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Return of the Prodigals


































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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Return of the Prodigals
by Twig

Summary: A few missing people return to Harmony to stir up trouble.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters on "Passions". They belong to James E. Reilly and NBC. If I did own them, Sheridan and Luis would have been married off a long time ago. In this story, I have taken a few liberties with the characters. I've brought back the missing Crane children, as well as the missing Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and I've even tossed in a few brothers for Gwen in the process. I have no clue if the names I've chosen for the Crane and Hotchkiss kids are correct, but they seemed fitting to me. Anyhow, now that I've bored you with my rambling, on with the story.

Crane Mansion

The door to the Crane mansion opened slowly, as a young blonde woman of around twenty poked her head in.
"Hello?" she called, "Anyone home?"
She sighed as there was no response. "Of course no one is home. Why on earth should my parents be home to welcome their daughter back?"
With a disgusted noise, she stepped further into the house. She scanned the walls, her eyes picking up photographs of her mother and father, as well as her brother, Ethan. There were no pictures of her on the wall.
"I just *love* how much everyone seems to have missed me," she grumbled. Then she tossed her bags on the floor in front of the stairs, partially hoping that her idiotic older brother would come wandering down the steps and trip over them and break his neck. Then she turned and flounced out of the house.

Crane Cottage

"Well, I can hope that Aunt Sheridan misses me at least," she grumbled as she stood outside the door of her aunt's cottage. She knocked softly, but there was no response.
"I swear to god, if she's not home either, I'll-"
Her annoyed grumblings were interrupted as the door was flung open, and she found herself staring right into the barrel of a gun.

She leapt back, shock and horror showing on her face. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" She screamed to the man holding the gun, her tone shrill enough to make him wince.
"What are you doing creeping around the cottage?" he countered, not lowering the gun.
"I wasn't CREEPING around the cottage! I was KNOCKING on the DOOR!"
Sheridan Crane poked her head around the man with the gun, before shoving him out of the way, "For heaven's sake Luis, please try not to kill off my family."
"Your family?" he sounded confused, but he lowered the gun.
"Yes!" Sheridan was exasperated, "This is my niece Amanda Crane!"
"Good god," Luis groaned, "There are MORE of you?"
Amanda crossed her arms and glared at him, "and just WHAT was that supposed to mean? And who the hell are YOU anyway? What are you doing here?"
Sheridan gave Luis another shove, "Luis, would you mind at least letting her in? I promise you that she's not going to pull a gun on me."

Luis wordlessly disappeared into the cottage, followed by Sheridan. Amanda, shaking her head, headed inside after them.
"Why would he think I would pull a gun on you?" Amanda asked, as soon as the door was shut behind her.
"Because Luis here is paranoid," Sheridan rolled her eyes. Luis glared back at her.
"And who, exactly, is this Luis?" Amanda glared suspiciously at both of them, "Is he your boyfriend?"
"Good god NO!" Sheridan pretended to shudder at the thought, when, in all actuality, she would have loved to introduce him as such.
"Then who is he, and why is he wandering around your cottage with a gun?"
"I’m her bodyguard," Luis interrupted with an annoyed look.
"Why do you need a bodyguard?"
"I don't need a bodyguard. I'm not in any danger. If Luis could get that through his thick skull, then maybe-"
Luis cut her off again, "there's a drug cartel out to kill her."
"A drug cartel?" Amanda gaped at them both, "Aunt Sheridan, what have you been up to since the last time I saw you?"
"Aside from being cooped up in this cottage, not much."
"You're not cooped up in here! You can open the windows!" Luis waved his hands in the air.
"Opening the window has absolutely nothing to do with it!" Sheridan shouted back. "I am perfectly safe going outside for a walk!"

