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Love Fulfilled


Disclaimer: I am in no way associated or a part of Passions. That honor belongs to NBC and JER.
Rating: R (non-explicit sexual content)


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Love Fulfilled
by Stephanie

Setting: This short story is set after Ethan and Theresa’s mishaps at the Chinese Restaurant. The idea has been written for a while, but I expanded on it a little this week with the ‘love noodle’ idea thing happening. Enjoy! And send lots of Feedback!

Their long walk back from Sally’s Chinese restaurant was peaceful. The night air was chilly, but Theresa certainly didn’t mind, especially having Ethan there to warm her up. When finally they reached her front door they stopped to just hold each other. The night had been pretty eventful, between their talk with Gwen, Sheridan being upset, and their defective "love noodle", the night had taken some interesting twists and turns. And now, even though Ethan knew she was putting on a brave face, he could feel the uneasiness in her embrace, she was still a little rattled. He knew that, even if she didn’t want him to.

"Theresa, I know you were disappointed when our noodle broke." Pulling away from their embrace he looks directly into her eyes and sees the truth of his suspicions reflected in their depths. Gently lifting her face with a finger under her chin he tells her confidently. "Theresa, listen to me. I don’t need a noodle to tell me that we’re meant to be together forever. I already know we are. And I love you so much...nothing and no one could ever come between us." Taking his hand into her own she smiles and finally lets his words of comfort penetrate into her mind. Looking into his warm eyes, and listening to the comforting sound of his voice has an immediate calming effect on her whole body.

"I love you Ethan...so much." Reaching up she encircles his neck with her arms and sighs when she feels him pull her close to his body. After a few moments they loosen their hold on each other, even though neither one is ready to let go. Carefully pulling away from him she looks up and kisses him gently.

Theresa turns around and takes her keys out of her purse. She unlocks the door, but turns around again when she realizes something. She and Ethan had been so preoccupied all day that they hadn’t had time to hunt for an apartment. "Ethan, where will you stay tonight?" His brow shoots up when he realizes he hadn’t given any thought to that question. He truthfully didn’t know. He didn’t feel right though imposing on Sheridan again. If Julian found out he was staying there he’d probably give her a hard time about it.

"Ethan, stay with me. Please? Luis is at Sheridan’s, and Mama doesn’t mind."

Smiling at the offer he can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to spend the night in her arms, with her curled beside him. But he didn’t feel right accepting her offer. "Theresa, thank you, but..."

"Ethan Winthrop, as your future wife I’m asking you stay the night with me." {She obviously isn’t taking no for an answer} he smiles slightly as she continues. "It’ll make me feel so much better having you here. And besides, in just a few days we’ll never spend another night apart."

He looks at her intensely before leaning in and kissing her softly. As they pull apart she whispers passionately, "I want you here Ethan. I want you with me...tonight and every night...for the rest of my life." Looking into her eyes he is caught speechless. The only thing he can think to do is look at her softly and reflect his love for her in his gaze.

Then leaning into her again, "Well, when you say it like that...how can I refuse?" He whispers the words to her and feels a tightness he can’t explain tugging at his chest when she smiles brightly back at him. {How could he refuse her anything? Especially when she looked at him that way?} Their lips meet in a passionate kiss. This time they pull all their energy into their kiss and hold onto one another tightly. Pulling away from his lips breathlessly, she bites down on her bottom lip as he lowers his mouth to her neck. He trails hot kisses down her neckline and shoulder and presses her even closer against him. He works his way slowly back up her neck and meets her lips in another energetic kiss that leaves them both breathless. Reaching behind her blindly she takes hold of the doorknob and opens the door.

Breathing heavily she tells him, "Come on, it’s too cold out here." Motioning him inside she enters the house and waits for him to join her. He follows her in and closes the door behind them. He quickly takes their coats and hangs them up. Standing in the entryway he watches as Theresa walks up to him. Extending his arms out to her he folds her against him and rubs her arms comfortingly.

"I hope Sheridan is alright. She seemed really upset about her fortune," she explains.

"Yeah, but I’m sure Luis is taking care of her."

