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Is Josh Ryan Evans Being Dehumanized?

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by chrissy n

I am a big fan of the young actor who plays Timmy. I think he's cute, witty, engaging, and a simple pleasure to watch. But I also feel the actor is being exploited. Dehumanized. Timmy is a doll--albeit a cute lovable doll, after all.

Why couldn't Timmy have been a Bennett child, adored by everyone, save teen, femme fatale in the making, Kay? Kay could have been embarrassed by her brother, which could have led to arguments between Jessica, who would have adored her brother. Jessica is a much warmer person than Kay.

Sam is tall, breathtakingly handsome--a hunk, an Adonis. Every time the guy appears on screen, those thoughts go through my mind.

How would such a specimen of male perfection have reacted to having a son who was a dwarf?

Just think of the dramatic possibilites if Sam was tight with Noah, seen playing basketball or coming in from fishing excursions. But Sam rarely spends time with Timmy.

It would have made fascinating viewing watching Sam's unspoken disapproval of Timmy, which could have set the stage for marital discord between he and Grace.

I would love to have seen Timmy as a student at Harmony High, and the scribes could have explored the prejudice that little people encounter.

There would have been the pointing and laughing and name calling. And since the Bennetts are a loving group, more than likely, Timmy would have risen above it all.

Sadly, Reilly writes Timmy in a farcical manner.

Josh Ryan Evans has been asked to don ridiculous costumes-- an elf, baby New Year. I'm sure I omitted a few.

Reilly would not have depicted any of the Russells as jive-talkers, shown sitting around the kitchen table, eating moons of watermelon, or Theresa wouldn't have been shown trying to woo Ethan with her homemade oh-so spicy, faijitas.

So why is Josh Ryan Evans given insulting, stereotypical material to play?

People tend to think of little people as circus performers, and via the character of Timmy, PASSIONS had an opportunity to show someone like Timmy as a flesh and blood soul with aspirations, goals, hopes and dreams.

I also think it would have been exciting had Juliette Mills been cast as Alistar's banished wife, Milicent Crane, who lives in England with her dwarf son, Timmy. Alistar had demanded that Milicent relinquish Timmy because of his dwarfism, and she refused and took off. She and Timmy return to Harmony, with proof that the mansion and Crane industries belongs to them.

Don't get me wrong. I am not an overly serious person. I love to laugh and crack jokes, but I also have a thirst for knowledge. And my favorite subject is people.

I feel that all people and their issues should be treated equally.

To Reilly's credit, sometimes I've sensed that the theme of "on the outside looking in" has been dramatized through Timmy.

When Tabitha is performing one of her misdeeds, she has Timmy on the lookout, peeking through the Bennett's kitchen window. Once he did likewise at the Lopez-F's. They were inside, dancing and partying, and Timmy became so overcome by the music, he started gyrating to the music.

As outlandish as PASSIONS is, I don't know if Reilly is subtle enough to explore unspoken yearnings.

Whatever! IMO, Timmy is a misused character.

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