Amanda stood up and backed slowly away from them, "You two are scaring me. I think I'll go back up to the mansion and pine away for the parental love I'll never have." Her tone was dripping with sarcasm.
"Don't let Luis scare you off," Sheridan scoffed.
"Luis isn't scaring me off," Amanda declared, "YOU are scaring me off. Have a wonderful day."
She hurried out the door without looking back.
Sheridan scowled at Luis, "Now look what you did. I haven't seen my niece in years!"
"You think this is my fault?"
"If you wouldn't be so difficult-"
"If you wouldn't be so stubborn-"
"STOP INTERRUPTING ME!" they both shouted at the same time.
Amanda, who was outside, stared in the window, an amused smile on her face, "This is too good to be true. An actual love-hate relationship. And I thought that only happened in the movies."
With a mischievous glint in her eye, she headed back up towards the mansion.

Crane Mansion

Ethan was standing in the living room when Amanda made her way back into the sprawling estate.
"Brother dear!" she said with a fake smile, "How good to see you!"
"Hello Amanda," Ethan totally missed her sarcasm. He smiled at her and kissed her hello. "You know, you should have been more careful where you put those bags. I almost broke my neck coming down the stairs!"
"That would have been a pity."
"So you came home for the wedding?"
Amanda nodded, "Yep. It wouldn't do to miss my big brother's big day, now would it?"
"Gwen should be here any minute to go over the last minute plans-"
The door swung open suddenly, and Gwen hurried in, "Hi Ethan, I think-AHHHH!"
She stumbled over the bags that Ethan had moved to the center of the living room and crashed to the floor.
"GWEN!" Ethan and Amanda shouted in unison.

Bennett House

Ivy stood in Grace's kitchen, holding a bouquet of roses that she intended to present to Sam. She figured that if seducing him wouldn’t work, she would win his heart back the old fashioned, romantic way. All those years with Grace must have done a number on his head. She was surprised she hadn't thought of this earlier.
"Hello?" a voice came from behind her, and she jumped, startled, whirling around to come face to face with…
The young man in front of her shook his head, confused, "Uh…no. My name's Noah."
"Yes. Noah Bennett. Can I help you with something?"
"Oh!" Ivy shook her head, banishing the thoughts, "I'm looking for-"
"IVY!" Grace Bennett hurried into the kitchen. "Oh, roses! That's so sweet of you Ivy! You shouldn't have!"
Grace plucked the flowers from Ivy's arms and plopped them into a waiting vase.
"I…uh…well…enjoy the flowers," Ivy finally said helplessly, turning to leave. She brushed past Noah, crestfallen.
"NOAH!" Grace exclaimed, "I didn't even realize you were home! Oh! Ivy, this is my son Noah!"
"We just met," Noah shrugged.
Grace clapped her hands together, elated, "I should go get your father. SAM! SAM!"
Sam poked his head in, buttoning the shirt on his police uniform, "What's going on?"
"Your son's home!" Grace cried.

Grace crossed her arms, "Uh…no. Noah."
"Why does everyone think my name is Ethan?" Noah griped.
"Who else thought you were Ethan?" Grace asked, confused.
"That crazy lady who burst in with the flowers," Noah said, shaking his head, "What was her name? Ivy?"
Sam's head shot straight up.
"Sam, why DID you think I meant Ethan when I said your son?"
"I…ah…He looked a lot like Ethan from back here. I thought Ethan had…ah…come to the door."
"So you DO admit that Noah looks like Ethan!"
"I guess so…"
"I knew it!" Grace clapped her hands, "The resemblance is uncanny!"
"WHO THE HELL IS ETHAN?!" Noah screamed.
Both Grace and Sam jumped at the sound of Noah's voice.
"He's this guy who looks like he could be your twin," Grace said in a gooey voice, pinching Noah's cheeks.
Noah grimaced, "Great."
"Actually," Sam stammered, "Up close he doesn't look anything like Ethan."
"Yes he does. Especially around the eyes."
"I don't think so-"
"Would you please stop?" Noah rolled his eyes, "Do either of you actually care that I'm home? Or are you more concerned with who I look like?"
"You're home!" Grace squealed, enveloping her son in a bear hug. Sam followed suit.
"Oh god," Noah managed to choke out, before his air supply was completely cut off.

