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Today's Show (1.20.00)- A Contrarian Viewpoint

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by SHUIS Fan

I had to leave home right after the show (BTW, my family say Fantasia 2000 today - wonderful movie; but, I digress). When I came home, I breezed through most of the posts and was surprised that I apparently saw a totally different show from the rest of you. So, time to at least present some thoughts to mull over (now that everyone on the east coast has gone to bed - except fadedrose, of course.)

1) Luis - acted like a clueless man, and therefor acted like a jerk. BUT, the main thing I got out of the show was that he now trusts Sheridan. That is a major milestone for him. He trusts her so much that he thought she might be willing to help him find the answers he and his family want. He was extremely pleased when she confirmed that they think alike in terms of valuing truth and honesty, because that reaffirmed for him that he could trust her.

2) Luis is so prejudiced about the rich that he just figured Sheridan would never, ever, ever go out on a "date" with a guy like him. He just never considered it a possibility that she could seriously be attracted to him. He was totally confidant that she cares nothing for him except friendship - and he values that friendship. Yeah, I know, she's gone out with Hank - sort of, which leads me to the next point.

3. As far as Luis is concerned, Sheridan likes Hank. Luis thinks Sheridan invited Hank out on NYE. Luis saw Sheridan kissing Hank (even thought it was under the mistletoe). I think this is another reason that he believed that Sheridan would not consider this a real date, but a friendly dinner only.

4. Did we get insight into Sheridan and Alistair or what. That SOB is downright cruel - turning sugary when it suits his purpose, withdrawing all affection and approval when he doesn't need her. This is the father that said it was OK to sacrifice Sheridan in order to protect The Secret that Could Destroy the Cranes, if ever Discovered. Now we know what Sheridan is looking for in a man - total, unconditional love. Approval. Security. Actually, this was the one scene that was a "downer" for me today - foreshadowed all sorts of problems in the future in terms of Sheridan trying to get Daddy's approval. She's willing to fight Julian, but she wants to prove herself to her father and gain his approval. That's another reason that Luis' actions were such a blow to her - it was a blow to her self-image and her desire to prove herself to her father.

5. I loved today's show and I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm confidant that by the end of the show, Sheridan and Luis will reach some sort of understanding, although it may be also clear that romance is a ways off. I just can't figure how any sort of kiss can be inserted at this time - in fact, I don't think I'm going to like that kiss next week, but I'm sure willing to be shown otherwise.


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