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I’ve Gotta Find You





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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


I’ve Gotta Find You
by Sparkle_eyez

Part 2

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald stared at the blank sketch pad in front of her.

Even though she only lived in Rome a month or so she had already received a designing job. It was small but it was a start.

However, she didn’t have the passion to create her soulful designs anymore.

She didn’t have him anymore.

Every evening she went to sleep and she had dreams of him coming back to her or arriving on a white horse to take her away.

Every morning she woke up and the dreams disappeared. She always had to remind herself that it would never happen because her nieve attitude and her belief in fate had ruined their love.

No matter what though she would always love him. Even though he didn’t love her.

She threw the sketch pad onto her coffee table and picked up her cup of tea. She walked over to her large window over looking the city.

She sat at the window often just staring at the world and all of the people living their lives day by day.

Things were starting to become familiar to her. The coffee house across the street and the small flower vender on the corner.

More and more the place began to become home to her, but that hole in her heart never filled up.

Staring out the window she watched a taxi pull up to the front of her building. She took a sip of tea but the hot liquid scolded her mouth.

“Ouch!” she winced as she sat the cup on her table she looked back out the window and froze at the sight gazing up at her.

It was Ethan.

She closed her eyes knowing that when she opened them back up he would disappear in her mind just like every image she had of him.

She opened her eyes again and sure enough he was gone.

She shook her head and pulled her hair back into a French twist.

“Back to my sketch.” She said out loud.

Thats when the door bell rang.

‘Who could that be?’ she thought as she walked to the door.

She opened it and she felt her knees weaken from beneath her.

“Ethan...” she breathed.





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