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I’ll Never Love Again




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


I’ll Never Love Again
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 14

*1 month later*

Gwen woke up with a jump start knowing that if she slept in any longer that she would be late for work, but that wasn’t what she was jumping up for.

Everyday at the same time every morning for 29 days Hank has had a pink rose delivered to her house no matter what it took.

She was excited today because this would be her 30th rose. All of the roses sat in her room and a new one was added to the collection each day.

Hank had called her and told her that he would be wrapping up the case that day and would be coming home the following day. So, that day would be the last rose she would get for him being gone then she would have him the next day.

The phone rang and Gwen anxiously picked it up. “Hello?”

“Gwen? It’s Sheridan. What are you doing for lunch today?”

“Nothing I was thinking of taking the day off from work today.”

“Well then come over to the cottage. Luis has to work at the station today. So, we can have a girls day!”

“All right!! I’ll be over in an hour or so.”

“See ya then.”

Gwen excitedly hopped in the shower.


Luis sat at his desk in the Harmony Police Department busily working away on some files.

He had a lot of work to catch up on but he also wanted to make some extra money for the engagement ring he had secretly purchased for Sheridan.

Thats when the phone rang....

“Lopez-Fitzgerald.” he said crisply into the phone.

“Luis? It’s Agent Freeman. I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

“The drug cartel didn’t start up again? Roger or Pierre haven’t escaped prison or anything?” Luis said quickly. No one was going to touch his Sheridan.

“No No Luis not that at all.”

“Hank has been shot! It’s not looking to good. I was hoping that you could get a hold of his loved ones so they can come see him because I’m afraid for the worse.”

“No not Hank! I’ll do that as soon as possible.” Luis said hanging up the phone.

Luis got a hold of Sam and his family. Then he picked up the phone to call Sheridan.

“Hello?” said Sheridan.

“Hi Baby.”

“Luis. Whats going on?”

“Well, I’m coming home right now something has come up and we may have to take a little trip.”


“I’ll be home soon I love you.”

“I love you”


Sheridan hung up the phone worriedly.

“Whats going on?” said Gwen walking into the room with some iced tea.

“I’m not sure but Luis is on his way home from the station and he sounds worried.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious.” Gwen said.

“Well, I’ll try not to worry.” said Sheridan “So, did you get your rose from Hank today?”

“Oddly no I didn’t. I’m worried Sher thats not like him. The delivery has never missed or day or has been a minute late. I have this really bad feeling that something happened to him.”

“I’m sure he’s fine Gwen.”

Luis busted through the door of the cottage. “Sheridan!”

“I’m right here baby! Whats wrong?” Sheridan said running up to her love.

“We have to go Washington right now! Something happened to Hank........” Luis said but trailed off when he saw that Gwen was in the room.

“What happened to Hank?!!?”





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