The best things about being in a relationship

Ok ladies....
Posted by lauren
Earlier in the week several of us went over to the break-ups board to say basically say why it is great to be single. As I'm sitting here plotting ways to kill my husband for leaving yet another mess for me, his personal maid, to clean up I think maybe we need to do a "why it's great to be in a relationship" list. Hurry, I've got that ole "50 Ways to Leave your Lover" song going through my head!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ladyofnight

• Always have a shoulder to cry on.
• Sex is as safe as it's going to get!
• Always have a date for weddings.
• There someone to kill spiders and check for creepy noises in the night.
• Someone to remove dead animals that the cat brought in.
• Always have the muscle around to move heavy things.
• He keeps you from getting ripped out by the mechanic.
• Warm thighs to rest your ice cold feet between in bed. LOL!...that's my personal favorite.
• His income doesn't hurt either.
• Mass knowledge of funky electronic things.. like setting VCR's.
• Someone to do the yard work and save your delicate hands from splinters and blisters!
• Big shoulders to carry the children on at fairs and carnivals.
• Lugs the groceries in.
• Shovels the driveway and cleans off your car.
• Handyman around the house...fixing things and doing much needed painting and such.
• Someone to take the garbage out.
• A hug whenever you need it...which is often for me! :)
• Having your best friend around all the time, always there to listen to your gripes and accomplishments.
I'm sure there is more, I believe I tend to take advantage of all the little things he does that I don't always notice. Geesh, he's worth more than I thought! LOL!!!

Posted by Nicole W

• someone to snuggle with during movies
• someone to do yard work or any housework if you ask nicely enough!
• safe, comfortable sex
• someone to talk to about anything in your life and he/she knows situation well enough to comment
• checks noises in night
• does dog clean up...LOL!
• buys me sweet little cards that mean so much
• can see me with bad hair and not even comment
• makes me feel gorgeous when I dress up and sometimes on my casual days too
• don't have to worry about always making wonderful dinners, he will eat kd...LOL
• takes dogs for walks
• cleans car
• knows when I am feeling bad and tries to help
• fixes the computer problems
• is there when you really need a shoulder to cry on
• keeps the sheets warm
• back rubs
• can laugh about silly things without feeling stupid
My hubby is wonderful...I could go on and on!

Posted by Fwin
Because love and companionship help to fulfill our lives, and if we accept imperfection in our partners, then they will do the same for us. The generosity of unconditional love, will give us a good marriage, and will help us in the chill of old age, when this person that can aggravate us so, is not with us anymore. I have heard many talk of a lost partner, and say that if only they could hear their snoring, or see the lid up etc the end it is the person that matters the most...I read once that if there were 3 things that really aggravated you about your partner , you should "throw "them away, and afterwards commit that you will never let these things aggravate you again. All of a sudden, you realize that if you can do this, they are not so important as you thought they were.

I for one have been left by someone that I loved, and know how much it hurts. My marriage is important to me, and I love the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. It won't always be perfect, but it will always be the best. Notice there is only one song about the ways to leave your lover, but there are tons of songs about loving the one that you are with...

Posted by lauren
In Reply to Fwin
I'm sorry hon, I'm not really going to leave the big baboon. He just aggravated me and he wasn't here to complain to so I came here.
My list....

• someone to drive home when I'm tired
• someone to go to dinner with and silence is ok
• someone to hold me when I'm upset
• someone to sing me a silly little song so I can go to sleep.
• he holds my hand all the way through a church service so that now I don't want to go if he isn't there.
• he acts all tough in that I treat Amy-dog like a child and he knows she's just a dog, but when he thinks I'm not there, he is just as sweet to her.
• he has the most wonderful laugh I have ever in my life heard.
• he is the hardest working person I've ever know
• he has incredibly sexy chest hair ;)
Posted by Sundance1
• cuddling in the movies
• checking on creepy noises at night
• getting up to check if all the doors are locked when I have a panic attack
• having someone who seeks to understand me - even if he needs help ;)
• big arms to hold me tight
• he makes me feel beautiful in blue jeans and an old T-shirt
• he does all the yard work, fixes the cars, pumps the gas, picks up the dog mess
• having a date for every holiday
• he lets me be silly and thinks it's cute
There are lots of reasons why being married is wonderful. . . I think the best is that it is wonderful to be someone's favorite!

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