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There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 5

“Well, what does that mean?” Julian barked walking into the room.

“Father, I had no idea that you were still awake. It doesn’t mean anything........I.....was thinking about being the Crane Heir since Grandfathers passing.” Ethan stammered.

“Oh.” Julian said walking over and patting his son on the shoulders. “You’ll be a good head for this family my Son.” Julian said reluctantly.

‘If you only knew what I have planned Father’ Ethan thought as they stood there in silence.


*1 week later*

“Yes.........yes ........I will have that sketch done and FED-X it to you by this evening.” Theresa said into her cell phone.

“Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald where do you want your desk?” Her assistant Anna asked as Theresa stared out the big window of her New York office.

“Just over to the left a bit.” Theresa said. Her cell phone went off again. “Hello?”

“Theresita?” Pilar said loudly into the phone.

“Yes, Mama.” Theresa said continuing to stare out the window looking at all of the tall buildings of the city.

“Will you be home soon? I’ve been very worried that you have been working too hard mija. This had been such a whirlwind week for you and your business I really think you should take some time off.”

“Mama their is to much here for me to be taking some time off. I will be in touch soon.” She said hanging up the phone quickly.

“Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald?”

“I’ve already told you Anna.Call me Theresa!”

“I’m so sorry Ms. I mean Theresa. You can go on your lunch break because they will be working on your offices the rest of the day and you need to give them room.”

“All right thank you Anna. See you bright and early tomorrow.” Theresa said grabbing all of her sketchbooks and her briefcase.

She stepped out onto the busy streets of the city. She stepped into a big crowd and headed down the street looking for a small cafe to have lunch.

She stopped in front of the cafe she usually sat at while she was in college. It was small and very quaint with little round tables out in front that made it look like what she imagined a small cafe in Paris to be.

Cafe Downtown.” Theresa read the words out loud. Remembering her college days doing her homework here and hanging with friends everyday.

“How is the coffee here?” a voice whispered behind her.

Theresa smiled and turned around but was taken aback, “Ethan!!!”


“I can’t do this anymore!” Gwen said walking out her office at Hotchkiss Enterprise based in New York.

“Gwendolyn, darling please you have to go through with this merger. It’ll mean so much to this family if you can........”

“No father, I can’t do this me and Ethan don’t love each other anymore. I don’t love Ethan.......I love.”

“Don’t say it Gwen I don’t want to hear it!” Jonathan Hotchkiss barked at his daughter. “Get back to Harmony and FIX your relationship with Ethan.”

Gwen slammed out of the office.

She breathed heavily as she ran down the busy streets. She stopped in front of her hotel.

She looked down at the engagement ring on her hand. She slowly twisted the diamond of her ring to where you could only see the gold band.


“So how is Resa coming?” Ethan said sipping his coffee. They had walked into the small cafe and were sharing a small lunch. They both felt the awkwardness of this situation.

“It’s wonderful. I have couple sketches to send out to some potential clients and companies this afternoon.”

Ethan smiled, “Thats wonderful.”

Theresa returned her warm smile “So how are you Ethan?” Theresa said sincerely.

“I’m working on it.” Ethan said crisply.

“Oh well, never forget what I told you ok?” Theresa said grabbing his hand.

“I’ve never forgotten anything you said.” Ethan said getting caught up in her big brown eyes.

Their heads started to lean in closer.

“Um...” Theresa leaning back but licking her lips which made Ethan shiver with delight.

“I should probably be going” Theresa said.

“Have dinner with me?” Ethan blurted out without thinking. Then he whinced at his action.

“All right I will. Meet me at corner of Central Park West at 8.”

She disappeared before Ethan could say bye.





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