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Blast From the Past
Fan fiction and fond (mostly) memories
of soap days gone by


Secret Desires: The Turning Point Series


Rating: NC - 17

Important Note: This one is a complete fan fic. It takes place at the cottage one night while Luis is guarding Sheridan.

Luis and Sheridan: the first in the series

Luis flopped onto his back then groaned up at the ceiling. He couldn’t sleep. He’d been trying for the last three hours but something was keeping him up. No, not something he thought puffing out a breath of frustration, but rather someone. Namely one Ms. Sheridan Crane. What was it about her that tied him in so many damn knots? She’d made it perfectly clear how she felt about him and yet he still couldn’t seem to shake the feelings he had for her. If what he felt was purely physical it wouldn’t be so bad, but deep down he knew that wasn’t the case. It was much more than a physical attraction and it had been since the first time he’d laid eyes on her. There was just something about her… something that called out to him.

He pulled himself up into a sitting position then threw back the covers and rose from the couch. He knew he wouldn’t be falling asleep any time soon. Running a hand through his thick black hair, he quietly made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed a glass out of the cabinet then turned on the tap water and filled it. He raised the glass to his lips then slowly turned and leaned back against the counter. He took a good long sip then lowered the glass and opened his eyes. . He let his eyes adjust to the darkness and that’s when he saw her -sitting at the kitchen table…watching him.

He swallowed hard and gripped the glass in his hand tight. The nightgown she wore left very little to the imagination. In fact, thanks to the bright glow the moon cast in through the window, he could see her the perfect outline of her body through the white satiny material. At his studious gaze, he saw her nipples harden, which caused him to grow hard in response. And since he was clad in only his red plaid boxers, he knew there was no way he could hide it from her.

As if she read his thoughts her gaze dropped from his eyes to his chest to his manhood and he felt the blood pound through his body as her gaze lingered on his erection a little longer than was necessary. When she finally raised her eyes back to his and he saw the desire in them, he lost the control he’d been trying so hard to hold onto.

He sat the glass onto the counter behind him then walked toward her and gently pulled her up by the arms. The moment he touched her soft flesh he knew he had to have her. He took her mouth in fiery kiss and she met him with the same intense passion that coursed through his own veins. He pulled her body to him and wrapped his arms around her, loving the feel of her body flush against his own. This was the way it was meant to be, he thought drowning in her passionate kiss. She fit so perfectly in his arms… it was like she was made for him. He could only imagine what being inside her would be like. He knew it would be like nothing he had ever felt before. She could scorch him with a look so he there was no telling what making love with her would be like.

He ran his hands down her arms in a sensuous caress then over her hips to gently knead her backside. He pressed her closer to his arousal and loved the low throaty growl she gave in response. The woman drove him out of his mind and he knew it was only going to get worse, yet despite his better judgement he couldn’t pull away. The need was way too strong for that and since she wasn’t pulling away either he figured it was the same way for her. The thought gave him satisfaction. At least he wasn’t alone in this web of temptation. At least Sheridan was caught up in it too.

Luis ran his tongue along her lower lip then slipped it inside her mouth when she opened it for him. Her tongue dueled with his own as their hands continued to roam the other’s bodies. He lowered his hand to the edge of her nightgown then slowly slid his hand up her thigh. When she pulled away, he was afraid she had changed her mind, but then he saw the intensity in her eyes and knew she hadn’t. In one quick movement, she pulled the gown over her head and he nearly lost his footing at the almost totally naked beauty standing before him. Clad only in a pair of white bikini briefs, she had to be the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen.

He reached for her and she came to his arms willingly. She raised her hands to his chest then caressed her way down to the top of his boxers. He froze as her hand slipped underneath the red plaid material and began to stroke him. The woman was going to be the death of him yet, he thought with a pleasure filled grin. As she touched the tip of his shaft, he let out a low guttural grown then unable to take it anymore he swung her up into his arms and headed toward her bedroom. He pushed her door open with his foot then made his way toward her bed and gently laid her down. He placed his hands at the edge of her underwear then smiled as she gently raised her hips to allow him to pull them free.

