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  Designing a Garden
For sound advice and loads of inspiration, take a look at the expert design books below.
Gaining Ground: Dramatic Landscaping Solutions to Reclaim Lost Garden Spaces
by Maureen Gilmer
A gardening reality that everyone faces up to, usually sooner rather than later, is that anyone who loves plants never, ever has enough garden space. That is why a book such as
Gaining Ground is as useful for gardeners trying to squeeze one more tree or shrub into their half-acre backyard as it is... Read more

Building Garden Ornaments : 24 Do-It-Yourself Projects to Accent Any Setting
by Cpi(Editor)

From the Back Cover
Build Stylish Garden Ornaments - Easily and Inexpensively.
Building Garden Ornaments guides you through building dozens of attractive, creative garden ornaments that accent any outdoor setting. It includes: Projects in a range of skill levels - from beginner to advanced Clearly illustrated... Read more

Carolyne Roehm's Spring Notebook
by Carolyne Roehm
Combining lovely scrapbook pages with a wealth of inspiration, recipes, and design suggestions, the
Spring Notebook from Carolyne Roehm is the last seasonal title in her series. With a gorgeous matte cover disguising a practical spiral binding, you can refer to this frequently... Read more

Landscaping Revolution : Garden With Mother Nature, Not Against Her (The Contemporary Gardener)
by Andy Wasowski , Sally Wasowski

From Booklist 1.1.00
Today, gardening and environmental responsibility must go hand in hand, the authors assert. They urge gardeners to end what they call a "lemon landscape" --one that requires repeated watering, mowing, pruning, weeding, and ongoing applications of herbicides, pesticides, and artificial fertilizers....
Read more

The Art of the Kitchen Garden
by Jan Gertley(Contributor), Michael Gertley

Publisher's Weekly, November 1, 1999
The Art of the Kitchen Garden Jan and Michael Gertley (Taunton) The Gertleys bring together practicality and beauty in the traditional kitchen garden, where a little forethought and planning can turn the humblest of cabbage patches into a delight for the eye. If the prose is somewhat utilitarian,...
Read more

Choosing Plant Combinations
by Cathy Wilkinson Barash, Better Homes and Gardens (Editor)
For those gardeners intimidated by the thought of planning color symphonies, creating color echoes, or applying any color theory to the garden as a whole,
Choosing Plant Combinations will come as a welcome relief. Read more

Country Living Gardener the Tranquil Garden : Creating Peaceful Spaces Outdoors
by Kay Fairfax
The folks at
Country Living Gardener present a casual, informative book guiding readers in creating garden spaces that serve as peaceful sanctuaries from the stresses of life. Read more

Designing With Plants
by Piet Oudolf
When your new gardening bible comes with chapters entitled "Birth," "Life," and "Death," you know you're in trouble. But be brave, turn to those chapters, and in some very practical little essays on planting, you'll uncover the very down-to-earth principle from which Piet Oudolf's radical...
Read more

The Exotic Garden : Designing With Tropical Plants in Any Climate
by Richard R. Iversen
There's nothing new about the temperate gardener's love of hot tropicals: the not-so-secretly sensual Victorians planted lavish, whimsically shaped beds full of palms, giant reeds, and angels' trumpets, many of which still survive.
Read more

Garden Color Book
by Paul Williams
The colors alone are enough to guarantee this book being a favorite for any flower enthusiast with a green thumb.
The Garden Color Book is a feast for both the eyes and the imagination, and it's unique flip-book style (lifted from those mix-and-match children's picture books) make the possible... Read more

Outside the Bungalow : America's Arts & Crafts Garden
by Paul Duchscherer
Open the door and step outside to see how the Arts & Crafts aesthetic has shaped gardens over the years as surely as it has influenced architecture and furniture. This follow-up volume to
Inside the Bungalow: America's Arts and Crafts Interior shows the characteristic brick, tile and wood,... Read more

Hot Plants for Cool Climates : Gardening With Tropical Plants in Temperate Zones
by Susan A. Roth(Photographer), Dennis Schrader
Using flamboyant plants to evoke tropical gardens is the hottest trend in the gardening world, perhaps best described as the "banana and canna" style of garden design.
Hot Plants for Cool Climates makes clear, for those of us without greenhouses or the time and muscles to dig and wrap plants for... Read more

The Garden Design Book
by Cheryl Merser, Garden Design Magazine (Editor)
Cheryl Merser and the editors of
Garden Design magazine have produced a zaftig beauty of a garden book. The emphasis here is on "new gardening," with a nod to the traditional elements of garden design. New gardening combines a sophisticated treatment of the five senses and a natural style... Read more

Gardening from Scratch
by Ann Lovejoy
Depending on the degree of your gardening lust, the prospect of transforming a barren patch of dirt into a garden will send either thrills or chills down your spine. Excited or frightened, there will be many questions to find answers to and many decisions to make as you plan your garden. With ...
Read more

World of Garden Design: Inspiring Ideas from Around the Globe to Your Backyard
by Susan Dooley
You'll find it hard to tear yourself away from the gorgeous world tour of garden photos of this colorful book. More inspiration than practical guide, there's plenty to admire no matter what your style preference. Choose from among stately formal gardens, shady riverbanks, tidy herb beds, or complex...
Read more


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