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The Softball Game









Of Porcupines
and Sprinklers


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


The Softball Game
by Twig

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters on the show "Passions". They belong to NBC and James E. Reilly. If I owned any of these people, trust me, Luis and Sheridan would have been married off a LOOOOONG time ago. Since this story is solely for amusement, and I have no ulterior motives (well, not too many) please, don’t sue me.

Sequel to OF PORCUPINES AND SPRINKLERS An unusual mix-up is the conduit for Harmony's first annual community softball game. Nothing is simple, however, as Tabitha's meddling sets off a chain of disasters culminating in an unexpected tragedy.

Bennett House

Grace Bennett stood in front of the stove, stirring a pot of tomato soup for use in her community-famous cake.

"Oh, Sam," she said out loud, even though Sam was at work and there was no one else in the room with her.

"Mom?" Jessica Bennett poked her head into the kitchen, "Who are you talking to?"

Grace ignored her, humming as she stirred, a small smile on her face.


Grace jumped, "What? Oh, honey, are you all right?"

Jessica sighed, "I'm fine mom, I just wanted to know who you were talking to."

Grace frowned, stirring the pot once more, "I was just talking to your father dear."

"But…dad's at work."

"I know," Grace smiled at her daughter, "Don't worry dear. One day you'll meet a wonderful man and know exactly what I mean. Sam and I are so happy…"

Jessica sighed, "Well. Uh, I think I'm gonna go back to my room now."

"Okay dear," Grace said softly, still smiling.

Jessica fled the room.

The door flew open and Eve Russell hurried in, a nervous look on her face. She forced herself to smile as her friend turned around.

"Eve!" Grace said happily, "Oh, I'm so glad you're here! I was just making some tomato-soup cake for the community fair. Oh! And Sam and I are going to take another vacation together! I'm so excited about it, we haven't had enough time to be alone together, and-"

Eve cut her off, "Grace, I just wanted to tell you that-"

"Sam and I are so happy, Eve, we're just so happy! I mean, he hasn't had a lot of time for me lately, but we've still been so hap-"


Grace paused, "What's wrong?"

"I just wanted to let you know that TC and I are going to be moving."

"WHAT?!" Grace's jaw dropped open, "But…you can't move! You're my best friend in the whole world! You can't just move away!"

"I know I am Grace, I wish you could understand," the truth was, Eve was moving solely for the reason that she cared so much for Grace. She couldn't bear the thought of betraying her closest friend to Ivy Crane any longer.

"Eve, is it money? Is that why you're moving?"

Eve weighed the options, "Um, yeah. Money. I wish there were another way-"

"Sam and I could lend you some, we saved up for the vacation!"

Eve bit her lip, "Grace, that's really sweet, but it's not going to work. TC and I are leaving next week."

Tears began coursing down Grace's face, "you CAN'T leave Eve! The girl s will be devastated, Simone and Kay are so close!"

"I know," Eve said sadly.

"And what will I do without you? You're the closest friend I have here!"

Eve sighed, "I know Grace."


"I have to go," Eve said abruptly, "I'll…I'll talk to you later about this."

She hurried out the door before her emotions took over.

Harmony Police Station

The urgently ringing phone demanded Chief Bennett's complete attention. He grabbed the receiver, "Bennett."

"SAM!" Grace was sobbing hysterically.

"Gracey? What's wrong?"

"Sam…it's Eve…she…"

Sam gripped the phone tightly, concern evident in his voice, "What happened? Is she all right? Did she get hurt?"


"Eve Russell is moving away?"

Grace whimpered, "Yes! She's leaving next week!"

Sam paused, "Is TC going with her?"

"YES!" Grace bawled, "And the girls too!"

"Oh Gracey," Sam said softly, "That's horrible. I don't know what we'll do without them!"

"Sam!" she sobbed again, blowing her nose loudly.

Sam felt himself beginning to tear up, "Gracey, you hang in there, okay honey? I'll be right home."

He hung up the phone and hurried out the door.





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