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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by wild rose

Chapter Eight

Itís been so long now. Has he forgiven me? Has he forgotten me? I canít believe itís lasted all these months. Weíve had fights before, but this time it was different. I miss him. His friendship. There are so many things I need to tell him, want to tell him.

Katherine let out an extended sigh as she closed her journal and place it back in the small drawer in her bedside table. She rolled over on her side, stretching full out on the bed.

Gently rubbing her swollen belly she smiled at the thought of the life growing inside of her. The thought of this new life spurred her to call Spence. It had been to long.

Making her way towards the phone, she quickly recalled his number and waiting as it rang.

"Hello?" his familiar voice said.

"Spence?" Katherine asked cautiously.

There was a brief silence.

"Kat?" he asked surprised.

"Yeah, itís me. Itís Thursday. Want to go for lunch?" she asked. The sound of his laughter echoed into the phone and put them both at ease.

Although she couldnít see it, Spence shook his head at her innocence and smiled.

"Absolutely." he said with determination.

"Usual?" she asked.

"Sure." Spence replied.

When he arrived at the restaurant he was surprised to find her already there. She had a history of being there last minute. Spencer became even more surprised when she rose to greet him and he got a full view of her current state. He had of course seen the reports and articles of her upcoming birth but to see it right in front of him made it all the more real.

He continued walking, closing in on their table. There was an awkward moment as they narrowed the gap, both were unsure of what to do. Katherine made the decision for both of them as she grabbed onto him and gave him a fierce hug. Spence was momentarily paralyzed by the shock, but soon gave in and returned the embrace.

"Hi." she said simply once they broke apart. "Long time no see!" she tried to joke.

"Yeah." he said.

The moment was interrupted when the waiter arrived to take their drink orders.

"So, I didnít realize how far along you really were." Spence began. "Yeah, itís kind of a trip, huh? Up close and personal. Itís okay now, though. The beginning was rough but this part - this part is great. Can you believe it Spence? Iím going to be a momma!" she said excitedly.

"Of course I can. Youíll be great. I know you will." he said, eyes full of love.

He stared so intently at her that she knew he still felt the same. She could tell he still loved her.
If only she could tell him. If only...

"Kat?" Spenceís voice broke into her thoughts.

"Hmm?" she said dreamily.

"Kat, whereíd you go?" he asked curiously.

"Nowhere. I was just thinking." Katherine explained.

"About what?" he asked.

"About us," she answered honestly "and how much I missed this."

"Really?" Spence asked in disbelief.

"Really." she confirmed, covering her small hand over his, when a sudden pain ripped itís course through her body. She quickly grasped his hand and squeezed it tightly.

"Kat? You okay?" concern evident in his voice.

"Yeah. Fine. Must be a contraction." she told him.

"How much longer?" he asked. "Only another couple of weeks. Then sheíll be here." Katherine proclaimed.

"She?" Spence asked curiously.

"Yeah, I decided. Iím having a girl." Katherine laughed. "Oh, you decided did you?" he grinned.

"Yup and Iím going to name her Tracy, after you!" she joked.

"Please tell me youíre joking!" he said.

Again, the arrival of the waiter caused a turning point in the conversation.

"Spence, I didnít call you here to joke. I came here to tell you --" her face contorted again as yet another wave rippled through her. "Katherine?" he asked, turning serious.

"Iím fine. She must want to make her appearance sooner rather than later." she quickly covered.

"Spence, I came here to tell you that Iím really sorry about the way we ended things last time we ... saw....each other." she searched for the words.

"Me too, I feel bad about the way I acted. Kat, I -" Spencer began. "I just want you to know something. Please know that youíre the most important person in the world to me. The most special. Please know that." she begged.

"Alright, Katherine." Spencer accepted.

"Tracy, you know I love you. I really do. I just donít love you in the way that you want. The way that you need." she tried to explain. "Kat, itís okay. I think I realize that know. I still feel the same, but I think Iím okay with the way it is. I donít like it, but Iím okay with it." Spencer told her.

"Oh, Spence Iím so glad. This is great, Iím really glad that we - aaahhhh!" she screamed as the most intense pain raced through her system.

"Katherine? Are you alright?" Spencer jumped up.

He concern increased as there came no reply.

"Call an ambulance. Someone please...call an ambulance!" he screamed into the crowded restaurant.

The next few moments were a blur. He briefly remember the ambulance arriving, the attendants putting her in the ambulance and them racing to the hospital.

Please be alright, Katherine. Please.

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