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There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 7

“What the hell are you trying to pull?” Theresa said pulling her hands out of his.

“You don’t understand Theresa....I”

“No...I had an instinct I went against it. I’m so stupid!” She said turning away.

“Instinct? What are you talking about?”

“I have been raised to believe that all of the Crane men were womanizers and when I was watching you eat I had the thought that you were different than that. Was I wrong Ethan?”

“Yes you were wrong. You don’t know me. I’m not a womanizer. I’ve made so many decisions that I’ve wanted to tell you about. I’m taking charge of my life with inspiration from you.” Ethan said feeling heat rising to his cheeks.

“I’m flattered but I’m not going to be with someone who belongs to someone else. You would just be another Noah Bennett!” Theresa said.

“Fine Theresa fine.” Ethan said stalking away.

“What just happened here?” Theresa said looking up at the sky.


The next day Ethan stared out of the big window in his office into the dreary streets of the city. The night before kept playing over and over in his mind.

He wished he hadn’t have been so harsh but he hated that she compared him to the one man that broke her heart.

‘You didn’t tell her you were engaged’ A little voice nagged at him.

“I know I didn’t!” Ethan said too loudly.

“I have to do something about all of this.”

He picked up a piece of paper and a pen and sat back deep in thought.


Theresa sorted through box after box of fabric that was sent to her from several companies.

“Anna I just don’t know which type of fabric would look best.” Theresa said sitting on the ground holding up piece after piece.

“I like this one.” Anna said holding up a turquoise satin material.

Theresa looked at Anna in amazement, “Perfect!”

Then their was a buzz on the phone.

“Yes, Judith?” Theresa said.

“Your mail is here shall I send it in?”

“Yes please.”

Theresa continued to look through the fabric, “Anna you have great taste I knew I hired the right person!”

“Thanks Theresa!” Anna said handing her the mail. “I think their are some more boxes in the rec room. I’ll be back in a sec.”

Theresa smiled and got up leaving the mess of fabric on the floor. She sat down at her desk, which was full of sketches, papers, her laptop, and pictures of her family and friends.

She sat down the stack of mail and started looking through it.

“Junk mail.......letter from Mama......More sketches....junk mail.....letter from Whit......letter from Kay......junk mail.....more requests......letter from Ethan.....junk mail......Letter from Ethan!!” Theresa said staring at the envelope marked Crane Industries.

Slowly she picked up her brass letter opener and tore away the envelope.

Dearest Theresa,
I didn’t want to leave last night like I did. I truly had a wonderful time. Their is so much I wanted to say but I was overcome with anger. Well, enough of that. My intentions were nothing but honorable. I’m nothing like my father or like my grandfather was. Sometimes I wonder if I am from the same family. I don’t want to be the Heir of the Crane fortune. I’ve made a lot of decisions in the past few weeks Resa. And I’m slowly acting on each of them. I’m a lawyer but I want to be a prosecutor and I’m working on my first case now. I’m giving back the reins of the Crane Empire to my father. Also, about Gwen we haven’t gotten along in years. We both know it’s coming to an end. I don’t want to marry her. I want to be with you. You make me see something and feel something that I have never felt in my life. Please forgive me.

Theresa didn’t think she just jumped and grabbed her pocketbook.

“Judith. Anna. I’m taking my lunch break!” She yelled as she ran out the door.


“Mr. Crane I think you have a visitor.”

“Thank you Belinda. Send them in.”

Ethan continued to read over the Mathison murder case he would be working with when he returned to Harmony. He looked up to see who his visitor was.

His eyes widened with disbelief as he saw her walk through the door. She continued to walk towards him not saying a word.

He turned his chair to face her as she walked around the desk. She leaned into his face and kissed him with so much force and passion.

He pulled her close to where she was sitting in his lap kissing him furiously.

When they came up for air she leaned her forehead against his, “I want to be with you too Ethan.” Theresa breathed.

“You don’t know how glad I am to hear you say that.” Ethan said pulling her into another passionate kiss.


Gwen stared out the window of her newly purchased Paris Penthouse. She had purchased it a year or so ago. She needed a place just to escape to in her favorite city.

No one knew she had this place. Not her parents. Not Ethan. Nobody.

Except one person.

The rain continued to fall as she stared out the window. ‘Why can’t I be happy and be with the man that I truly love? I can’t do this anymore and I know Ethan can’t either. I just have to find him and talk to him.’ She thought

She then just let the tears fall. She was crying with so much force that she didn’t hear the click of the door opening.

She cried harder and harder. She jumped when she felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist and pull her up off of the ground and into his arms.

“Shhhh......” He said wiping the tears with a tissue.

“I’m so glad you’re hear with me.” Gwen choked out.

“Me too.” He said, “I’m not going to leave you again.”

“I won’t let you!” Gwen said calming down a bit. “Hank, what am I going to do?”





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