"I’m sure you’re right," she answers with a smile. As she wraps her arms more completely around him Ethan’s body flies into overdrive. He couldn’t logically explain the way she made him feel when she touched him. Even the slightest brush of her hand could make his body ache to hold her. He had to do something, anything, to get his mind off of ravishing her the way he only dreamt about. {Maybe staying the night with her wasn’t such a good idea} he admonishes himself.

"Um, well I don’t know about you, but I’m beat." {Liar} his mind screams. "Its been a long day."

Nodding her agreement, "Yeah." Reaching up to him she kisses him quickly and takes his hand. "Come on in and make yourself comfortable." Leading them down the hallway and gesturing toward her room she is stopped midway when Ethan halts.

"Oh, I should go to Sheridan’s and grab my bag. I’ll be right..."

Cutting him off with a hand on his chest she says, "Ethan, look!" Gesturing toward her bed he follows her outstretched hand to find his duffel bag, lying on her bed.

"Well..." he says surprised. He walks over to it and reaches for the note atop it. Theresa joins him and stands beside him as he reads it aloud:

We figured you’d rather stay with your beautiful fiancée than a temperamental cop and his paranoid girlfriend. If you’ve found this letter then we were obviously right. Love you both and sweet dreams...
Luis and Sheridan

Both Ethan and Theresa are so dumbfounded that the only thing they can think to do is laugh at the situation. Attempting to hold back their huge grins they stare at each other in disbelief.

"Sounds like I got kicked out!" he jokes with a chuckle. "Either that or they know me better than I thought," he whispers more seductively. Smiling up at him brightly she plays along with his tease.

"Well, then it’s a good thing this beautiful fiancée of yours couldn’t imagine sleeping without you beside her." She is filled with satisfaction when his eyes glaze over with passion and he swallows deeply. Walking into him she places her hands on his chest and a warm kiss on his neck. {Two can play at this game} she thinks. But her playful tease almost costs her all her control when her lips touch his soft skin and her senses fill with his enticing scent. Letting her lips linger on his neck, she struggles for control as she feels his heart race in his chest and his deep sigh of delight.

She carefully pulls away from him and looks up into his eyes. "I’ll uh, be back in a minute. Feel free to make yourself at home, I’m going to go change." Fighting the need to kiss her madly he simply nods at her statement. He watches her as she walks over to her dresser and takes out a silk nightgown. He watches her in amazement as she stands in front of the mirror and removes her jewelry. He never realized before now how much he loved the little parts of their relationship that wouldn’t normally be a big deal. Like the way she played with her hair in front of the mirror and pinned it behind her head in a large clip. When she finally closed the bathroom door behind her he walked over to where she’d just stood.

Glancing around her dresser he smiles when he finds the perfume she always wore. Picking it up he inhaled its sweet vanilla scent and then returned it to its place. To the right of her perfume he found a picture of them together from the Crane cabin. He smiles warmly at the thought that she probably looked at this picture every single morning. He knew he gazed longingly at the picture he’d had of her on his nightstand, every time he passed it. In fact, it was the first thing he packed when he left the mansion. Turning his attention back to the issue at hand, he walks over to the open bedroom door and closes it, unsure if Pilar is still awake. He makes his way over to the bed and lifts his duffel bag. Setting it in a corner he sits on the bed and takes off his shirt and shoes. Standing up he removes his pants and moves to throw his clothes over the back of one of her chairs. But then he turns to see the bathroom door open and Theresa step out.

Ethan is nearly floored at the sight of her. He’d never in his life seen a woman more beautiful. And astonishingly, she was more glamorous without her makeup. Her small frame was covered in a light blue silk nightgown that accentuated her curves perfectly. And her tousled hair framed her lovely face and shoulders wildly. She was absolutely breathtaking.

Likewise, Theresa was stunned into silence when she caught sight of Ethan standing in her bedroom...in only his boxers. {God, just when I thought the man couldn’t be any sexier} He was so handsome. He was very athletic, and so his lightly toned muscles were just the right shape. Not too built...but built just right. {And those eyes!} She could get lost in those beautiful blue eyes.

Ethan’s interest was sparked by the smile covering her lips. "What?" he asks smiling while tossing his pants over the chair.

She shakes her head and walks over to him. Placing her hands on his chest, her smile widens when he puts his hands on her elbows and pulls her closer. "Nothing...I just don’t think this is something I’ll have trouble adjusting to."