Harmony Hospital

"A broken ankle? Really?"
Eve Russell nodded grimly, "You'll need to stay off your feet for a while Miss Hotchkiss, I'm afraid."
"I can't walk down the isle on crutches!" Gwen whined, "We're going to have to postpone the wedding!"
Ethan sighed, "It's all right Gwen. We'll still get married. We can just wait a month or two."
"But all the plans!"
"We can arrange everything," Ethan said soothingly, but inside his heart was pounding. The farther away the wedding, the more temptation there would be from Theresa…
"But what if someone steals you away?" Gwen's voice was high pitched and worried.
Ethan gulped nervously, "Ah, Gwen, I love you. I'm going to marry you."
"I can't believe we have another setback," Gwen buried her face in her hands.
"I’m sorry," Amanda piped up, "I feel like it's all my fault. You tripped over my luggage coming into the living room-"
"You didn't put it there," Ethan shrugged, "I did."
"You're right," Amanda smirked, "It's YOUR fault, ya doofus."
Ethan sighed and tried to change the subject, as he and Amanda stepped outside to give Gwen privacy, "When is everyone else coming home?"
"You mean your other misdirected siblings?"
He nodded.
"Well, William promised to be here before the wedding, although I don’t think we have to worry about *that* for a while, eh?"

Ethan scowled, "I didn't intentionally trip Gwen."
"Sure you didn't," Amanda laughed, "But anyway, Elizabeth will be home in a few hours. Her flight gets in at three. And Stephanie's flight comes in at three-forty-five."
"So William is just going to be wandering around until he decides to come home?"
Amanda chuckled, "And this surprises you? Who knows…he might show up today."
Ethan shuddered, "I hope not."
"You have something against your brother?"
He narrowed his eyes, "Of course not."
"You wouldn't be lying to me, would you?"
"I do not lie."
Amanda rolled her eyes, "You're lying right now."
"I am not!"
"Yes, you are."
"No, I'm not!"
"This is why I was hoping to stay in England," Amanda sighed, "It was the mere thought of living at home with *you* that made me wish I was born into another family. I don't know where your stupidity comes from…"
"I am not stupid."
"Yes, you are."
"Prove it," she stepped towards him challengingly.
"Uh…what were we arguing about again?"
"You just proved my point."
"Did not!"
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"This," Amanda thew her hands in the air, "is getting on my nerves. Call me if you decide to actually greet your siblings at the airport."
She hurried down the corridor.

Sheridan and Luis sat on the couch; Luis reading a magazine, and Sheridan staring off into space. She glanced over at Luis, quickly averting her gaze when she realized he was looking at her. They repeated this process several times before Sheridan finally stood up.
"Luis, I can't take this anymore!"
He stood up and stared right at her, "Can't take what?"
"I can't hold it in anymore. I lo-"
Pounding on the door interrupted her impromptu confession.
"Why does this not surprise me?" she groaned at the interruption. Then she stomped over to the door, flinging it open.
"WHAT?!" she snapped.
Amanda jumped back, startled, "This is twice that I've gotten such a warm welcome. Should I be honored?"
"I'm sorry Amanda," Sheridan sighed, "Come in."
"I brought two other surprises for you," Amanda snickered, "Your charming nieces Elizabeth and Stephanie."
Two blond-haired girls stepped into the cottage behind her.
"Hi Aunt Sheridan!" Stephanie, who was about fourteen, said cheerily.
"Hi Aunt Sheridan!" Elizabeth, who looked to be about seventeen, piped up.
"OH MY GOD!" Luis shouted, "There are even MORE OF YOU?!"
"Don't mind him," Amanda waved her hand, "He's not one for welcomes."

