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She's More~ Kase


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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


She's More ~ Kase
by Sparkle_eyez

'I like blue eyes

'Her are green

'Not like the woman of my dreams

'And her hair is not quite as long as I planned

'5 foot 3 Isn't Tall

'She's not the girl I pictured at all

'And those paint by number fantasies I had

'So It took me by complete surprise

'When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes

'She's not at all what I was looking for

'She's more

'No it wasn't at first sight

'But the moment I looked twice

'I saw the woman I was born to love

'Her laughter fills my soul and when hold her I don't wanna let go

'When it comes to her I can't get enough

'So It took me by complete surprise

'When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes

'She's not at all what I was looking for

'She's more

'More than I dreamed of

'More than any man deserves

'I couldn't ask for more than a love like hers

'So it took me by complete surprise

'When my heart got lost in those deep green eyes

'She's not at all what I was looking for

'She's more.

I look up from the podium at our Senior graduation. All of those poured out of my mouth in that boring speech I just finished. Don't get me wrong I'm very proud to be Valedictorian but I only have one goal on this very hot and special night.

That goal is to make her mine forever.

Now she is definetly the last person on this earth that I would fall for. She's been my best friend since I was born and she was just always Kay. The little girl who was awesome at baseball and who would always beat me in a race.

My dream girl I always envisioned was just like Charity Standish.

Beautiful, smart, innocent. I even dreamed of Charity for the 4 years of my high school career. She turned to Miguel within the first day she was here and I never had chance.

The only person that knew of my secret love for Charity was Kay. She helped me through it and even set me up on a lot of dates. After I lost my glasses and quit gelling my hair down I had dates almost everynight. None of those girls ever did it for me.

One night though that all changed.

She looked great in her long baby blue sundress. She was sitting on the porch swing that night just letting the early summer breez ruffle her brunette hair. In the moonlight she looked like an angel.

She turned towards me and took my hands in hers.

"Reese, I don't know how to tell you this but......" She looked away.

"Hey, it's all right Kay. Just tell me." I said turning her back to face me.

"I.....I think....I think I've fallen in love with you." She said.

I just sat there staring at her. I didn't know what to say it was like I had just been hit by a Mac truck.

Kay Bennett loves me.

Katherine Lorea Bennett loves me!

Reese Durkee certified geek for almost 3 years.

I had no idea what to say.

"I'm sorry.....Reese I'm sorry.....I should've never said anything!" She said running off the porch into the dark night.

It was as if I was frozen in time and I couldn't move.

That was worst mistake of my life.

Letting her go.

So, on this biggest night of our lives I Reese Durkee am proclaiming my love for Katherine Bennett.

"Before I finish my speech so we can all go party! I would just like to thank one person. She has impacted my life in more ways than she can ever imagine. She wasn't always the girl I dreamed of. I dreamed of someone in another package all together but when she looks at me I just feel so much love. Everytime I look into her eyes my heart is lost. She's nothing like what I was looking for. She's definetly more than that. Katherine Lorae Bennett I love you."

I did it! I told her exactly how I felt. It seemed like forever before she finally stood up.

I couldn't handle it I just jumped down from the podium and took her into my arms.

The whole town of Harmony jumped up applauding as the graduating Class of 2001 through up their hats and shot silly string all over the place.

Kay and I continued to clutch each other. We stood frozen in our own world for a just a few moments.

"I love you Reese."

"I love you too."





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