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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by wild rose

Chapter Twelve

His worst fears were realized when no reply came from the other end.

"Linda, is that what you want to do? Are you really sure?" he asked again.

"Yes. Something wrong happened. He did something wrong. If he hadnít, my Katherine would still be here." she told him.

Her words played over in his head "If he hadnít, my Katherine would still be here."

"Linda, if you really want to do this, itís going to get ugly. Itís not going to bring Katherine back. You know that, donít you? No matter how much we both want that to happen, itís not going to make her walk through the door again." his voice choked at the thought of it.

"I have to do this, Spencer. I have to. My daughter is dead, at least with this weíll get some resolution." Linda explained.

Spencer shook his head. "Even if we do this, serve papers, thereís going to be an investigation, trial, you may be called to testify. Even then who knows what will happen. Thereís no guarantee that itíll turn out in our favor."

"Spencer, I have to." she said quietly, but with such a firmness he knew she had made up her mind. He predicted that she had made up her mind prior to calling him, but felt she needed to ask anotherís opinion. She finally seemed like the mother Katherine always talked about.

"Okay, Linda. Why donít we meet later to discuss it further?" he suggested.

They made plans to have lunch at a nearby restaurant. They couldnít go to Spencer and Katherineís favorite spot, it held too many memories.

He was jolted from his thoughts as the judge hammered his gavel down upon the stand.It had been weeks already. The trial seemed to drag on, the media thankful for this proceeding that provided them with weeks full of programming.

Spencer, Linda, Annie and Lisa had been there faithfully. Alistair made occasional appearances.

The child, Katherineís girl - Spencer saddened every time he thought of her. Initially Al showed little if any interest in the child, and when he didnít Spencer leapt to the forefront, but wasnít granted custody because he wasnít family. Thankfully, they came to an agreement and Linda was able to keep her. Having temporarily moved to Los Angeles for the trial Linda provided a stable environment for the child. He visited her daily, the bond growing stronger every day.

"Order! Order in the court!" boomed the judgeís voice again.

Today was the day. The day that the doctor would testify in his own defense. Spencer watched as the dark haired man made his way towards the witness stand. He took note as the man kissed his wife. Spencer recalled Katherine telling him that her doctor had two young boys, and now it appeared, another one on the way.

Spencer watched as the man squirmed in the seat. He could sense the doctor was uncomfortable. The lawyer continued to ask questions surrounding Ďthat nightí. It was almost as if it were some event. Nobody understood. Katherine was gone. It wasnít just the night that Katherine was gone. It was that night, the day after and every day since. It never ended. Nobody understood.

As the questions intensified the doctor became quiet and then Spencer realized that he was crying. He was apologizing for the events surrounding her death, but he wasnít drunk or under the influence of anything. There were extreme circumstances. Katherineís celebrity among them. He was under pressure, the birth wasnít going well. He was crying openly now.

He glanced over at Linda and said out loud for all to hear "Iím sorry. Iím so sorry."

Linda nodded, but it only seemed to strengthen her resolve. Spencer didnít want to do this anymore. He wanted to remember Katherine, play with her daughter. He didnít want to rip this manís life apart anymore. One night he tried talking to Linda and hoped to convince of the same.

"Linda, please. This canít go on any longer. Itís not accomplishing anything. Letís stop." he suggested.

"There is no way Iím stopping now! That man took my daughter from me! He is going to pay." she promised.

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