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In the End















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


In the End

Chapter 6
Luis eased his patrol car into the driveway. He was late for dinner, he knew. There was an emergency down by the docks. Someone had gotten cut with flying debris. He shook his head. Some people just didn't have the common sense to stay indoors in weather like this. They made his job a lot harder, and now they made him late for dinner.

He walked into the house quietly so as not to interrupt the conversations at the table. Luis scanned the faces, all laughing, or smiling, or stuffing their faces with some more food. He froze when he saw a beautiful woman with short blond hair laughing with his mother and sister. It couldn't be her. She seemed to notice him staring at her and she looked up at him with those crystal blue eyes of hers. Luis's jaw dropped. It was her. The one woman who could make him lose his temper in an instant. Who could smile and make his heart race. Who could break his heart twice and still have him coming back for more. That woman was here. Sheridan Crane was sitting at his dinner table.

Sheridan laughed freely for the first time in months. She had missed Pilar so much, and now the woman who was like a second mother to her was telling her stories about what had gone on while she was gone. Just like with Ethan, Sheridan wished she could have seen it happening. But she had left.

Sheridan suddenly felt like someone was staring at her. Not just anyone, though. Her heart picked up speed and her stomach started doing flip-flops. Sheridan slowly looked up and her eyes locked with Luis's almond brown ones. She was surprised to see him here, but obviously not as surprised as he was to see her. She wondered if she was ready to face Luis after all.

Theresa noticed Sheridan wasn't listening anymore to their conversation. She followed her gaze to Luis, who looked like he had just seen Julian Crane give away all his money. Then she realized he was staring at Sheridan. Theresa caught Miguel's eye and they exchanged knowing looks. It was going to be a very long night.

"Luis, you're late," Miguel scolded. Luis managed to peel his eyes off of Sheridan and on to Miguel.

"Sorry, little brother," he apologized. "An emergency came up at the docks I had to attend to. But I'm here now."

"I see you've met my surprise guest." Luis turned around to see Ethan walking towards him.

"Certainly was a surprise," he commented, shaking Ethan's hand while at the same time never taking his eyes off Sheridan. "So, how are you, brother-in-law? I haven't seen you in a while."

Sheridan was startled by the coldness in Luis's voice. He had referred to her like she was unwanted company. What right did he have speaking about her like that? Was he angry with her? She hadn't done anything to hurt him. Had she? 'No,' she told herself. 'He's the one that hurt me. If anyone should be angry, it should be me.' "I seem to be surprising everyone today, Luis," she said, interrupting, matching the coldness in his voice. "I guess I should have called before I came, right Ethan?"

"All that matters to me is the fact that you're here now, Sheridan." Sheridan flashed a smile at her nephew, one that disappeared when she looked back at Luis. She excused herself to go talk to Ivy and Luis's gaze trailed after her. "I'm sure glad Beth isn't here," Ethan said, finally catching Luis's attention. He looked half confused and half ready to tear Ethan to shreds for wishing his fiancée wasn't here. "She wouldn't be very happy if she saw you looking at Sheridan like that."





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