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Slow moving stories

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by chrissy n

One of the biggest complaints about soap operas is how the stories move at a proverbial snail's pace.

And the events in Harmony goes by as lackadaisically as soaps of yesteryear.

Sometimes for fun, I watch episodes of erstwhile fifteen and thirty minute soaps, which took their own sweet time unfolding the story.

I have read of pregnancies that lasted fourteen months, of heroines who were in labor for seven weeks. Of course, seven weeks was one day in soap time.


I use to scream at the set while watching soaps--Speed it up. Wonder what would happen if you put some gas in the story engine.

But from watching PASSIONS, I now think it is in a show's best interest to tell stories at a leisurely pace.

On PASSIONS, we know that Eve has a secret. We suspect that she once worked in the sex-for-hire business. Since meeting her last July, we've grown fond of her, and care about her.

We know that Sam Bennett was Ivy's first love, and Sam's facial expression when he sees Ivy leads us to
believe that he still has affection for her, despite having recently rebuffed her, but the story is far from over.

I'll bet you a decanter of Julian's scotch that Sam and Ivy will eventually wrestle on the sheets, throwing the Bennett family in chaos.

Scads of viewers have grown to adore Sheridan and Luis.

In the beginning, Luis was an annoying, blustering imbecile, spewing antipathy for the Crane family, calling the shots in his own family, ordering around Theresa, threatening to send her to a convent school.

Luis was established as a man fiercely dedicated to his family, and over time, he has softened and become enormously likeable and engaging.

In time, Galen Gering and his leading lady, Mackenzie Westmore will reach the soap star status of Peter Reckell and Kristian Alphonso.

I care what will happen to all the aforementioned characters, and I doubt if that would have been the case had Reilly not taken the time to explore the minutia of every character, fully develop them.

Would anyone have bought Ivy's obsession with Sam if she had pulled her recent stunt three weeks after the show's debut?

And who'd give a whit about the havoc those naughty pictures will bring to Eve's life if viewers hadn't spent over half a year becoming acquainted with the doctor with the checkered past?

And would viewers give an ooh la la about Luis and Sheridan if they started making goo goo eyes at each other a week and a half after meeting?

Of course not. Most people don't care about Ethan and Theresa because we didn't see them get to know each other, and fall in love.

We care about Luis and Sheridan because we have gotten to know them. We know that Sheridan is starved for love, and that Luis represents something other than a gorgeous face and rippling muscles. He is loyal and has great love for his family, something for which Sheridan hungers.

If stories didn't move slowly, viewers wouldn't care.

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