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Of Porcupines and Sprinklers










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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Of Porcupines and Sprinklers
by Twig

Crane Mansion

Sheridan and Ethan sat on the couch in the parlor.

"I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that everything turned out all right," Ethan said to her. "I guess Luis was a good choice for your bodyguard after all."

Sheridan shrugged, "I suppose."
"You're not still holding a grudge against him, are you?" Ethan asked her disbelievingly, "He saved your life!"

"Anyone could have done that," Sheridan scoffed.

Ethan shook his head, "You're being stubborn."
"Of course I am. When am I not?"

"That's my point."
Sheridan eyed him curiously, "I thought you didn't even like Luis."
"I'm willing to change my opinion. Especially since I'm convinced you're still pining away for him."
Sheridan harumphed, "I'm not *pining* for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. And would you please keep your voice down? I don't want Julian to hear."
"Better?" Ethan whispered.

Sheridan simply sighed.

Ethan stood up and stretched, "Well, if you insist-"

"You're pining for Theresa."

Ethan coughed, "What?"
"You heard me."
"I'm hoping I heard you wrong."
Sheridan blinked innocently, "Say what you want. Anyhow, Luis and I don't even get along. I don't see how you can think-"

"I see you two together!"

Sheridan heaved a long-suffering sigh, "Ethan, can you keep a secret? Under no circumstances let your father find out about this."
Ethan shrugged, "Sure."
"Luis and I are going out tomorrow night."

Ethan smirked, "I thought you didn't get along."
"We don't. But he asked me to dinner, and-"
"And you accepted. Now there's a start."
Sheridan glared at him, "Isn't it past your bedtime?"
"Ha ha."

She yawned, "I'm going to try and get some sleep Ethan. See you in the morning."
Ethan nodded and stood up, "Oh and by the way, my father put your bag in the guest room. Interesting photo you left sticking out."
She gaped at him, as he smirked and walked away, dodging easily to avoid the decorative pillow she hurled at him.

Then Sheridan stood, stretched, and headed up the stairs to her temporary room. Despite everything she denied, her mind was most definitely on Luis.

Crane Mansion
The Next Morning

Ethan knocked on Sheridan's door, calling her name softly.

"Sheridan? I brought you breakfast-"
He pushed open the door to reveal Sheridan, still in her pajamas, blond hair sticking up in all directions, standing amidst a huge pile of clothes. Her blue eyes were wild as she pawed frantically though the garments, tossing them in various directions.
"What are you doing?!" Ethan exclaimed, startled.

Sheridan jumped at the sound of his voice, "I'm uh, I'm trying to figure out what to wear tonight."
"But it's only nine-thirty in the morning," Ethan informed her, sounding confused.

"You know how I get."

Ethan crossed his arms, "Didn't you already go through this before? You've already made your first impression on Luis…you don't have to do it all over again!"
Sheridan scowled, "My first impression on Luis wasn't very wonderful. I doubt his car appreciated the impression either. The second impression didn't exactly make Luis OR his car very happy either. Shall I go on?"
"What I'm trying to say is that you don't need to drive yourself crazy trying to impress him tonight. He already knows everything about you."

Sheridan snorted, "Who said I was trying to impress Luis?"
"Um, you did."

"I just want to look nice."

Ethan sighed, "Sheridan, I don't see why you're being so stubborn. Just admit that you're in love with Luis, and you'll be surprised how easy the rest of it will go."

Sheridan crossed her arms, "Ethan, I just told you that I am NOT in love with Luis. Now will you please stop pestering me about it?"
"Fine," he yawned, "Father wanted me to tell you that your cabin is officially no longer a crime scene. As long as you stay away from the blood on the rug, you can go back inside."
"Well, isn't that a pleasant thought."
"Father is having the rug replaced this afternoon."
"How thoughtful of him," she muttered sarcastically.

Julian Crane sat at his desk in the library, knuckles white from clenching the telephone so fiercely. He attempted to keep his voice smooth and steady as he spoke to his father.

"Yes Father, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald has eliminated the danger to Sheridan. Now he no longer is needed to stay at the cottage."

"Very good," the calm, authoritative voice of Alistair Crane filtered over the phone line.

"So," Julian laughed humorlessly as he poured himself a glass of brandy from the crystal flask, "There's no need to kill him. He and Sheridan never have to see each other again."

Alistair's voice was cold, "See that they don't interact any more than necessary."

"Oh father," Julian chuckled for effect while he focused a hateful glare on the phone, "I've already made sure that she hates him!"

He fingered the rubber Luis mask he had grown so fond of.

"She won't want anything to do with him once he's left the cabin."

"I hope you're right Julian. For your sake, I hope you're right," Alistair's cruel tone hung in the air as he hung up the phone.

Julian scowled and glared at the phone as he replaced it in its cradle. "Old tyrant," he muttered.

"Julian?" Ivy's voice floated through the door.

"Yes dear?" he asked sarcastically, a fake smile lighting up his face.

Ivy gave him a disgusted look, "Julian, I'm going out for the evening."
"Out? Where?"

She shook her hand in the air, feigning boredom, "Oh, Sam Bennett and his wife Grace need my help decorating their store. Don't wait up."

And with that, she flitted out of the room.

Julian sighed and gulped down the glass of brandy, already reaching for another one.

"Out for the evening," he grumbled, "It's only ten in the morning!"

"I like to get an early start!" Ivy yelled over her shoulder.





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