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Return of the Prodigals


































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Return of the Prodigals
by Twig

Crane Mansion

Julian used one of his wings to mop up the brandy he had spit out all over the desk.
"Father, forgive me, I thought you just said that we were going to kill Sheridan-"
"I DID say we were going to kill Sheridan," Alistair snapped impatiently.
"But Father-"
"She has been a liability to us for too long," Alistair's voice was cold, "I will not risk the damage she has the potential to cause the Crane Empire!"
"Sheridan and I have had our…differences…" Julian coughed, "But I don't want to kill her!"
"Then you'll spend the rest of your life in prison, Julian. It's your decision, of course," he could almost feel Alistair smirking on the other end.
Julian covered his face with his wings, "Fine," he whispered, "Fine, I'll do it. I'll kill Sheridan."
Alistair's voice was positively delighted, "Good! Glad to see you've finally gotten some sense!"
Julian simply sighed.
"Just don’t screw it up this time," were Alistair's parting words, as he hung up on his son.

Ivy was still standing in the living room gaping at the closed door to Julian's study, unsuccessfully trying to banish the image of her husband dressed up as a chicken from her mind.
"Julian," she muttered, "What on earth will you think of next?"
William tapped her on the shoulder, "Mother, I have an idea on how you can un-rebelize me."
Ivy whirled to face him, "You what?"
"I have an idea. I think it will help to un-rebel-ize me."
Ethan raised an eyebrow, "Mother, he's lying in a last ditch effort to make you abandon me. Don't listen to him!"
Ivy glared at Ethan, "Ethan, don't start. You need to accept that your brother will be a part of your life from now on. William, what is your idea?"
William beamed, "I want to have a nice, home cooked dinner with the whole family."
Ivy scowled, "All of us?"
"Yes," William nodded, "I think that the combined love of all of my relatives will help me realize the 'good person' I'm supposed to be!"
Ethan nodded enthusiastically, "And it will help familiarize everyone with the idea that I'M going to be the new heir to the Crane empire! I'll start making plans for the catering-"

William shook his head slyly, "No, I want mother and father to cook."
Ivy's jaw dropped, "William…I don't know how to cook!"
"You'll have to learn fast if you want me to be un-rebel-ized."
"And if you leave me in the kitchen with your father," Ivy continued, "There's no guarantee that I won't shove a spatula down his throat!"
William feigned horror, "Mother, what kind of example is that setting for me?"
Ivy sighed, "William, I am trying VERY hard to make this an enjoyable stay at home for you, but…THIS HAS JUST GONE TOO FAR!"

Julian staggered glumly out of his study, his wings drooping. He paused when he heard Ivy's outburst, but his expression lacked its usual humor, "What's gone too far Ivy?"
Ivy glared at him, "Your son wants us to cook him dinner tomorrow night. He thinks that the entire Crane family having a home-cooked, sit-down dinner will help to un-rebel-ize him."
Julian waved one wing in the air, loose feathers flying, "Fine fine, whatever he wants."
He shuffled morosely out of the room, leaving Ivy gaping after him in shock.
"What's gotten into him?" she wondered out loud.

Crane Cottage

"Good night Sheridan."
"Good night Luis."
Sheridan closed her eyes, wrapped in Luis' warm embrace. As sleep closed over her, her last thoughts were of how much she truly loved him, and how she would never let anything come between them again.

Little did she know that their trouble was only beginning.

Lighthouse Park

Amanda and Noah wandered, hand in hand, through the park, rarely uttering a word, simply enjoying each other's company. After their little "plans" had been finalized over desert, they had headed out to complete their newest tradition of taking walks together.
"I think," Amanda spoke up suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence between them, "That we have got to be two of the luckiest people on the face of the earth."
"And why is that?" Noah asked her in an amused tone.
"Because," she grinned, "We've gone on two dates now, and I think I can comfortably say that I really REALLY enjoy your company, and we haven't had to go through any of that crap that other people have to go through!"
"Says something for being upfront and honest from the start," Noah chuckled.
"Yes it does," Amanda was beaming, "For starters, I walked into the Book Café the other day and propelled myself right into your life."
"Well as you said, you always get what you want."
She winked at him, "Yes, I did say that. And I very much got what I wanted, and it couldn't be more perfect. I think what I'm trying to say is…thank you. Thank you for being the guy of my dreams."
Noah shrugged awkwardly, "I'm…uh…I'm not really sure how to respond to that…but…"