Luis shook his head in disbelief, "This is like a horror movie. Invasion of the Cranes."
"Gee Luis, be a little nicer why don't you?" Amanda snapped.
"Look, Amanda, I'm sorry about the incident before, but-"
Elizabeth and Stephanie stood by the door, wide eyed.
"Maybe we should come back later-" Elizabeth began.
"Nonsense," Sheridan said, "Sit down. I'll make you all some scrambled eggs."
Sheridan hurried out of the room, and as soon as she was out of sight, Luis turned back to the other Crane girls. "I wouldn't TOUCH those eggs if you value your life."
The three young women giggled.
Stephanie poked Elizabeth in the stomach, "He is soo hot!"
"I know!" Elizabeth giggled back, "Aunt Sheridan is so lucky!"
Amanda leaned over, "They're not dating."
"They're NOT?" Elizabeth and Stephanie exclaimed.
Luis glanced over, suspicious, "We're not what?"
"Shhh!" Amanda scolded, "Don't let him hear you!"
Luis narrowed his eyes at them, and then glanced towards the kitchen, where the unmistakable odor of something burning was wafting from.
"Sheridan!" he yelled, and she poked her head back in the living room, "What?"
"The eggs!"
"OH MY GOD!" she yelled suddenly, and there were several loud crashes from the kitchen area.
"Told ya," Luis said with a wink.
Stephanie giggled again.

Amanda stood up and marched into the kitchen.
"Sheridan," she pronounced, looking at the wreck her aunt had produced in the name of scrambled eggs, "You burnt the eggs."
"As if I didn't realize that," Sheridan snapped back, trying to scrape the charred remnants out of the pan.
"Why don't you let me take over? I actually had some cooking lessons in boarding school."
"These eggs are perfectly edible."
Amanda tried to hide her smile, "Not according to Luis."
"Luis!" Sheridan seemed to suddenly remember him, "You left him in there alone with Elizabeth and Stephanie?"
"Yeah, why?"
Sheridan looked horrified, "Oh god, he's probably killed them by now!"
She handed the ruined skillet to Amanda and then hurried out of the kitchen.

To her surprise, her two younger nieces were not bound and gagged on the living room floor. They were sitting quite comfortably on the couch, laughing at something Luis had just said.
"Can I trust what my eyes are telling me?" she asked sarcastically, "Is Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald actually being NICE to members of my family?"
"Since you were…preoccupied…I decided to welcome them to Harmony."
Sheridan pouted, "I don't recall you exactly dragging out the welcome mats when *I* arrived in Harmony."
"Ah, yes, but you didn't politely sit down and introduce yourself. You rammed your car into mine at eighty miles an hour."
"I was in a hurry to get home!"
"God knows why."
"Well you didn't have to throw me in jail!"
"Why not?"
"Well you don't have to be so smug about it!"
"I am not being smug! I am merely pointing out that-"
"Hey! Hey! Hello!" Amanda was waving at them, "I've already heard this argument. Please spare me the rehash."
"Could you save the eggs?" Sheridan asked her.
"Sorry, they were unrecognizable."

Before anyone could say anything else, there was a knock at the door.
"Who could that be?" Sheridan wondered aloud.
"Please," Luis shut his eyes, "Tell me you don't have any more relatives."
Sheridan peeked out the window, "No such luck Robocop. My nephew William has arrived."
"How many of you are there?" he asked incredulously.
"Too many," Amanda snorted.
"Is there a party going on?" the blond-haired, blue-eyed young man of about eighteen asked in a loud, obnoxious voice.
"Well it's been crashed now," Amanda groaned, standing up and marching over to him.
"Hello doofus," she said with a half-smile, giving him a hug.
Luis turned to Sheridan, "is your niece this pleasant to everyone?"
Sheridan shrugged helplessly, "She's got a cynical outlook on life."
"I'm pleasant!" Stephanie piped up, giving Luis a big grin.
Luis sighed.

"Well," Amanda smiled, "It's been great. Really. But I'm hungry, and since Sheridan here has no intention of providing us with anything edible, I'm going to wander around this charming little town and see if there is anywhere that will provide sustenance. Toodles!" She wiggled her fingers in their direction and then flitted out the door.





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