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There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 9

Ethan held the phone to his ear in utter shock, “You can’t be serious Father!”

“I wouldn’t joke about any sort of a business matter! Now I will see you in a week Son, no questions asked.”

Ethan hung up the phone slowly.

“Ethan.....Baby...whats the matter?” Theresa said cupping her hands around his face.

He didn’t say anything he just stared into her big brown eyes. He knew he couldn’t tell her the new developments in his life. It would kill her and he wasn’t going to lose her. He was going to fix this.

“Nothing, just some major business deal that I must attend to as soon as possible.” Ethan lied. He had never lied to her once and he knew that this would the last time.

“Are you sure? This seems like more than some deal!” She said.

“Yes, I’m sure. I have to head back to Harmony in a week but I think I should go tomorrow and get this taken care of now.”

“Ethan, I’m going to miss you so much! Do you have to leave so soon?”

Ethan reached up and pulled Theresa towards him. They slowly laid back on the bed. “I should probably go now Resa. I don’t want to but it’s necessary.”

“Necessary for what Ethan? Let’s enjoy your last week here together.”

“I’m sorry Resa but this is beyond my control.”


“What do you think of this material T? This was sent to me by Jean for you to check out”, Anna said to Theresa in her office the next day.

Anna looked over at her silent boss who stared out the window mindlessly. “Theresa.......T......Hey Fitzgerald!!”

Theresa jumped up quickly, “Oh Anna, I’m so sorry what did you say?”

“Ethan left town today didn’t he?” She said sitting down in the chair in front of Theresa’s desk.

“Am I that transparent?” Theresa chuckled looking over the design Anna handed her. “I don’t think I like this one.” She said handing it back to her.

“All right and yes you are. Especially when it comes Ethan Crane.”

“I know I know. I just feel like he was keeping something from me. That phone call he got yesterday really upset him and I think it was more than just business.”

“Well, you never know about those business types. I know from how upset you got the other day when Sophia sewed the A-line of Ms. Trumps dress last week. It could’ve been anything.”

“Yea I guess you’re right but still.....” She sat in thought for a moment. “Anna, how is my schedule looking?”

“Pretty scarce for the next couple of days. Most of your dresses are being put together this week all you need to do is approve them.”

“Well, I think it’s time to take a trip back home.”


Gwen shakingly put the phone down.

“This can’t be happening.......I can’t be getting married.....I don’t want to marry him.....I’m already.....”, Gwen kept repeating over and over.

Hank just stared at her not knowing what to do. He just held her.

“Gwen I know he’s your father but I could kill him.” Hank said angrily.

Gwen dug her face into his chest. They sat in silence for a moment and then she sat up.

“I guess I should be going....”,Gwen said standing up and reaching for her suitcase.

Hank caught her arm. “Hey, not so fast we have to talk about this!”

“I know I know. Listen Hank maybe it’s better that you just walk away and never see me again. I have done nothing but cause you problems and maybe it’ll be better if you just stay far away from me and my crazy world that surrounds me.” Gwen said sadly.

“Now Baby do you actually think you can get rid of me that easily?”

A small smile crawled across her face, “It was worth a try wasn’t it?” she joked.

“Yea, but I love you and come hell or high water or Jonathan Hotchkiss, nothing will keep me away from you. Nothing.” Hank said pulling him towards her.

“I’m more sure of that than anything in the world. I’m sorry I’m just really upset and worried. I have to tell Ethan the truth. It’s time he knows.” Gwen said with more confidence.

“Now thats the Gwen I like to hear!”

“Oh really?” Gwen said raising her eyebrows slyly towards him.

“Of course! You’re a Bennett now! It comes with the territory.”





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