He leaned over and kissed her lightly, "How's that for starters?"
Amanda grinned foolishly, "I think I like the way you think."
Suddenly, something caught Noah's eye, "Hey, look at that!"
Amanda followed his gaze, "What?"
Noah hurried across the grass and bent down next to a pile of rocks, "This loose rock. It looks almost like a secret compartment."
"What are you thinking? Evil spies in Harmony?" Amanda teased.
Noah shook his head with a laugh, "No! What I'm thinking is…this could be our little place, you know? We could exchange letters or something…" his voice trailed off and he looked down, embarrassed.
Amanda was positively delighted, "Noah Bennett, are you trying to tell me that you want to write me love letters?"
"Amanda Crane, that is EXACTLY what I'm trying to tell you."
"Then it's settled."
"All right then."

And they walked off, arm in arm, completely oblivious to the history of that loose rock.
"Noah…" Amanda said when they finally reached the entrance to the Crane Estate, "Thank you. I've had a wonderful time tonight."
"Me too," he smiled shyly.
"Want to do this again?"
"As if I had a choice?" he teased her.
She swatted his arm, "Well?"
"I'd love to. See you tomorrow?"
Noah leaned over and kissed her once more before turning and heading back down the street, smiling to himself.

Crane Mansion

Ivy slumbered peacefully in her room as the sun crept slowly up into the sky, unaware that her quiet rest was about to be disturbed.
She leapt straight up into the air, eyes popping open. Her first thought was that someone had hit Julian over the head and made him believe that he was a goose. But when her heart stopped pounding with the shock and her bleary vision adjusted, she realized it was just William, who was standing in her doorway with a huge gleaming horn.
"HONK!!!!!" he blew into the horn again.
"William-" Ivy rubbed her eyes, "What on earth are you doing?"
"Rise and shine, Mother," William beamed brightly at her, "I wanted to make sure you and Father got an early start with that dinner."
Ivy glanced at the clock on the nightstand, "William, it's six o'clock in the morning. I certainly don't have to start cooking *this* early."
William smirked, "You're not planning on all the disasters you're bound to have."
Ivy glared at him, "Are you telling me that you think I'm going to screw it up?"
"I'm telling you that you need to leave yourself a LOT of room to work with. I've seen how Sheridan cooks, and she's a lot more independent than you!" Noting Ivy's annoyed expression he hastily added, "No offense."

The door creaked open and Julian stumbled in, attired in a robe and a brandy glass already in his hand. He glanced from William to Ivy with bleary eyes.
"What in god's name is that awful racket?" he griped, taking a sip of his drink.
William raised the horn to his lips, "HONK!!!!"
Julian leapt back, spilling some of his brandy, "William, why in the hell are you-"
"I'm waking the two of you up so you can get started on that dinner," William informed them with a smile.
Ivy and Julian exchanged nervous glances.
"Dinner?" Julian finally said, "What dinner?"
"Julian, I TOLD you about it last night," Ivy harrumphed.
Julian raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything else.
"Well, you two better get dressed. A great day lies ahead," William said brightly, "Well, I'm off to hang out with the wrong crowd, listen to loud music, and do evil, rebel-like things. You two have fun."
He hurried out of the room.

Ivy sighed and turned to Julian, "Since I'm sure YOU won't be any help, I'll just call the cook and ask him to-"
William popped his head in, "No can do, Mother. I already paid the cook to take the day off. You and Father are on your own."
Julian waved his hand in the air, "I've got a more pressing issue to deal with right now-"
"Father, do you want me to be a rebel when I see Grandfather Alistair?"
Julian cringed, "Well…no…"
"Weigh your options Father…just think real hard about it," William chuckled, and then hurried away again.

Julian harrumphed, "Fine Ivy…just call Grace Bennett and ask for some of her recipes. Just make this quick! I have…things to deal with."
He sighed as he added under his breath, "It's too bad Sheridan won't be around for the wedding."
Ivy was staring at him with a horrified expression, "you want ME to call GRACE BENNETT?"
Julian raised an eyebrow, "I thought you and Sam Bennett's mousy little wife were…friendly."
Ivy was suddenly flustered, "Well, no! I mean…yes…but, well…I CAN'T CALL HER FOR RECIPES!"
Ivy harrumphed, "Fine."
Julian grabbed one of her pillows and flung it at her, "Shoo!"
With a disgusted noise, Ivy grabbed her robe and stomped out of her room.

