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There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending
by Sparkle_eyez

Chapter 2

“I don’t want to talk about it anymore!!” Shouted Gwen as she ran down the stairs of the Crane Mansion.

“Fine! You know what I’m so sick of these moods you’re constantly in Gwen! It makes me crazy!” Ethan shouted from the top of the stairs.

“Well, then I guess it’s good thing I’m going on this business trip so we can be away from each other!” Gwen yelled slamming the door.

Ethan dropped down on the stairs and just stared at his hands.

“Whats going on...” Pilar came running into the foyer. “Oh Ethan.....” Pilar said looking up at the stairs seeing Ethan holding his head in his hands.

She slowly walked up the stairs and sat next to him, “What happened Mijo?”

“I don’t think I can do this anymore Pilar.........I don’t know if I can live like this anymore.”


Theresa’s hands shook as she stared at the document in her hands.

Dear Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald,
This is a document stating that the space you have requested along with the loan has been approved. We know how pleased you’ll be and we are ready to work with you and help you with anything you need in this successful business venture. We wish you and your designing company Resa all the success you can imagine. Good Luck.

“It’s happening!! I’m going to have my own company!!!” Theresa yelled jumping up and down. “Oh my gosh! I have so much I have to do.”

She quickly cleaned up the tea and ran upstairs to her room. She pulled out the briefcase and laptop Noah had bought her, containing all of her designs and business criteria, started skimming through everything.

‘At least I won’t have to unpack!’ She thought looking around her even messier bedroom.

She pulled out of her briefcase all of her designs: their were sketches of exquisite bridal and evening gowns. Along with sketches of business suits and cute little skirt outfits she had designed. Her main focus was her gowns they were the whole basis of Resa.

‘I need to make some phone calls to some of my colleagues in the city. I’m going to have to get a hold of the designers and the Realtors. So much to do.’ She thought excitedly.

“I need to get all of this excitement out to someone though!” Theresa said out loud. She grabbed her laptop, briefcase, and her cell phone as she bolted out the door.

She hopped into her car and dialed her cell phone, “Sheridan? Could you meet me at the Book Cafe?”


“Live through what Ethan?” Pilar said stroking Ethan’s head as she always used to when he was a child.

“My life Pilar. I don’t want to be the Head of the Crane family and be a lawyer at the same time. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who only cares about herself and money, but I don’t want to disappoint anyone either.” Ethan whispered.

“Ethan, this is your life” Pilar said lifting up Ethan’s head “You have to live it the way you want to live it and you can’t let anyone stand in the way. Be your own person.”

“You’re right Pilar. I have to live and I have to be someone, but first I need figure out what exactly.” He said getting up.

“Thank you Pilar I know I can always count on you.” Ethan said kissing her on the cheek and standing up.

“Where are you going Ethan?”

“To talk to an old friend.”


“So, Theresa what is this all about?” Sheridan said sitting down at the back table of the Book Cafe.

“Sheridan, it’s happening my dreams are coming true!” Theresa said excitedly holding out the manila envelope. “I’m really going to have my own company! Resa is going to come alive. Soon people all over the world will be wearing my gowns!”

“Theresa!! This is amazing!” Sheridan said scanning the contents of the envelope. “My sister-in-law the designer who knew?”

Theresa laughed, “It’s amazing isn’t it? I have so much to do though and from the looks of it I may be moving back to New York sooner than I thought.”

“Oh Theresa! Is there anyway you could do you work here for now?” Sheridan said disappointedly.

“Well, I would have to there for a while now just to get everything under way but I know as soon as everything is stable I can work here at home. But you know what Sheridan? New York City has found a place in my heart and truthfully finding a good apartment and living there is something I really want to do.” Theresa said dreamily.

Sheridan smiled, “I definitely understand that.”


“Ethan? Ethan Crane? Well, man it’s been a while!” Chad Harris said shaking Ethan’s hand and giving him a friendly hug.

“Yea, I know man! Way to long!” Ethan said sitting at the counter of the Book Cafe.

“Hey man I heard about you Grandfather sorry.”

“It’s all right I doing ok.” Ethan said gingerly turning around and surveying the people in the cafe.

His eyes landed on his Aunt Sheridan. He excitedly got ready to go see her until he saw this beauty sitting with her.

“Who is that girl?” Ethan breathed.





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