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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


by wild rose


Chapter Four

"Katherine?" came a gentle voice.

She turned in the direction the sound came from.

"Yes?" she asked.

"They need you on set now." one of the staff told her.

"Oh, Iím on my way." she replied.

As she followed the man to the stage, her mind was racing with a thousand thoughts. Here she was, on the set of her first movie. It was a small role, but it was
her role. Being on set was everything sheíd dreamed about. It was magical. Hundreds of creative people all coming together to make something amazing.

"Youíre going to do great! I just know it." said a familiar voice.

"Al! Youíre here!" she exclaimed.

"Where else would I be?" he asked innocently.

"Thank you. Thank you so much for all of this, for helping me get here." Katherine said.

"You did it. I just made some phone calls." Alistair said modestly "Now get going, they need you."

"Right." she agreed "Bye!"

Alistair returned her childish wave with one of his own.

"Well, well. Would you look at that!" came a comment.

"What?" Al asked, turning to his side and found himself face to face with the films producer.

"Craneís pick of the week. Although this one is especially hot, Iíll give you that." he said.

"Yeah she is , isnít she? Such a nice - " Al said

"Personality?" his friend quipped.

"Right. Personality. Thatís what I was going to say." Al joked.

"Can you zip up my dress?" she asked of Lisa.

"No problem." her friend replied.

"I canít believe how nervous I am. How did this all happen. You take me to one party, I meet one guy and here we are - going to the premier of MY FIRST MOVIE!" she finished, nearly shouting.

"I know," Lisa began "Itís happening because itís meant to happen. You made this happen, Kat." Lisa told her.

"Why did I agree to this? Why did I volunteer?" Katherine asked of herself "I can never carry all these drinks on my own!"

"Well then, let me help you." she heard someone say."Did I say that out loud?" she asked, embarrassed.

"Yes, you did. But itís okay." the man said again "You really could use some help. Here, let me take those for you." he said indicating some of the glasses in her hand.

"Thank you. My group is over there." she told him, pointing towards Lisa, Al and others from the movie.

"Iím Spencer, by the way. Everybody calls me Spence." he told her.

"My names Katherine. People call me Kat." she said with a bright smile.

"How are you in
the business?" she asked.

"Oh, well - Iím an agent. Or at least, trying to be. Iím just starting. No clients yet." he revealed.

"Really?" Katherine asked in surprise. "Thatís such a coincidence. Iím an actress. Or at least, trying to be. Iím just starting." she joked.

"Well, if youíre serious, hereís my card. Give me a call and weíll talk." Spence said, slipping a card into her awaiting hand.

He placed the drinks down at their table at which they had now arrived.

"Lisa, the is Spence. Heís an agent. My agent." she told the small crowd.

"Really?" came a joint reply from Spence, Lisa and Al.

"Yeah. I pick him. Heís going to be good. I can feel it." she told them.

"Thank you!" Spence said seriously. "Weíll talk soon." he promised and then left to rejoin his party.

Well, you certainly can pick them, Kat." Lisa said.

"Check this out -" she continued, holding up a newspaper with a headline that read:


"Thatíll grab their attention." she said dryly. "Whatís next?" Lisa inquired."Well, thereís two movies right is a row that Spence said are perfect for me." she gushed.

"What about Al?" Lisa inquired.

"What about him? I guess weíre together - in a way. Right now itís good the way it is. He doesnít want anything serious and neither do I. Iím twenty-one. I want to work! And if I fun with Al, then Iíll have fun. When itís not fun then weíll stop." she summarized.

"Itís that simple?" her friend asked.

"That simple." Katherine told her.

Too bad thatís not how Al saw it.

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