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Sheridan's Dream

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by SHUIS Fan

It's morning. Pilar, Theresa and Miguel are in the Lo-Fitz kitchen talking about the DNA test and Pilar says she hasn't seen Luis since last night.

Cut to Luis and Sheridan in her bed. Covered up. Luis is holding Sher and says that he can't deny his feelings any more; he saved her instead of his father because he's in love with her. Takes her hand and kisses it, she says "Oh, Luis" (tenderly) and they start to kiss passionately. Cut to Passions Intro. Luis says that he doesn't care if they come from two different worlds, he loves her. Sher says she wants to be with him forever; he says something corny (I think they were intentionally making this sorta hokey, coz I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams that Luis would say these things in this particular manner about "the future may not ever happen, the past is behind us, tonight is all that matters" and he starts to kiss her neck and shoulders, Sher is calling out his name and. . ."Sheridan Wake Up!" says Ethan and a groggy Sheridan sits up in bed totally confused. It was funny.

Reactions to DNA - heh, heh, heh. . . well, fadedrose and I did NOT have to eat crow tonight because WE WERE RIGHT!. The body is Faux-Martin, which means Real Martin is still alive (unless he was killed 15 years ago, which is what Sheridan's immediate fear/reaction was when she heard the news). Julian was mad, Theresa is glad someone else died, so it's OK to love Ethan, and Pilar, of course, was vindicated. Sam woke up and said "well, then the question is. . .who is this (meaning the body, of course)." The very last scene was Sam telling Luis that there might be one person who could answer the question regarding Faux-Martin's identity (of course, they didn't say Faux-Martin - I stuck that in) and they looked at Julian who is trying to avoid their stare. Julian great acting, as always.

Now, about the hug - the absolutely best, best part. When the Crane's walk into the narthex, Luis walks away and leaves Pilar to deal with them. After hugging Pilar, Sheridan walks over to Luis - they immediately and spontaneously hug each other. Luis almost sought her arms - you could tell he looked to her for comfort. Luis had BOTH arms around her, it lasted for more than their usual split-second and he even sorta clutched her coat at one point. At one point, her cheek was against his (I think) and then she shifted her face and laid her head on his shoulder. It was a very loving scene. Luis pulled away - it was almost as if he felt that he had gone too far by holding her longer than the perfunctory pat on the back. I'm not describing this at all well - but there was no sex, lust, longing, coyness, or passion in the hug - just two friends who care a great deal for each other and want to be there for each other. As several others have said, it was better than the dream because it was genuine.

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