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The Softball Game









Of Porcupines
and Sprinklers


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Softball Game
by Twig

Millicent, still grumbling, stomped down the wharf, plucking blades of grass out of her hair and battling to brush off a mysterious blue dust-like substance that was sticking to all of her clothes.

"I can't believe that Ivy…she's lost her mind…who does she think she is…"

So caught up was she with fixing her rumpled appearance that she never noticed when the boardwalk came to an abrupt end.

"Everyone, the game is over! Please just head home!" Sam had grabbed Grace's megaphone and was yelling instructions to the crowd.

"But what about the Russells?" a woman called out.

"Yeah!" a man agreed, "What about them? Wasn't this supposed to help them stay in Harmony?"

"We'll do something else for the Russells," Sam assured, "I promise. Now just go home!"

Grace tugged on her husband's sleeve, "Sam, don't you think that maybe…a few people could stay and play a little more?"

Before Sam could respond, thunder clapped loudly, and the heavens opened up and released a downpour.

"I'm guessing that's a no," Grace sniffed.

Luis helped Sheridan up from the bench, "Come on. Let's get out of here."

She groaned as she stood up, rubbing her head, "This is the last time I let you talk me into something."

"You were the one who wanted to come here."

"Oh yeah."

"Now let's go," Luis prodded, tugging on her arm, "Before you get struck by lightening, or something like that."

"I'm not arguing."

They hurried off.

Whitney, shaking her head at her luck, finally located Chad among the crowds of panicked citizens.

"Chad, I think Ethan took Theresa to the hospital."

Chad nodded, "That's what he said he was going to do."

"Why don't we go see if we can find them. Before Theresa goes and does something stupid, like confess her love to Ethan again."

"Why would that be stupid? I think Ethan loves Theresa right back. He just needs a little push in the right direction."

Whitney held up her hands, "You know what Chad? I'm not going to get in this argument with you again. Let's just go find them."

Chad nodded, "All right."

They ran off through the torrential rain.

Eve, glancing heavenward for support, managed to stumble towards the parking lot, supporting her limping husband on one arm, with her other arm wrapped around her sobbing daughter.

"My arm!" Simone screeched, "MY ARM!"

"My leg…" TC moaned, as they reached the car, "My leg is killing me!"

"I have a headache, if that makes either of you feel better," Eve snapped, watching as they both climbed into the car, before she drove away and headed towards the hospital.

Hank was looking around in vain for Sheridan. "Where could she have gone?"

Beth stomped up behind him, "If you mean Sheridan Crane, I just saw her leave with Luis."

Hank's eyes bugged out of his head, "You're kidding."

Beth's face was contorted into an ugly mask of anger, "Why would I be joking about that?"

Hank shrugged, "To give me a heart attack?"

"Not at the risk of giving myself one in the process."

"I know how we can get them back," Hank said slyly.

"I'm all ears."

"We leave together."

Beth smiled, "Sure."

They hurried off.

Miguel was busily trying to wake up his unconscious girlfriend up before she drowned in the outrageous amount of water that was pouring down from the sky.

"Charity! Charity, wake up!"

Kay hobbled up behind him, doing her best to look sexy, "Miguel, she's not going to wake up any time soon. We should just leave and come back for her later."

Miguel frowned, "I'm not leaving her here!"

"But you'll get sick out here in the rain!"

"Someone hit her in the head with a rock. I'm not just leaving her here!"

Kay pretended to look horrified, "Who would do such a thing?"

"I don't know, but if I ever find out…"

"Well…I think I see my parents leaving…do you need a ride?"

"Yeah…just help me carry Charity up to the car."

Kay grimaced, but did as she was told.

Grace, Sam, Kay, Miguel, and Charity pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the road towards the hospital.

Jessica stood on the field, dumfounded, "They left me here!"

Reese squinted into the rain, wiping at his glasses, "So it would appear."

"I can't believe they would leave me here!"

"I guess they forgot about you," Reese shrugged.

Jessica sighed, "this is just great."

"I'll walk you home," her sister's nerdy, sometimes-boyfriend offered with a smile.

Jessica smiled back, "I'd like that."

They headed off at an unhurried pace through the rain.

Tabitha, cackling evilly, danced off into the storm with Timmy. Pilar, realizing that her family had all dispersed without her, threw her arms in the air and headed towards the Crane mansion. Ivy, left by herself on the field, picked up a stick and, with a lonely sigh, wrote in the mud: SAM + IVY = ETHAN. She then surrounded it with little hearts. No sooner did she complete her little project than a torrent of rain washed it away. With a sad little whimper, she trudged off through the storm back towards her house.

And the softball field stood empty once again.





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