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What's In a Name?

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by starrzone

OK, I know that it's kind of pathetic, but the other day I was thinking about how the characters on Passions got their names, and what these names mean. So, on Sunday, I spent (wasted?) some time trying to find the name meanings. I'm pretty sure that I got all of them- except for TC, because we don't know what that stands for (hmmm...mysterious name, mysterious man! Maybe THAT'S the meaning!). Anyway, here they are (it's a long post, but I personally found some of the names VERY interesting!).

Pilar: Pillar - Derived from Nuestra Señora del Pilar (''Our Lady of the Pillar''), a name given by Spanish-speaking Roman Catholics to the Virgin Mary. It refers specifically to a manifestation of the Holy Mother to St. James in Saragossa.

Martin: Warlike

Miguel: Who is like God?

Luis: Famous warrior

Teresa: ta-REE-suh : Latin "harvester"/ Tender, Good Gracious

Antonio: Praiseworthy, Flourishing

Poloma: pah-LOH-mah : Choctaw Indian "bow"/ A Dove

Ivy: I-vee : Greek - A Vine

Julian: JOO-lee-en : Latin "youthful"

Ethan: EE-thahn : Hebrew "strong, firm"

Sheridan: SHAYR-ih-dun : Irish "wild one"

Gwendolyn: GWEN-doh-lin : Celtic "white brow"

Eve: EEV : Hebrew "life"

Simone: si-MOHN : Hebrew "one who hears"

Whitney: WIT-nee : English "from clear water"/ White Island

Chad: CHAD: Old English "warlike"

Orville: Golden City

Sam: SAM : Hebrew "to hear"

Grace: GRAYS : Latin "grace"

Kay: Pure, Virginal

Noah: Rest, Peace

Jessica: JES-i-kah : Hebrew "god sees"

Charity: CHAIR-i-tee : Latin "charity, brotherly love"

Reese: REEHS : welsh "ardent one"/ Enthusiastic

Hank: HAYNK : German "ruler of an estate"

Tabitha: A Gazelle

Timmy: To Honor God

Beth: God's Oath

I thought most of the names were appropriate for the characters. the best, IMHO, are Ivy and Julianís names. A vine clings to everything, and pulls them down (i.e. Sam!), and "youthful"! LOL! That is funny. Also, Sheridan meaning "wild one" is pretty appropriate too. The ones that I think are complete opposites of their characters are Ethan ("strong", "firm"? We all know otherwise!) and Hank (ruler of an estate? FIRST he has to get a job!). Anyway, I thought it was a fun thing to do. Let me know what you all think! Also, God forbid, if I forgot any, PLEASE let me know! I think that's it for now...if there are any additions, I'll add them as I think of them!

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