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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Is No Arizona
by Sparkle_eyez

'He Promised her a new and better life

'Out in Arizona

'Underneath the blue and raining sky

'He swore he was gonna

'Get things in order

'He'll Send for her

'When he left her behind

'It never crossed her mind

'There is no Arizona 

I was in a dream world full of all the possibilities that a girl could want and need in her life.


Thats the dream world.

Whats really crazy about it is that you never know just how trapped you are in the world until you hastily yanked out of it.

At least thats how I learned anyway.

I never took for granted one mpment I spent with him. Not one touch, kiss, or whisper.


He promised me the world. For some reason, I knew he was going to give it to me. I never had to doubt his motives one time.

Until he was gone.

Where are you? I ask the stars everyday.

I don't where he is. He promised me the world. That dream world that I constantly lived in like some sort of an addictive drug.

But he's gone. 

'There is no Arizona

'No painted deserts

'No sittin on

'If there was

'A Grand Canyon

'She could fill it up with the lies he's told her

'But they don't exsist

'Those dreams he sold her

'She'll wake up and find

'There is no Arizona 

No one can ever understand how much he promised me. He told me everything he wanted to give me. All of those false dreams and hopes he injected in me.

How can such a man exsist in this world?

All I keep thinking is that he's just like the others but he's not! Thats the thing I just don't understand!

But I keep staring out the window waiting for him! Keeping those hopes and dreams alive in me even though I should no that they were all just easy lies to satisfy me. 

'She got a postcard with no return address

'Post marked tombstone

'It says I don't know where I'm going next

'But when I do I'll let you know

'May, June, July

'She wonders why she's still waiting

'She'll keep waiting

'Cause There is no Arizona 

I received a letter from him today.

Saying that he may be back soon. He isn't sure.

He couldn't tell me where he was or what he was doing.

But I still wait for him. I don't know why!

He's never coming for me.


'No painted deserts

'No sittin on a

'If there was a Grand Canyon

'She could fill it up with the lies he's told he

'But they don't exsist

'Those dreams he sold her

'She'll wake up and find

'There is no Arizona 

No picket fence. No double wedding. No honeymoon to Spain.

Some of the beautiful promises he was supposed to fullfil. I'm still waiting to see those come true.

Still waiting.

 'Each day the sun sets

'Into the West

'Her heart sinks lower

'In her chest

'And her friends keep asking

'When she's going

'Finally she tells them

'Don't you know?

'There is no Arizona 

Day by day the pain starts to either chip away or just flood back into me like a deep ocean.

Everyone says I should move on or go find him. That he'll come back to me someday.

They say he's honorable. He's a good man.

Thats when I have to remind them that he's not what they think he is.

'There is no Arizona

'No painted deserts

'No sittin on

'If there is a Grand Canyon

'She'd fill it up with all the lies he's told her

'But they don't exsist

'Those dreams he sold her

'She'll wake up and find.....

 I woke up from this dream and I'm trying to move on but I just keep waiting for the day when he'll walk back through that door and sweep me off my feet.

He'll kiss me gently and then he'll start making all of his promise to me come true.

That doesn't exsist.

He promised me a new and better life.

Out in Arizona.

the end




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