What's so great about being alone?

Posted by Snooz
Benefits of being alone...

I have been in the process of breaking up with a boyfriend for the past several months--I have been the one unable to let him go. I think my biggest fear is that I will never meet anyone like him again, and will never be loved the way I need. This may not be the case, but right now I feel that while all of my friends move on with their lives and relationships--get married and have kids--I'm going to be left alone. The thing is, I don't want to be so terrified of this happening--there must be ways to be a happy and fulfilled single person, right? What are the benefits of being alone?

Posted by carrie
Here are my list:

Can do what you want when you want. No real need to compromise.
Time to get to know yourself. I think in today's day and age many people don't take that time.
Push yourself to become a better person and try out new things.

Posted by Leah

being alone isn't the same as being lonely...maybe if you are scared of the loneliness, then the best thing is to break up and find out that being with yourself can be more rewarding than always being in a relationship. once you can accept the fact that you are the #1 person with whom you want to be, then you are ready for a relationship, but until then, you need to keep searching for yourself ALONE!

Posted by Risajena
My list...

You get to be the person you were born to be, rather than the person he'd like you to be. Relationships require a lot of accommodation and a few years into one, you sometimes can't recognize the person you've become. It is wonderful, as Carrie said, to do the things YOU want to do WHEN you want to do them, without having to compromise. If your relationship has been rocky, there's all of a sudden the absence of tension, fighting, sarcasm, putdowns, on both parties' parts. To make financial decisions, travel arrangements, household decisions, without having to negotiate with someone who may not see things the way you do is also delicious. No listening to music or watching shows on television just because your companion wants to. See the movies you want, play the tunes you like, be with people he hates and you love, divide your time as you see fit.

I love not being married, but I am not completely alone as I have a teenage son. I still have a tiny thrill every time I put my key in the lock and realize that he is not on the other side of the door. There are others in my life, but I would think long and hard before I lived with a guy again.

Your next relationship will benefit from having a little bit of space between it and the last one. Use the time to think about what you really value in a companion and don't ever settle for less.

Posted by ELANA
Mine are a little 'guy oriented'

Getting the opportunity to find the right guy.
Having time to figure out what you did wrong in choosing that guy, and figuring out what you really want in a relationship.
Getting to choose the movie.
You sleep better alone in bed.

Posted by lauren
Benefits of being alone
Honey my first thought upon reading your post is that if you are wanting to break-up with him, then he isn't right for you and don't worry that you may never meet someone like him again. You'll meet someone different but better.
I've been married almost 8 years and the man can make me crazy sometimes. Benefits to being alone off the top of my head would be....

having to clean up someone else's mess
stepping in the urine around the toilet
having an elbow in the side of the head in the middle of the night because he hasn't figured out how to stay on his side.
having to watch a TV show or rent a movie that I don't want to see
having someone come in and turn on the TV when I'm listening to a CD
having to go to his family's house for Easter when I want to go to mine
having to have his brother stop by unannounced and uninvited.
having him drink all the water and leave the container empty in the refrigerator.

Posted by Risajena
Some more...

flipping between stations just as you get into the show
one eating off your plate uninvited
having to adjust your car mirrors and seat after he's driven your car
open windows/air-conditioning in early February
one asking what's for dinner within the first two hours you are awake
washing someone else's underwear
being rushed to leave a party or event before you're ready to go
. but best of all, no arguments!

Posted by momsrule

no farts, burps, dirty dental floss, used kleenex, empty beverage containers everywhere
1/2 the garbage
eat what you want, when you want
1/4 of the dirty dishes, laundry and ATM hits.
no in-laws, or holiday hassles
no feeling of being totally alone, when someone you live with is an emotionally unresponsive GUY!!!!!!!

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