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Room 266






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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Room 266 ~ Ivy & Hank
by Sparkle_eyez

Part 2

Her blonde hair and sexy body. Her beautiful eyes and sensual lips. The way I get when she scrapes her nails down my back.

I watch her lay under the very thin silk sheet and her breath is very even in her deep slumber.

It takes everything in me not to just take her into my arms and take in every part of her.

But thats against the rules.

I sometimes just want to say screw the rules. Although I know that deep down in my heart that these rules are very necessary.

Shes in love with my brother. I am in love with her daughter-in-law. It can never be.

Sometimes I imagine that it isnt Ivy but Gwen underneath me as we passionately make love. I mean have sex.

This isnt love. I never imagined love to be just meeting in a hotel whenever possible to give each other physical pleasure.

I imagined love to be beautiful and meaningful but that belief was ruined the day she got married.

I cant help but think of the fact that I am sleeping with a married woman. A very unhappily married woman.

In a way its sort of sad this situation weve put ourselves in. We didnt even plan it. I just saw her in that bar that night and we had sex.

Unspoken words have brought us back every time. I dont know how long this will last or when it will end. All I know is if I cant experience real love at least I can experience ecstasy.

That is exactly what Ivy gives me. Undying pleasure and satisfaction of hunger.

She rolls out of the bed and walks straight into the bathroom. I always stare at the closed door wondering what she does in that bathroom.

Sighing, I stretch my body out on the rumpled bed. Im never tired after our affair its always a feeling of contentment. Like I was coming home to something that I never thought would feel like home.

Slipping into my silk boxers, I look up as she walks out of the bathroom. The amazing thing about her is that she looks just as sexy when she is fully clothed.

I nod at her giving her my smile that would hopefully convince her to back come to my bed. She just gives a slight nod and without words she walks out the door.

I sit in the silent room for a little while and stare at the closed door.

Standing up I get ready to hit the showers when I see her golden watch laying on the night table.

A sly smile crept onto my face and I rush quickly to the door flinging it open abruptly.

Ivy! I breathe. Why did she come back?

Before I could think another thought, she reaches up for my face and forcefully brings her lips to mine. Ive never kissed anyone so passionately.

Our lips explored each others and we quickly deepened this kiss to get a true taste of each other.

She abruptly stops and gently takes her watch out of my hand. She then turns on her heel and walks quickly down the hall into the elevator.

I continued to stand in the doorway of Room 266. We broke our first rule.

Same time and same place next week? I ask to no one imparticular.

Well, things will be a little more different within the walls of Room 266.

And damn its going to feel good.





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