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Room 266






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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Room 266 ~ Ivy & Hank
by Sparkle_eyez

Part 1

I pull down the front of my sun hat as I walk up to the entrance of the hotel. Its a pretty good disguise against the nagging of the outside world. Although, the world that surrounds me is the last thing Im thinking about. The only thing that matters to me at this moment is what is waiting for me behind the door of the usual hotel room.

I walk into the hotel and rush through the lobby quickly. I dont care if people see me but for some reason I get more fun out of the forbidden factor of my adventure.

I enter the empty elevator and start primping myself up. I remove the large sun hat and my dark sunglasses, stuffing them into a big black purse. Pulling out my compact, I re-apply my lipstick and adjust the straps of my tan trench coat.

The elevator opens on the second floor and I head down the hall shakingly pulling the key out of my purse. I stop in front of the regular room, Room 266.

I know hes here already. Does my hair look all right? Do I know what I have pulled myself into? None of these questions really need an answer because in the back of my head I know whats coming and whether its right or wrong Im walking into this room without a second thought.

I slip the key into the lock and turn it slowly. Somehow Im just hoping that hell be waiting anxiously by the door.

I slowly push the door open slowly and thats when I first catch sight of him sitting at the small table in the corner of the room. Hes staring out the window sipping on a glass of wine and he turns his eyes towards mine.

I cant look into his eyes because that can cause love and feeling. None of this is about love, its about need and hunger.

We prepare the same for this everytime. I close the door and lock it, hanging the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the doorknob. He pours more wine, pulls out some protection, and pulls down the sheets on the bed.

I walk into the bathroom, laying my bag on the floor. As always, I stare in the mirror in contemplation of whether Im going to do this tonight. Thats when I flash myself a knowing smile and I slip out of my trench coat.

Hes laying on the bed waiting patiently, no words being spoken. Nothing is need to be said. No words of comfort or friendly gestures. We know what were here for and we know why were here.

I pull all of my confidence out and walk into the small room in my very skimpy black teddy. I bought a new one this week just to experiment with something different.

He flashes me his usual cocky smile and cocks his head towards me. That is always my cue to walk over to him and slowly lower myself down onto his hard body.

Wasting no time, I immediately discard his tight black shirt from his well defined chest. Raking my nails up and down his tanned washboard stomach, I can feel his excitement begin to rise.

No kissing we said. Kissing is an act of love and of passion. That was one of our rules. We only had a few rules but they were very essential to the situation were under.

Rule 1: No kissing!

Rule 2: No eye contact for a long amount of time.

Rule 3: No talking about anything.

Rule 4: No one can EVER know!

They were simple rules and we obeyed them everytime. All this ever was about was sex. No love. No passion.

Just the need to satisfy each other because we can be satisfied by the ones we truly want.

By this time, all of our clothes have been thrown all over the room. He throws back against the back board of the bed. He slowly descends upon me and my arousal has sky rocketed.

In the heat of the moment, I dig my nails into his back, pulling him down to me quickly. He enters me hard and fast. I scream in pleasure as our hips rocked back and forth in a rhythmic motion.

Hank..... I purr. He slows for a minute and places his index finger on my lips.

Shhhh....no talking. Only feeling.....Hank whispers.

Enough is said with those words as we resume our erotic dance.

I continue to moan and purr as I near my climax. I can feel it with him too.

He is just as hot as I am.

This continues all night. No kissing. No talking.

Just sex.

If we have to be unhappy, at least we can feel something for a certain amount of time.

Behind the door of Room 266.





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