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Ode to the Shuisless Days (For all Shuis Fans)

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by Shuis Savvy

How is it possible to go 5 days,
Without Luis and Sheridan & their hot gaze?
Those sparkling smiles, that lingering touch.
This Shuis fan needs them much!

No tangos, no date, no roving eyes,
Can't TPTB hear the Shuis fan's cries?
We need something Shuis I beg you, pretty please,
One two second clip- Anything! Geez!

Colored sprinkles & chocolate ice cream,
We need Shuis! They make a great team!
One Shuisless day was in fact enough,
But we're pushing five & that's really tough!

It's February sweeps for goodness sake!
Put Shuis on soon, or you can jump in a lake!
We need Shuis 24 hours a day,
Don't forget, You're the ones who made us this way!

Are you testing our patience?
Well, you've done a good job!
Now all we do is just

We're going through withdrawals,
They are the best as you can see,
We just can't help it!
We love Galen and McKenzie!

So, we are begging you,
We're down on our knees,
Do us Shuis fans justice!
Give us Shuis soon, please oh please!!

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