lauder Uncircle Eye Treatment for dark circles ~
I noticed a difference within weeks of using this. Nice consistency, smells nice, can wear under makeup.
(posted by Valerie1)

Dermalogica Skin Care Skin Refining Mask
This brand can be found at a beauty supply store. The Dermalogica products which I use have less expensive counterparts at drugstores etc. They do almost the same thing, but these feel better and work a little better in my opinion. The skin refining mask tightens your skin, lessens the appearance of pores, and controls oil. This does work better than any mask i've ever used before.
(posted by Valerie1)

Estee Lauder Daywear Protective Anti-Oxident Lotion ~ I got a sample of this not too long ago. Great smell. Great under makeup. It's SPF 15 and it's oil free. But I haven't used it longterm yet. (posted by Valerie1)



Tip ~ It is a general rule of thumb to have 2 shades of foundation. A darker and a lighter shade. The darker shade is to play down areas and the lighter shade is to enhance features. (posted by ladyofnight)

For examples ~
If you have a wide but short nose, apply the lighter down the center of the nose to add the appearance of length and apply the darker to the sides of the nose to give a thinner appearance. (posted by ladyofnight)

For cheeks ~
If you have a round face and want to enhance your cheek bones, suck in your cheeks and apply the darker to the most indented area. Right above that apply the lighter shade. I guarentee this will give your face a more oval, less round appeance. Besides, who DOESN'T love cheek bones...LOL (posted by ladyofnight)

Tip ~ Apply with a large make-up (blush) brush, loose powder after EVERY step of make up. It will seal it on your face so it doesn't fade or rub off as easily. You may find that it dulls your colors, especially eye shadow and lip color...if that happens then apply a little more color over the powder. I mean after EVERY step :)

foundation ~ loose powder
eye shadow
~ more loose powder
~ more loose powder
lip color
~ more loose powder

(the only thing i don't use it after is the mascara--obvious reasons :) (posted by ladyofnight)

BeneFit Lip Plump ~
This is my favorite product EVER. Its a lip base which is supposed to make your lips look fuller and plumper. You apply this under lipstick, and amazingly enough, it actually does what it says it will. I can tell a BIG difference when I have it on. Sometimes I will apply just a little to the center of my bottom lip after i have put on my lipstick-- that works too, just not as well as applying it all over. The only drawback is that it is a little drying. I tend to use it on my entire lip area at night and a little bit in the middle of my bottom lip during the day. It isn't very expensive, about $15. Buy it! I swear it's great!
(posted by Valerie1)

BeneFit Eye Bright ~
This is another must have, in my book. It is a fat pale pink eye pencil. It is supposed to brighten your eyes-- and it does. It isn't advertised this way, but it also works to make your eyes look bigger too.
(posted by Valerie1)

Tip ~ Here's what you do. You put a little of this in the inner corner of your eye and blend. You can just use it in that small area or you can draw and blend the line from the inner corner up your eye as far as you want. You can also use it as a highlighter on your browbone. You can line and blend your whole eyes or the bottom of your eye (bottom of your eye looks really good, imo). You can put some in the outer corner of your eyes too. It really does perks up your eye area. (posted by Valerie1)

Tip ~ My eyes are almond shaped so sometimes i want them to look bigger. To do this, usually I use a white eyeliner in the inner and outer corners and then blend-- but this works almost as well-- and it is easier to use-- it is less difficult to make look natural than the white eyeliner. I would really recommend the white or this pencil in the inner corner of your eyes for when you are going out at night-- or anytime you do special makeup for something. It really makes a difference. I hope I explained this well enough to understand-- it's a lot easier to show someone than to explain it. (posted by Valerie1)

BeneFit Boing Concealer ~
A concealer which only comes in a few colors... don't know how it works, but it really gives you good coverage that doesn't look cakey. I apply this over the yellow concealer which i'm about to talk about.
(posted by Valerie1)

BeneFit can be found in better dept. stores... they also have a website and a catalog. Really cute catalog too. (posted by Valerie1)

Yellow and Green Concealer from Physicians Formula ~
Yellow concealer hides dark circles and green concealer covers up anything red-- pimples, around your nose, etc. This stuff is really inexpensive and it works.
(posted by Valerie1)

Tip ~ I use the yellow everyday under my eyes. You use just a little bit and then add normal colored concealer on top of it. You shouldn't use so much that your undereye area looks really yellow-- u just need a little. I use the green whenever I get a pimple, and thats about it-- but it does work. (posted by Valerie1)

Mac Spice Lip Liner/Pencil ~
A natural color which looks good on everyone. Also good to use as a liner with any lipstick b/c it blends well with all colors and sort of matches your original lip color. There are knockoffs of this, but this one is best.
(posted by Valerie1)

I bought today: BeneFit Smooch ~ for softening lips, BeneFit FY Eye-- as an eyelid base, and BeneFit ooh la lift-- which tightens and brightens the eye area. I'll let you know how they work out. I just love BeneFit-- everything is about $15 dollars too. (posted by Valerie1)

Tip ~ Use your hairdryer to heat up your eyelash curler before you curl your eyelashes. the heat "sets" and holds the curl. be careful not to burn yourself though. (posted by Valerie1)
Tip ~ Put foundation under your eyes before you start with any concealer, this really holds the concealer in place and it doesn't crease up as much. (posted by Valerie1)
Tip ~ If you like and use eyeliner on a regular basis-- learn how to use the powder liner and apply with a brush. i thought it would be difficult, but its not and it looks SO much better than eyeliner pencil. (posted by Valerie1)


B I Gxx M I S T A K E S

The BIGGEST mistake i see people make is rubbing their eyes! ALWAYS rub your eyes from the outside corner, closest to your hairline, IN towards your nose! That is the natural growth pattern of the skin and muscles around your eyes. Never rub from the inside corner to the outside corner. That is fighting the natural growth pattern which results in bags under your eyes and eventually WRINKLES!! (posted by ladyofnight)

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