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Today's Show (1.20.00)

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by blueeaglex

Today's episode was my favorite of the week.

First, I loved how Charity showed some actual insecurity about the future of her relationship. Molly Stanton (Charity) got to stop smiling for a change! I think it's a great development for the character (just as I do for Grace's insecurity about Sam and Ivy.)

I loved Tabitha and Timmy's dialogue today.

"Tabitha's as wasteful as she is mean!"
"Tabitha's being as fussy as Martha Stewart, and it's not a good thing."
"A lot of people say that Miguel is drop-dead gorgeous. Well today I'm going to prove them right!"
I also loved Tabitha revealing that she knew the three witches from MacBeth.

Today's show clinched it: Eve's no villainess. Villains who burn down other people's homes don't go to the victim, tell them everything, and promise to make it up to them. (If Kay were to burn up Charity's room for instance, there'd be no apologies from her!) No, Eve's just a tortured soul, and once again we see how desperate she is to keep her secret hidden.

I also loved it when Orville broke into song again. He's definitely a sly one!

This story was played just right, so you could see that everything was destined to fall apart. Sheridan sees it as a date, Luis doesn't! Even without reading spoilers, I could have foreseen turmoil ahead for the dinner date.

Alistair's call was a nice change of pace, as opposed to Alistair just talking with Julian. The Cranes had nothing to do with Martin's disappearance? I don't buy it for a second!

I liked how he dealt with Sheridan:
"You are destined to be used."
"You are so naive, so terribly naive."

At the Lobster Shack, the chemistry between Luis and Sheridan was sparkling. Their hands almost touching... the sly glances they were giving each other... their reminiscing about their pasts.

And then came the blow-up. Sheridan had a mood swing as violent as the ones Theresa has!
"Go to hell, Luis,"
and then the drink in his face. Then, alone in her apartment:
"I hate Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. No, I loathe him!"
Then, seconds later, she opens the door and Luis is standing there. They're bound to have an explosive exchange of words tomorrow, and I can't wait.

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