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Today's Show (1.21.00)

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by blueeaglex

Whitney and Timmy stole the show today.

First, nothing especially exciting with Theresa and Ethan happened. But Whitney's lines to Theresa made the whole plot worth it:

"You know, sometimes I think you're a fool anyway."

"Would you please stop slinging that word {fate} around? It's ridiculous!"

"You are dangerously deluded. We're talking clinically cloudy!"

And especially when Whitney spoke as if she were Gwen. :)

And then there was Timmy. My favorite line was when he sarcastically suggested that Tabitha tell Miguel her plans and perhaps he'd cooperate. Also, after learning how witches die: "Gross!"

I love how Timmy's showing a conscience. He's always had one, but up until recently Tabitha would remind him that he'd die if Charity didn't. Either Timmy's forgotten that, or he just doesn't care anymore. Either way, it's great.

Miguel also shocked me a bit today. He came to the conclusion that Tabitha wasn't as frail as she appeared to be! It's not much, but it's a start in giving him some brains. (It's not as though I'd expect anyone, even a smart person, to come to the conclusion that Tabitha's an evil witch!)

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