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I’ll Never Love Again




















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


I’ll Never Love Again
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 3

Gwen sat on her boat True Love and stared into the water. She drifted off into her thoughts of yesterday.

“I feels so terrible...” she thought aloud, “I ran off the wharf without explaining myself. I’m over Ethan but it’s still hard for me to see them together.”

“I realized that and don’t be sorry for anything.” Hank walked up to the boat.

“Hank....I didn’t think you would show!” said Gwen.

“Why wouldn’t I? Listen Gwen, I really had a great time yesterday. It was a relief from my stressful life. I really love talking to you. You’re an extraordinary woman.”

She blushed at the comment. “You’re not so bad yourself you know that?” She reached for his hand and pulled him onto the boat.

“Get ready!” Gwen said.

“For what?”

“To sail around the world! Or maybe just Harmony.”


The wind blew through Hank’s hair as they sailed through the endless blue sea. He couldn’t help but stare at Gwen as she changed out of her cover up into a pale pink bathing suit.

“My God she’s beautiful.” Hank started to think.


“Yea!” Hank embarrassingly snapped back to reality.

“Want to go for a swim?”

“I don’t know. I’m not much of a swimmer.” Hank replied as he peeled off his T-shirt showing off his very muscular chest.

Gwen’s mouth went dry and she almost had to steady herself at the sight of his gorgeous physique. She couldn’t stare for long though. Next, thing she knew she was being thrown into the water by a laughing Hank.

“Gotcha!” laughed Hank.

“I’m going to get you!” screamed Gwen. As she climbed back on the boat and chased Hank around the deck.

But since she was wet from falling in the water she slipped and fell with a loud THUMP on the ground.

“Owww” screamed Gwen trying to fight back the tears of pain threatening to fall.

“Gwen are you all right?? I’m so sorry!!” Hank rushed over.

“It’s not your fault but I think I hurt my ankle.”

“Well let me help you below deck.”

Hank picked up Gwen in his strong arms and they stared into each others eyes. Their was so much depth in them that was yet to be explored. He carried her below deck and sat her on the bed. He went and got her a towl, some clothes, and an ice pack.

Gwen laid on the bed and watched Hank get dressed and make them sandwiches. She just smiled and wondered exactly what was happening between them. But whatever it was Gwen didn’t want to let it go she wanted to see where it took her.

As she thought of this, she drifted off into a dreamy sleep.


Hank docked the boat back at the docks. Then walked back down under the deck where Gwen laid still napping. He wrapped a blanket around her and checked her ankle to see that it was just fine and didn’t start swelling.

He liked watching her sleep. He noticed that she slept with a small smile on he face. This amazing feeling washed over him as he stared at her. But he pushed it away in fear of what was happening to him.

Not holding back, he leaned down and placed a light kiss on her forehead. Then he tucked the blanket around her legs and left her a little note and stuck it on her pillow.

“Goodnight beautiful.” he whispered in her ear.

And he walked out of the boat.


Gwen opened up her eyes and stared out the door.

“Goodnight handsome.”





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