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West Harmony Story












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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


West Harmony Story
by Sparkle_eyez


This is a story of two star-crossed lovers.

Divided because of their families and friends hatred.

Divided because of fate.

Divided because of destiny.

These two shared a love that was unforgettable.

Someday their story was bound to be told.

That day has come now.

This the story of these two passionate lovers.

How love brought them together.

And how death ultimately tore them apart.

Chapter 1

“SHERIDAN!” Ivy Crane yelled through the mansion.

Sheridan Crane sat in her room reading a book and listening to her favorite musician Billie Holiday.

“Sheridan!” Ivy yelled again.

Sheridan was so lost in her book that she couldn’t hear Ivy searching for her wildly.

“Sh......er.....i.....dan!!!!!!” Ivy yelled one last time.

This snapped Sheridan out of her trance and she ran out of her room.

“Ivy I’m in my room!” She said walking out into the hall.

“Oh there you are!” Ivy said breathlessly as Sheridan followed her to her room and sat on her bed.

A few maids came in carrying Ivy dress for the Crane party that evening.

“Why aren’t you getting ready for the party this evening?” Ivy said applying some mascara.

“I was reading and I’m not too excited about this party.” Sheridan said huffily.

“You know you have to attend! Julian is introducing you to Christian Hotchkiss Gwen’s brother. He could be quite the match for you!” Ivy said excitedly.

“Why can’t find love for myself?”Sheridan said dreamily.

“I want you to find love for yourself darling! Maybe he could the one!” Ivy said sincerely.


“Now go get ready the party starts in hours.”

“All right.” Sheridan said getting up and heading to her room.

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald walked into the Book Cafe and slumped down onto a couch.

He was so worn out from his long day at Fitzgerald Inc. His father, Martin, was making him work over time.

Luis best friend Hank Bennett came walking into the Cafe and jumped down into a seat in front of Luis.

“Hey Buddy! Whats up?”

“Nothing too much! Why are you so chipper?” Luis said.

“I was invited to the Crane party tonight! Come with me!” Hank said excitedly showing Luis his invitations.

“The Crane’s? You know my Father hates the Crane’s!” Luis said suspiciously.

“Come on Luis lighten up! Besides your Father doesn’t have to know and all of the guys are going you have to come!”

“ I don’t know Hank!”

“You have something better to do?”

“No, but I have feeling that someday I will.”

“What do you mean?” Hank asked suspiciously.

Luis hesitated a little. Although Hank was his best friend, he didn’t want to tell him about his dreams. Every night he dreamed of finding something special. He just didn’t know what it was yet.

“Well, if you don’t know then you’re coming to this party tonight!” Hank said hopping up. “Pick you up at 9?”

Luis finally gave in, “9 o’clock! Don’t be late.”

Hank smiled and headed out of the Cafe.

“Maybe I will find what I’ve been dreaming about soon! Whatever it is.” Luis said aloud.





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