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Dear Diary

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by Shuis Savvy

Dear Diary,

I can't take it anymore. Charity & her squinty eyes are sickening. Does anyone cry and squint their eyes the whole time? This is a first for me, but I still don't like it. But I did think it was funny that pure, innocent Charity saw some sexual activities between Eve & Julian.

Diary, have you ever felt like scalping someone? I must confess I have wanted to scalp Simone Russell. She went from Pippy to Mickey and it's really scary to think who she will resemble next. I'll keep you informed though.

I am kind of getting scared, Diary. Did you ever know two people you really care about are going to have their world torn apart & you can't do a darn thing to prevent it from happening? Yes, I am talking about Shuis. They are so meant for one another, but her dumb bro, Julian, and her pappy, Alistair, are so mean and vindictive. They have awful things in store for Shuis. How can a father be so cruel?? I wish there was something I could do. :-( Perhaps Super Tim will ride to their rescue in due time. One can only hope.

One more thing before I go, Diary. I am really hoping Chad takes Luis's advice on dating a rich girl. Hank's advice is just plain sucky and does not work apparently. Thank goodness, though....but I'll keep you updated on Chad's attempts to win Whitney. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Me :-)

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