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There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 14

“Hank! No! This isn’t what you think!” Gwen said grabbing Hank by the arm forcefully.

“Oh yea then what is it?” Hank said still staring at Ethan who was recovering from the blow.

Gwen placed her hands in his. “Look at my hands Hank.”

Hank looked down seeing the wedding band and the pear shaped diamond he had given her positioned on the ring finger of her hand.

“This whole engagement party is a hoax! Were breaking the news to our families tonight!” Gwen said lovingly touching Hank’s face.

Hank didn’t know what to say he just pulled her into his embrace. “It feels so good to hold you. I love you Gwen.”

“And I love you.” She said kissing him gently.

“That is really great and all but I need some help down here.” Ethan said roughly.

Hank walked over and helped Ethan off the ground. “I’m sorry about that! I was sort of angry.”

“Yea, I could tell!” Ethan said wiping of his jaw.

“Look you have to find Theresa! Before she runs off for good!” Gwen said.

“Where is she Hank?” Ethan said desperately.

“She may have went back to her hotel. She’s staying at the B&B.”

“I’m out of here! Thank you.” Ethan said running out of the doors.

“What the hell is going on out here?” Jonathon Hotchkiss said storming out into the lobby with the Ivy, Julian, and Rebecca trailing behind him.

Gwen looked at Hank and sighed, “Well, Father actually I have a lot to tell you.” She said leading the party into a private room.


Theresa busted into her room at the B&B. She looked horrible from her uncontrollable crying.

“How could he do this to me!” She screamed out loud.

“First Noah and now Ethan! I’m doomed in love!”

She broke down and laid on her bed letting all of her tears fall.


“Well, I think it’s amazing that you actually believe in something. I don’t really have much to believe in anymore.” Ethan said solemnly.

“Why? You have everything in the world and you have so much you can do with it.”

“I sometimes wish I wasn’t born into money and I wouldn’t have all of this responsibility.”

“You’re the new head of the Crane Empire! Don’t you realize how much you can do with that? I’m not talking about money or power, but you can use your money for so many good things like charities. Ethan, don’t you realize how lucky you are?”

“You want my life take it! I can’t handle it anymore.” Ethan shook his head.

“Ethan, you can do whatever you want with your life you can make it whatever you want it. Since you have so much given to you. You can give back so much. Don’t ever let anyone control you. You can.........”

Not thinking Ethan leaned over and just kissed her. So much passion shot into the air. What was surprising was that she kissed back with just as much force.


The memory of their first kiss calmed her enough for her to fall into a dreamy sleep.





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