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In the End















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


In the End

Chapter 15
Sheridan kept herself busy with her work, and before she knew it, Friday had rolled around. She decided to stop at the Book Cafe for some coffee and spotted Theresa and Whitney whispering excitedly between themselves. Theresa saw Sheridan walk in and she motioned for Whitney to come with her. "Sheridan, hi," she greeted. "It's nice to see you again. Did you get the note I left you a few days ago?"

"Yes I did. Thank you for dropping my car off. I had totally forgotten about it until that morning." Sheridan turned her attention to Whitney. "So, Whitney, how are you? Last I heard, you were at the top of your tennis career."

"Well, that was a while ago. I decided to take a little break from tennis for a while. I just needed a change of scenery."

Sheridan nodded. "I know how you feel. You know, I haven't seen Doctor or Coach Russell around. I don't think they were at Pilar's that night either."

Theresa broke in. "Whitney's parents are on their second honeymoon. Everyone knows they deserve a vacation. So Sheridan, do you have any plans tonight?"

Sheridan was a little surprised by Theresa's interjection, but proceeded to answer her question. "As a matter of fact, I do. Nick's taking me out to the Seascape meet this couple he knows. Why?"

Theresa feigned surprise. "Really? Ethan, Whit, Chad, and I were going to the Seascape tonight too!"

"We were?" Whitney asked, oblivious to Theresa's plan. She felt her best friend's elbow jab her. "Ow! I mean, oh yeah! I didn't realize it was Friday already. Which reminds me, Theresa. We better go get ready." Sheridan watched them leave with a puzzled look on her face. It was only 10:00 in the morning. She shrugged it off and went to the counter to order her coffee.

"What was that all about?" Whitney asked the moment they got outside. "I don't remember us making plans to go out tonight."

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing. This is all part of the plan I told you about."

Confusion was still etched on Whitney's face. "How does us going out with Sheridan and her friend to see another couple going to help you observe your brother and her together?"

"Because Whit," Theresa said, pretending to be annoyed, "I happen to know that Luis and Beth are going out tonight to the same restaurant. Hopefully, all three of us will be sitting near one another, so I can put my powers of observation to good use."

"And if we're not?"

"I get to enjoy a night out with my best friends."

Sheridan waited nervously for Nick to finish getting them a table. She looked around, hoping to see Ethan, but didn't find his face among the many at the Seascape tonight. "He must have not come yet," she mused.

"Our table's ready Sheridan," said Nick, coming over. Once they were both seated, Sheridan noticed the two empty chairs in front of them.

"You never did tell me who we're having dinner with," she said. "Only that you met the woman during the storm. So what's her name?"

"Beth Wallace." Sheridan looked at him with her eyes wide open. "And her fiancés name was," he went on, not noticing Sheridan's reaction. "I think it was Luke, or maybe Lou "


"Yeah, that was it! How did you guess " He trailed off. Sheridan wasn't listening anymore. He followed her gaze to the couple that had just walked in. Beth and Luis.






"Beth," he responded. He wasn't sure what was going on. "Do you all know each other?"

Sheridan turned to look at him and apologized. "Oh, I'm sorry. This is Luis and Beth, two friends of mine."

Luis extended his hand. "Hi, Nick. Nice to meet you."

Nick shook it firmly. "Likewise." He motioned for them to all sit down. "What are the chances of this, huh? Everyone knowing each other and being friends."

Beth smiled at him. "It's like I told you, Nick. In a small town like Harmony, chances are everyone does know each other somehow. Not like San Diego."

The waiter came by and handed them their menus. "What do you think Sheridan?" Nick asked. "What's good here?"

She shook her head. "Don't ask me. Beth and Luis have probably been here more." 'Together, I bet' she thought.

"Why don't you try the lobster," Beth suggested. "There's nothing better than Maine lobster."

"I'll have to disagree on that, Beth. California has some pretty good seafood."

"Yeah, but isn't everyone there a health food nut?" Sheridan watched as Beth and Nick started going back and forth about Californian cuisine. She looked up at Luis, who was also grinning ear to ear watching them. He pinned her with his steady gaze and Sheridan reached for her water to wet her throat, which had become uncomfortably dry. She smiled back at him and they sat there transfixed until

"Sheridan! Luis!"

Everyone at the table looked up in time to see Theresa, Ethan, Chad, and Whitney parade in. "Don't tell me you know them, too," Nick told his date.

"Sorry, no can do. These people happen to be very good friends of mine." Sheridan replied, trying to suppress a smile as Nick shook his head in disbelief.

"Why don't we invite them to dine with us?" Beth asked.

"That's a great idea! Hey, pull up some chairs. There's enough room here for everyone!" Sheridan exclaimed. Soon, Ethan and Theresa sat on the side between Sheridan and Luis, and Chad and Whitney were sandwiched on the other side between Beth and Nick. Theresa winked at Whitney who smiled back. This was going even better then they had hoped.





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