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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by wild rose

Chapter Fourteen

Haven’t we just been here? Spencer thought to himself. Back in a courtroom, what are the odds?

Standing as the judge entered the courtroom, he began to feel like somewhat of an expert in the court system. Although it seemed that this time, the stakes were higher. Last time, he could understand Linda’s need to extract some kind of revenge for losing her daughter. Someone had to hurt because she hurt. This time though, the only one who was getting hurt was Tanya. A baby who knew nothing about what was happening.

Alistair and his team brought out witness after witness who testified that Al was just a great guy. His career, wealth would provide an ideal environment for Tanya to grow up in. She would never want for anything. He was her father - a part of him.

Feeling his entire body tense up at the ridiculous show in front of him, he took a much needed walk outdoors when they broke for lunch. If only she wasn’t his, none of this would be happening.

Some days later it was their turn. Their lawyer presented their case: Linda had raised her own children in a stable home, she was Tanya’s grandmother, she had been the constant in the child’s life since she was born. Alistair hadn’t been around. He showed up hours after the birth and after Katherine was dead. He hadn’t been to see the child, hadn’t shown any interest in her. Why now, after all this time did he suddenly want his daughter in his life?

"You’re going to wear a path in the floor." Linda told him in such a tone that he was unsure if it was a joke or if she was serious. The two had been on pins and needles waiting for the verdict. It seemed as if they had been waiting for days, never-ending days.

He jerked his head around at the sound of the bailiff calling them back into the court room. He prayed silently to God and Katherine to help them out. Tanya had to stay with her grandmother.

"All rise. The honourable Judge Stanley L. Kifkin now presiding." came the bailiff bark from the side of the room.

"Be seated." the judge said simply.

Spencer was ready to jump out of his skin. He felt Linda wrap her arm around him, as if for support. He stole a quick glance over at Alistair, looking as calm and collected as could be. There’s no way he has an interest in this child. No way.

"Now before I announce my decision, there are a few things I must mention." the judge’s voice sounded out. "It is obvious that Tanya has been well cared for since her rather unique entry into the world. The concern and love that her grandmother has for her are obviously a stabilizing force in her young life. That is what a child needs. However," he continued.

No! This isn’t happening! Spencer thought.

"I feel that what a child needs most is to be with its’ parents. Or in Tanya’s case, parent. Though in the beginning Mr. Crane wasn’t present, I believe it to be due to the shock of the tragic death of his wife. Mr. Crane seems to be in a position now to fully care for the child and provide her with the life she requires. Therefore, I grant full custody of the minor in question, Tanya Walker to her father, Alistair Crane." the judge summarized.

Spencer leapt to his feet. "No! He doesn’t want her. This is his sick way of controlling what’s left of Katherine. You can’t let him do this, please! She needs her family, her real family. Please, your honor!"

"My decision is final." the judge dictated.

Linda dissolved in tears. It was over. Only in this case, they didn’t win.

The judge left the courtroom directly and missed what Alistair hissed to Spencer as he walked by.

"You’ll never see ‘your little princess’ again. Never." and with that he walked of, congratulated by his team of lawyers.

"What happened, Spencer? This wasn’t supposed to happen. Can they really take her away from me? From you?" Linda asked in disbelief.

"I’ll never let that happen." he promised.

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