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Why today's show was my favorite so far

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by evilgal

Okay, maybe I'm nuts, but as a whole, the show today was absolutely fabulous. Not just fab, it was awesome. The Julian/Ivy scenes were nothing less than hysterical. If you ask me, Julian and Ivy were a match made in heaven. Ivy matched wits with Julian perfectly today. I loved the way she didn't give a damn about Alistair's hissy fit over Sheridan. Looks like we can add Ivy to a short list of people in Harmony who might actually support a SHUIS paring (that's a pretty short list). I can't wait for Ivy to start showing her fangs at the ski resort. BTW, she looked HOT in that outfit.

Did anyone notice Pilar snooping around? How many people will enter a room when two people are obviously having an argument. Then she kept looking over at them. Couldn't she find another room to dust?

Jewelry shop - I was impressed with Theresa's reasoning behind not cutting the ring off. I actually agreed with her (is it a full moon tonight or did hell freeze over?)

SHUIS date - unbelievably perfect. I loved the way they were able to discuss and uncomfortable issue without either one being offended. The way he said "there's something we have to get straight or I'm taking you home right now", that was perfect and Sheridan ordering the biggest lobster and most expensive wine was nothing short of completely adorable. I'm not worried about the date ending badly. With a single tear running down Sher's cheek and the look in her eyes - there's NO WAY Luis will give her up over a promotion.

Everyone's acting was impeccable today IMO. My favorite was when Julian started to talk about SHUIS when he realized Pilar was still there. Then he made that little gesture behind her back to shoo her away.

Talk about ROFLMAO!!

I must say, today's show was my favorite - gave my FF button some much needed R n R.

Sorry, I know I'm babbling right now, but I'm so excited and you people are the only ones I know that watch PASSIONS.

I think I need a valium.

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