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West Harmony Story












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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


West Harmony Story
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 12

Luis stood inside the Book Cafe where the rest of the gang was hanging out.

“No one was supposed to be killed.” Miguel said clutching onto Kay.

Whitney sat on the couch and silent tears fell down her cheeks, “I want Antonio!” she wailed as Beth wrapped her arms around her.

“I’m sorry.” Luis said walking over to Whitney and kneeled down in front of her. “I did everything I could to stop it!”

“But that wasn’t enough was it!” Whitney said.

Luis just shook his head and walked over to the window.

His face lit up when he saw Sheridan walking from the wharf.

He ran out of the Cafe into the streets. “Sheridan!” he yelled.

She looked up and saw him. She smiled brightly and waved as she began to run across the street.

He started towards her as well but neither of them saw Christian walking out of the shadows. He had the revolver pointed right at Luis.

As soon as the couple reached each other, Christian pulled the trigger.

Luis fell to the ground as the silver bullet struck him in the side.

“Luis!?!?” Sheridan said pulling him into her arms.

Everyone ran out of the Book Cafe to see Sheridan rocking Luis back and forth in her arms.

Luis just stared into her eyes. “I didn’t believe hard enough.” he choked out.

“Loving is enough.”

“Not in the world we live in.”

“Then we can get away!” She said holding him tighter.

“We can.......we will......” he whispered.

She just nodded her head and kissed him tightly on him lips. Their tears mixed together as they continued to kiss.

Finally his lips let go of hers and he took his last breath. Sheridan just stared at him not knowing what to do.

Finally she laid her head on his chest and cried.

She gently kissed him on the forehead. “Goodbye Mi amore.” she whispered softly.

She looked up at everyone that stood around her. “Give me that gun!” she shouted at Christian.

He slowly handed it to her. “You killed him!! All of you! Not with guns or knives! With all of your hatred!” She screamed shakingly pointing the gun around.

She dropped the gun to the ground and fell back on to his body crying uncontrollably.

Hank and Miguel walked forward and slowly picked up his body.

Sheridan just sat there staring at the spot he had laid in until had started to follow Hank and Miguel.

She slowly stood up and followed the crowd that took Luis’s body to his final resting place.

The End




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