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In the End















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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


In the End

Chapter 4
Charity Standish finished rinsing the vegetables and threw them in with the rest of the salad. She tied her long blond hair back and wiped the tears from her sky blue eyes before she started to dice the onions.

"You know, Charity, you've done enough already. At least let me dice the onions, please?" Pilar insisted. Her soon to be daughter-in-law was a hard worker, and very helpful, but she sometimes wished Charity would take a break. Too much work wasn't good for her, especially with her frail and slender body.

"It's no problem, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald," Charity assured her. "All I'm doing is helping you out. You're making most of the meal. Besides, I'm almost done." She wiped her eyes once more before setting the onions aside and facing her fiancées mother. "So, who's on the guest list, again?"

Pilar thought about the question before ticking off the guests on her fingers. "Well there's Theresita, Ethan, Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Jessica, Reese, Luis, Beth, Miguel and you, of course, and Simone. I think Chad might be coming, too."

"Wow, that's a lot of people," Charity stated. "The list just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year."

"Yes it does. We are so blessed to have our number of friends and loved ones growing each and every day. Of course, we also lose some loved ones in the process," Pilar said sadly. Charity watched as she looked fondly over at the candles she lit every night for Martin and Antonio, praying that they would come back to her someday.

"Cheer up, Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald," Charity said brightly. "I have this really good feeling about today. I keep getting these vibes that someone that's been missed a lot in Harmony will finally return." Pilar looked over at Charity, unsure if Charity actually had been getting another one of her premonitions, or if she was making it up to ease her pain.

Just then, Miguel came barging in through the kitchen door and flashed the famous Lopez-Fitzgerald smile at Charity. A young man in his early 20's, Miguel was in good shape, thanks to his daily weight lifting routine at the Youth Center. His jet-black hair was gelled as usual, and his warm brown eyes shone at the sight of the two women he loved most in the world. "Hey, Mama, what smells so good?" he asked, sniffing the food by the stove.

"That's dinner, mijo," Pilar answered. "Call your sister and brother up, will you, and ask if they're coming?"

"I'm sure they are, Mama," said Miguel, unwilling to leave Charity's side. Pilar gave him a disapproving look. "But then again, I'll call them just to make sure." He gave Charity a peck on the cheek before walking back out onto the living room.





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