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There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending

















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


There Isn’t Always a Happy Ending
by Sparkle_eyez


“No.....”She whispered staring at the television. As tear fell wildly down her face.

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald sat in her New York City apartment staring at the TV in disbelief.

“He can’t be gone.....He was coming to be with me.” She choked out in between sobs.

As the TV chimed in, “Socialite and Head of the well known Crane family Ethan Crane has passed on today in a fatal shooting in his hometown of Harmony, Maine. Sources say that Crane was shot in the chest and taken to the hospital but was unable to make it due to massive blood loss.....” The reporter continued on.

Theresa picked up the letter she had just received that day.

My Theresa,
I know that you fleeing to New York was the right thing to do but fate has shown me that I can’t live without you and I’m coming there to be with you. If you’ll have me? I know it was wrong of me to tell you I was still going to marry her. I love you Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Be with me forever.


She dropped the letter.

Chapter 1

*2 years earlier*

“Mama! Luis! Miguel? Anybody? I’m home!” Theresa yelled into the empty house. She walked through the front door lugging her huge suitcase and bags behind her. Then she reached up to flick on the light.

“WELCOME HOME!!!!” She jumped back and saw that her family and all of her friends laughing and taking pictures. Whitney ran over and gave Theresa a big hug.

Theresa was just in shock. “Oh my god! I can’t believe this!” She said finally walking into the house all of the way.

“Well we had to celebrate you graduating from college! What better way than to have a party!” Luis said helping Theresa pull in her bags and such.

“Oh. This amazing.” Breathed Theresa as she started walking around and greeting the guests.

Theresa had just graduated from 4 years at the exclusive Columbia University in New York City where she majored in fashion. She just graduated and was working on her own line and was actually starting to progress very well with her bridal line.

“So, Theresa. Founder of the soon to be HUGE designer of Resa. How does it feel to be out of college and getting ready to start your life?” Said Sheridan as she came over and enveloped her sister-in-law in a big hug.

“Well, Sheridan it’s fate.” She smiled happily.


Ethan Crane sat in his office at Crane Industries reading over some paper work. Becoming the heir to the Crane Dynasty had fallen into his lap quicker than he thought. After Alistaire Crane’s untimely death, Ethan had a lot of work to up hold for this family.

“Mr. Crane?” His secretary said over the intercom.

“Yes Belinda?”

“Your fiancé is hear to see you.”

“Send her in of course.” Ethan said straightening his tie.

To be honest Ethan hadn’t seen Gwen lately because of all the duties he had to up hold.

“Darling, it’s so wonderful to see you.” Gwen said walking over and kissing Ethan crisply on the lips and the walking around admiring the exquisite office.

“It’s good to see you too.” Ethan hoping he could’ve gotten a better ‘hello’ than that.

“So, when are we going to start planning our wedding darling?” Gwen said admiring one of her nails. “I was having a thought....”

“Anything you want darling this is our day and I know you’ll make it special!” Ethan said sincerely.

“Well, this new line is just getting ready to burst off the fashion waves and I want to try and get a hold of the designer because the designs I saw were absolutely brilliant!” Gwen said.

“What the designer?”

“I think it’s called Resa?” Gwen said thoughtfully.


Theresa rolled over and clicked her alarm clock off as she woke up early the next morning. She sat up in her bed and looked around her messy room, which was still full of her bags and suitcases. The party didn’t get over till late last night so she had never had time to unpack.

She got out of bed and headed over to her vanity. She sat down and her eyes fell on a picture that sat next to the mirror.

“Oh Noah. Where have you gone?” Theresa thought as she stared at the picture of her and Noah at the Harmony Fair a couple of years ago.

Theresa was involved with Noah Bennett while she was still attending Harmony High School. When she got accepted to Columbia and he had gone away to Harvard their romance was stricken to a long-distance relationship. That picture of them was the last time she saw him.

She received a letter from him, during her 3rd year at Columbia, telling her that he was going to live in London working at the hospital overseas. He had also fallen in love with an English girl.

Theresa was still trying to get over him. She hadn’t met anyone new. Truthfully she didn’t know how. She pinned away for Noah her whole life.

She sighed and sat the picture back on the vanity. After she showered and got dressed, she walked downstairs to the kitchen.

The house was already empty and she started to make herself some tea and wondered what she would have to do for the day.

She picked up the big pile of mail and started skimming through it. Finally she came across a big manila envelope with her name on it.

“What could this be?” Theresa thought looking at the envelope. ‘It isn’t from school. What could it be?’

She ripped open the envelope and pulled out the contents.

She gasped loudly and dropped her cup of tea all over the floor, “Oh my god!”





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