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The Stupidity & Charm of Teresa/Ethan/Gwen

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by SIPort 1.21.2000

For the first few months of Passions, Teresa Lopez-Fitzgerald was the only reason I watched this show. Her antics with Ethan cracked me up, and I love Lindsey Korman.

But, let's look at this situation now.

Teresa nearly drove me up a wall today, with her continuous ranting about 'fate'.

' Fate' is on her side.
' Fate' knows that her love for Ethan is true.

And, you know what? I believe her.

She may drive me crazy, but, I'm rooting for Teresa.

I also root for Gwen.. though she was cold to Teresa at the funeral, and I believe it was uncalled for.. I'm not rooting for Teresa because I hate Gwen. I don't hate Gwen at all, to be honest. I just don't think Reilley's given me any reason to be in Gwen's corner.

To BELIEVE in her love for Ethan.

From the way this story's been written, you have two very rich people whose families have known one another for FOREVER, and they are the right age, and, so, they will marry.

Not that it was an 'arranged' marriage in the formal sense.. just that it 'just is'. Ethan's been around a certain circle of people, and there is a select group of girls, and Gwen's the one that Ethan settled down with...she doesn't rock the boat, and they would have a very 'charmed' life. So, without controlling the situation, Ivy has controlled it by limiting Ethan's contact with others.

I like Ethan, but, he's a blockhead. Guys just simply aren't THIS stupid. They HAVE to catch a clue every once in awhile, and if I was Gwen, I'd be pissed that Ethan is THIS DUMB! How could you want to marry someone who should have BLOCKHEAD tattooed on his forehead. Ethan is harmless, but, dumb.

I love this story because it's such a classic tale, and I love to root for the underdog, which is why I root for Teresa overall. I want to see 'The Housekeepers Daughter' overcome the odds. Teresa is a non-traditional schemer. Usually schemers like Teresa are the bad girls of a show...but, I love how Reilley has set her up as a schemer like Lucille Ball used to scheme. You shook your head, wanted to shake Lucy, but, all the while, couldn't take your eyes off her as she tried her best. That's how I think about Teresa....a schemer with a heart and a good soul.

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