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Tuesday, Febrary 8, 2000... I enjoyed almost everything

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... about today's Luis/Sheridan/Hank/Beth scenes
by LandS on 2.8.2000

Sheridan has always been portrayed as someone who tries to be a "good girl" to have acceptance from men. That's all I see when she agrees to go out anyway, after she realizes the invitation and flowers are from Hank. I think it's very important to watch the difference between Sheridan doing something she thinks she should do...honor the commitment to the (too quickly accepted) date with Hank and the wholehearted enthusiasm for seeing Luis! Right now she's still a girl who's been burned too many times and is gunshy, regardless of her growing feelings for Luis.

Hank was his usual self, happy she said yes, and treating it like a victory instead of a privilege. His crack about the tiara just points to how little he really knows Sheridan...and perhaps how little he really is interested. But it definitely plays up the difference between how Luis treats a woman and how Hank does....which I think is the whole purpose of this quad having screen time together.

Beth was great, being sweet to both Sheridan and Luis. Her thoughtfulness to both will make what's going to happen be more poignant. It shows why Luis has always liked her and valued her friendship. The playfulness between Beth and Luis showed the difference between the comfort level that Luis has right now with Sheridan. That relationship is still in the formal beginning stage....but has all the sexual overtones that Luis and Beth lack. L&B are buddies...Beth just doesn't accept that yet. As time goes on, I think we'll see Luis relax around Sheridan and begin establishing a more playful, intimate relationship. It's what we have to look forward to and I can't wait....though I will gladly watch each and every tiny scene as it comes!

Luis.....ahhh, Luis. Well, I think he'll tell Beth exactly what he's been telling Sheridan....that his plate is too full right now for a serious relationship. I love that Luis is consistent and that is a very special and important quality for him to have a long term relationship with Sheridan (at least IMO). Luis is also very considerate of others' feelings so he'll probably follow that comment with a quick speech about how important Beth has always been to him. It will convince her she's got the upper hand in the marriage sweepstakes...but in reality, he only means their valued friendship. He has long time people in his life and Sheridan doesn't, so she'll be a bit threatened and read more into his comment that he meant. But I'm not worried, if Luis wanted to marry Beth, he would have done it a long time ago.

I think I learned a little more about each of them today and it was great. How do two people do "the right thing" for people they care about while they build a whole new future? When and how will Beth and Hank realize high school was over a long time ago and begin moving on? How does Hank realize he can come back to Harmony...but it's not the same as ten years ago? When will Sheridan being to trust her instincts with a man who's so different from any she's known?

I can't wait for tomorrow!

PS One small gripe, PTB....lay off the long reactions shots if the characters aren't supposed to catch on to the other's true feelings. Viewers don't need 10-15 second reactions to get the picture and it makes the characters seem incredibly obtuse!

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