He smiles as she leans in and kisses him lightly. She starts to pull her lips away teasingly as he moans at the loss of contact. Chasing her with his lips, she giggles and pulls him over to her bed.

"You’re an amazing woman, you know that?"

"You think so?" Ethan nods and closes the distance between them.

"I know so."

"Yeah?" she whispers against his lips.

"Yeah," he answers and joins their lips.

They kiss languidly as she pulls him down over her. He lets her lead him and covers her with his warm body. He presses her closer to him and kisses his way along her shoulder and above her breasts. She moans in excitement and lets her hands roam freely over his body. She slides her fingers up and down his back, and pulls him more firmly against her. {Oh God, this must be Heaven} she tells herself.

Ethan groans in ecstasy as he trails his lips down her body and helps her lift her nightgown over her head. Everywhere her fingers touch him feels like a spark of electricity. Lowering his body atop of hers he presses his lower body into her hips. "Theresa..." he whispers as she reaches lower on his back and helps him out of his boxers. Kissing her lovingly he reaches a hand down and tangles his fingers in her hair.

"Theresa...are you sure?" He asks needing to know that she’s ready. He didn’t know how he’d stop himself, but if she wanted him to he’d find a way.

"Ethan," she breathes, "I’m sure you’re the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. You’re the only man I want...the only man I could ever give myself to."

He smiles tenderly in response, "God I love you Theresa."

"And I love you Ethan," she answers.

He captures her lips in another passion filled kiss and gives himself, mind, body and soul to the only woman he’s ever loved unconditionally. The euphoria he experiences while wrapped in her whole being is intoxicating, and his deepest belief is reaffirmed. Theresa was the only woman in the world for him. The only woman he ever wanted to be with, and to make passionate love to, for the rest of his life. With her, he could finally be himself. She was the only person who’d ever taken the time to get to know the real him, the Ethan that was underneath everyone’s misconceptions of who Ethan Crane should be. Now, he was sure more than ever, that she was the best thing to ever happen to him. And if being Ethan CRANE meant giving her up...then he’d gladly be the poorest man in the world.

In the moonlight cast over her bed, Theresa lay wrapped in her fiancée’s embrace. Her arms lay across his bare chest as he calmly strokes her back with his fingertips. Pulling her more closely against him, Ethan kisses her forehead and sighs deeply. {How did I get so lucky} she asks herself in disbelief. Ethan was so wonderful...and gentle. Their lovemaking had been everything she’d ever dreamed it would be, and so much more.

"Theresa...?" he asks quietly in the dark.

"Hmmm?" she turns her head closer into his skin and leaves a gentle kiss atop his chest. Smiling he moans lightly at the sensation.

"How do you feel?" he’d known tonight was her first time, and he’d been so honored to be the man who’d showed her how special their love was. Theresa can’t help but smile against his skin at his concern. Leaning up against him she brings her lips to his and leaves a soft kiss there.

"Wonderful. You?"

He smiles and pulls her more completely on top of him. "Never better in my life." They laugh in pure enjoyment and hold each other tenderly as he rolls them over and settles himself on top of her body.

"You know," he starts, "this isn’t what I had in mind when you asked me to stay with you."

Raising her eyebrows in curiosity, "Oh, really? And what exactly did you have in mind?"

"I don’t know. I thought maybe I’d hold you ‘til morning. Maybe watch you sleep...go crazy with desire...But I didn’t think that tonight would be the night we’d..."

"Are you sorry now that we did?"

Without a hint of hesitation he answers her in a slight whisper, "No. Never. You’re the only woman for me Theresa. You have my heart, my body, and my soul--they’re all yours. All of me is for you. I think maybe it always has been."

Tears begin to form in her eyes at the sincerity of his tone. "Really?"

He nods in affirmation, "Really." Leaning down he brushes a sensual kiss across her lips. "I love you," he whispers as his lips reverently meet hers.

"I love you," she tells him in total admiration and confidence. Smiling wholeheartedly in anticipation of what’s to come, she welcomes the incredible man above her with open arms. She knew that tonight was the beginning of the rest of their lives. As long as they were together they could handle any obstacle, any challenge that threatened their happiness.

The End

So what do you guys think? I hope you liked it. I’ve got a few other short stories in the works, hopefully they’ll be out soon :) Send me lots of Feedback...I live for your comments!




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