Crane Cottage

A loud pounding on the door finally roused Luis and Sheridan from a deep sleep.
"God," she groaned, "What do they want?"
"I could just shoot them," he offered sleepily.
"SHERIDAN! OPEN UP!" William's cheery voice floated in.
Sheridan sighed and stretched, "At least he knocks."
"Or it could just mean that you actually remembered to lock the door this time."
She shook her head, "Trust me, whether I locked the door or not, anyone else would find a way in. I swear Ethan can just walk through walls or something."
"Well," Luis said finally, "I guess you'd go open the door."
She pouted, "why don't *you* go get the door?"
He laughed, "Because your nephew called *you* not me."
Sheridan heaved a long suffering sigh, "FINE. I'll go let him in before he breaks the door down."
As she stood up she leaned over and gave him a good-morning kiss, which would have probably intensified had the pounding at the door not become more insistent.

"I'M COMING!" she screamed loudly, stomping into the living room and flinging open the door.
William was standing in front of her, raising a horn to his lips, "Oh! You're awake!"
"I am now," Sheridan said grumpily, "What do you want?"
"Just wanted to cordially invite you to dinner with the family tonight," William said brightly, unconsciously reaching up and adjusting his hat.
"William, what are you up to?"
He was amused, "Can't I just invite my favorite aunt to dinner without being interrogated?"
She merely looked at him.
William finally relented, "All right. I told mother and father that it would help to un-rebel-ize me if they cooked a sit down family dinner tonight."
"Julian and Ivy are COOKING?"
William smirked, "So I'm only doing this for amusement value. But you have to admit, it was a good idea."
She threw her hands in the air, "William, I don't even know how to respond to that!"
"Say you'll come to dinner. And if you REALLY want to help me stir things up, you'll bring Luis too."

Sheridan paused for a moment, turning the idea over in her head, "Fine William. Fine. Luis and I will be there. But promise me you aren't planning anything crazy-"
He regarded her with an innocent expression, "Me?"
She crossed her arms.
"Fine," William shrugged, "I'm trying to wreak havoc on our family."
"Don't you think we're dysfunctional enough?"
William laughed evilly, "Not yet."
"William, what are you-"
"Heh heh heh," his cackle cut her off.
"I suppose I'll be surprised," Sheridan sighed, and then retreated back into her cottage, slamming the door in William's face.

Luis was standing in the living room when she turned around, a questioning look on his face.
"What was that all about?"
Sheridan sighed, "That was William-"
"Trust me, I heard him before. But what did he want?"
Luis raised his eyebrows.
"He wanted to know if the two of us would be willing to go over to the mansion tonight and eat dinner with the rest of the family-"
"No way."
"Julian and Ivy are cooking," she said helplessly, "It would be something to laugh at, if nothing else-"
"I am not sitting in the same room as Julian after what he did. If I didn't hate him enough before-"
"You get along with my nieces-"
"I can't stand Ethan-"
"It's just a few hours-"
"But it'll feel like a week-"
He sighed, "Fine."

Bennett Residence

"Yes…that's one can of tomato soup…yes…uh huh…and some sugar…yep, you've got it! Then you mix it all up and bake for an hour before frosting…okay? Great! Yes, now on to the appetizers…"
Sam Bennett strolled into the kitchen to hear his wife giving detailed cooking instructions over the phone, "Who is that?" he mouthed to her.
"Ivy Crane!" Grace mouthed back, her eyes wide.
Sam spit out his coffee.
Grace simply smiled and went back to her conversation.
"So to make the stewed diced pears in the onion sauce with the poppy seed crust, you're going to need these ingredients…" Grace droned on, and Sam was suddenly thankful that he wouldn't be the only one who had to suffer from Grace's unusual cooking whims. The fact that it was Ivy who was the unfortunate recipient only made the revenge that much sweeter.
Before the ingredients to her latest dish could make him ill, he ducked out the front door. Grace, so absorbed in her directions, didn't even see him go.





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