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In Reply to 'my thoughts on hank' posted by eebonics 1.29.2000

I like his hair, it's one of the few styles on Passion's that I wouldn't mind running my fingers through...NO GEL! It looks really soft, too!

As for the character, I sure wish he and Sheridan had had a few more casual dinners, lunches, or outings along the way this fall. I had high hopes for the triangle of L/S/H when Hank and Sheridan hit it off so easily last fall. Back then I thought that's where the story would go...Hank and Sheridan as good friends. Hank would want it to be more, while Sheridan slowly discovered Luis' finer qualities. It would make more sense now for Luis to pull away from his best friend's girl if Hank and Sheridan were a bit more established as people who spent time together and routinely casually greeted each other with a hug or quick kiss. It would also be more interesting regarding whatever secret Hank is hiding, because ultimately he could end up being the one who "used" Sheridan, while Luis deferred out of loyalty.

Unfortunately, all TPTB ever did was have him talk about Sheridan, not do anything with Sheridan, so I agree his current blustering about future plans with her seems as juvenile as Theresa's rantings about Ethan.

I suppose that if Julian and Alistair are successful in manipulating Sheridan away from Luis, it's still possible to have her pay some attention to Hank. That wouldn't bother me if we continue to see her as not becoming invested in him. Having her drawn unknowingly (and unwillingly)into whatever his secret is could make very good drama, especially if it places her in danger. I can see lots of room for Luis to resist ever thinking the worst about Hank and being slow to react to impending danger to both Hank and Sheridan.

I do like Luis having a best friend and I have always enjoyed Hank and Luis scenes, especially the one where Luis overheard the cell phone conversation. I want to know where that's headed!

I enjoy Luis being a good guy and I think the layers of his character are best discovered through the disintegration of his rigidly defined parameters for his life. I don't need to see Luis doing lots of out of character things to make him interesting....I want to watch what he'll do when he is forced to change some ideas he carved in stone during his teen years. I'm not talking about compromising principles as much as injecting more reality into his situation.

Hank is a part of Luis' present that Luis really only knows through his past. Hank's been away and Luis doesn't seem to know much more than Hank was traveling alot. Just like Sheridan will challenge Luis' narrow view of a life partner, Hank will challenge Luis' views of friendship. I think Luis is destined to learn that friendships aren't always black and white. There are lots of gray shades in there.

Sheridan may start to question things about Hank long before Luis will. Luis may overlook things as competition or jealousy clouds the picture. Hank may actively try to shield his past behavior by creating friction between Luis and Sheridan or Luis and his family, etc. There's so many parts that Hank could play in shaking up Luis' world.

As for the acting....well I'm wondering why DJ seems to be playing Hank as such a doofus lately. Hank used to be a bit more sophisticated. There was a big deal made last fall about him fitting in with any social why is he becoming Barney Fife? Is this an acting change? Directing change? It certainly does make Hank seem a tad pathetic, and Luis seem incredibly more mature. I liked it better when the men seemed equally adult...with Hank being more casual, Luis more intense.

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