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Everlasting Love










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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Everlasting Love
by passionsfan100


Chapter 2

"Hello everyone!," she said. "Welcome home Sheridan," they all said, "We missed you." "Thanks, I missed all of you too, I missed you all so much, it's so good to be home." Julian was the first to speak. "So Sheridan dear, sick of Paris already are we?," he said, and smirked. "Well Julian, you obviously haven't changed. For your information brother dear, I decided to come home because I missed harmony and I missed my family and friends, I even missed "you" Julian, not that you care," she said. "Don't mind him Sheridan," Ivy said, "He's just being his usual jackass self, "I" for one, am very happy that you are back." "Thank you Ivy, It's great to be back, "Sheridan said, and smiled at Ivy. "It's so good to see you Sheridan, I missed you so much," Ethan said. "I missed you too Ethan," Sheridan said, as they hugged. Then she turned to Pilar. "It's good to see you Pilar. How are you? How is your family?," Sheridan asked. "I'm glad you're back Sheridan, I missed seeing you around here. I hope that you enjoyed your trip. I know that Paris is very beautiful," Pilar said, "I am fine and so is my family, it's nice of you to ask," Pilar said, and smiled tentatively at Sheridan. "I'm glad to hear that Pilar, and yes, I enjoyed my trip very much, but it was time to come home, so here I am," Sheridan said," and I have gifts for everyone, wait till you see them." She had gotten a beautiful necklace for Ivy, a gold watch for Ethan, a gold name plate for Julian (which she was sure she would regret getting), and a beautiful Spanish painting for Pilar. Everyone loved their gifts. It was a happy day at the Crane mansion, a happy day indeed. Sheridan was home.





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