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I’ll Never Love Again






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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


I’ll Never Love Again
by Sparkle_eyez

Part 1

“Flight 629 for Rome, Italy will be boarding in 10 minutes. First class please get prepared for boarding.”

She closed her laptop and slipped it into her bag. She pulled out her passport and got up from her airport seat.

She slowly walked over to the flight attendant and handed her her boarding pass. The attendant handed it back to her smiled.

“So, whats waiting for you in Rome?” the attendant asked her.

She sighed heavily, “A new life.”

“Why such a drastic location?”

“Anywhere but here right?” She tried to smile but it was useless.

She lost everything.

The attendant smiled, she could sense the sadness in this passenger. She’d seen so many people getting on flights. So, many broken hearts and lost souls trying to start a new life. Leaving another life behind.

She walked onto the plane and sat in her seat. She sighed as she buckled her seat belt and leaned her head back against the seat.

She sighed heavily fighting back the urge to just cry or rather show any emotion at all.

As soon as her flight was mid-air, she pulled out her laptop and set it on her tray table. She clicked it on and opened up the file that containted her daily diary. Her eyes began to well up as she read over the entry she wrote the day before.

‘How could I have been so nieve?’ ‘Who believes in fate anyways?’ ‘He loves her not me.’ ‘I lost she won.’ ‘He hates me.’ ‘Says he can never trust me again’ ‘He hates me.’ ‘He hates me.’

She slammed the laptop shut and placed her head in her hands. “He hates me.” she whispered to herself.

She brought her head back up and laid against the seat. She closed her eyes in attempt to sleep.

How could she sleep with all the memories that plagued her........

“How could you?”he screamed in her face with so much anger.

“I trusted you! You knew that Sam Bennett was my father and never told me! Why Theresa? Why? You should’ve come to me first! Not scanned them into your computer!”

“Ethan, I can explain. Mama..” She started to plead.

“No! No excuses dammit! I want the truth! You can’t even give me that anymore! Did you send the letter too? Are you the scum who sent the letter to the tabloid?”

“No Ethan! I would never do something so horrid! I love you Ethan! Were supposed to be getting married!” She grabbed his hands.

He hastily yanked them away. “Love just isn’t enough Theresa. I can’t love you if I can’t even trust you.”

“No....don’t say that.....”

“It must be said. Were finished.” With that he turned around and walked out of her life.

“No!!” She screamed crumbling to the ground in tears.

“No!!!” She jumped out of her seat.

The flight attendant rushed over. “Are you all right Ms.?”

She shook her head slightly and sat in a daze for a moment.

“I’m fine just a bad dream.” she said laying back against her seat.

‘Too bad it wasn’t just a dream’ She thought to herself as she stared out the window.





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