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  Paint it
Advice and instruction to go beyond white. The quickest, easiest and least expensive way to redo your space
Creative Paint Finishes for the Home
by Phillip C. Myer

Step by step instructions and photographs Paint and faux finish techniques from A to Z are covered... sponging, ragging, glazing, marbleizing, woodgraining, gilding, stenciling, tortoiseshell, malachite, trompe l'oeil and more.

The North Light Book of Creative Paint Finishing Techniques
by Ray Bradshaw

Transform Your Home from Floor to Ceiling With These 45 Easy-To-Master Decorative Finish

The Perfect Palette
by Bonnie Rosser Krims

Go beyond white walls. Fifty Inspired Color Plans for Painting Every Room in Your Home

Paint Recipes : A Step-By-Step Guide to Colors and Finishes for the Home
by Liz Wagstaff

How to do decorative paint finishes, from aging and verdigris to stippling and trompe l'oeil

Debbie Travis' Painted House : Quick and Easy Painted Finishes for Walls, Floors, and Furniture Using Water-Based Paints
by Debbie Travis, Barbara Dingle

Great ideas, clear and easy to follow directions, as well as beautiful pictures!


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