Once he had rid his hands of her under garment, he let himself look at her. She was even more beautiful than he could have ever imagined her to be. The moonlight streaming in through the windows lit her features enough to give him one hell of an enticing view. He quickly stepped out of his boxers then placed his hands on either side of her head and rested one knee on the bed. Before he covered her completely, he had to make sure she knew what she was doing.

"Sheridan?" He asked his voice thick with desire. "Are you sure? I mean if you don’t want this then please tell me now because I’m not sure I’ll have the control to stop later."

She smiled then raised a finger to trace his jaw. "I’m positive. I want you Luis and I’m through denying myself and you the intense pleasure I know we will have."

He saw the truth in her eyes and knew without a doubt that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her. The realization caused him to lose the tiny bit of self-control he had left. He covered her body with his own and as bare flesh met bare flesh, a loud pleasure filled moan broke through the air. He wasn’t sure if it was his or if it was hers but then again he didn’t really care. There would be plenty more throughout the night, he was sure of it.

Luis raised a hand to knead her breasts then grinned as her head rolled back against the pillows. It wouldn't take much to push her over the edge and he wanted to be buried deep inside her when that happened. He lowered a hand to the juncture at her thighs and she parted her legs in eager anticipation. As his hands met her pleasure point and he felt her wetness, he knew she was as ready for him as he was for her. He removed his hand from between their bodies then pulled back to look into her eyes. "Are you on anything?"

"Wh… what?" She asked in a daze of passion.

He chuckled then captured her mouth in another passionate kiss. "Birth control, sweetheart. Are you taking birth control pills?"

"Yes!" She moaned as he moved down her body and took possession of one hardened nipple. "Yes, I am."

"Good." He said raising himself back up and settling himself between her thighs. He let the tip of his shaft touch her center and at her gasp he knew she couldn’t take the teasing anymore than he could. He entered her in one powerful thrust and as he felt her body take him in, the breath left his lungs. Nothing had ever felt so right as joining his body with Sheridan’s did. He’d always heard of moments like this but he’d never experienced it for himself. Perhaps because he’d never been so connected with a woman before. Even if she didn’t know it yet, Sheridan had him body, mind, heart, and soul just as he knew he had her.

He began to move within her and it took her no time at all to find the rhythm he set. She called out his name as the pleasure started to build and he knew it wouldn’t be long before both of them lost control. She wrapped her legs around his waist and took him deeper inside then together they climbed the peak and went over the edge. As the heavens opened and the fireworks sounded, Luis looked down into Sheridan’s wonder filled blue eyes and told her the words, he swore he would never say. "I love you, Sheridan."

She smiled up at him then whispered five words that, for as long as he lived, he would never forget. "I love you too, Luis."


Sheridan woke to find she was alone in the bed. Had she dreamed what happened between her and Luis last night? No, she thought shaking her head as her body pulsed in remembrance, there was no way that could have been a dream. It had happened she knew it had. The only question was where was Luis now and why had he left her? Did he regret it? He’d said he loved her but did he mean it or had they just been words uttered in the heat of the moment?

She hoped he meant them because she had meant hers. Last night had made her realize just how much Luis meant to her and she had finally been able to admit it to herself and to him. She was in love with him and had been for a very long time. All the times she had picked a fight with him, she now knew it was because she had been afraid to get to close. After what she heard on the wharf that night, after he had broken her heart, she had sworn she would never give him the power of hurting her again. But she had. Last night she had told him what she’d been denying to herself all these months.

But he had told her he loved her too. That was the only reason she’d had the courage to say how she felt. Had it been a mistake? Had she just given Luis even more ammunition to hurt her? No, she thought sitting up in the bed and holding the sheet to her chest, Luis would not use her feelings in that way. She knew that now. She knew that in the depths of her soul. Perhaps she had known it all along. Her pride had stopped her from questioning him about that night on the wharf, but she wouldn’t allow it to stop her from questioning him now.

She lowered one leg to the floor then scooted to the edge of the bed ready to stand. However, Luis’ voice stopped her from following through with the motion. "Good morning, beautiful."

Sheridan looked up to see Luis standing in the doorway holding a breakfast tray filled with pancakes, strawberries, and two tall glasses of orange juice. He’d made her breakfast, she thought with a bright smile. He hadn’t left her because he regretted last night. He’d left so he could bring her breakfast in bed. If she hadn’t already been in love with him, she would have fallen for sure then. How could it have taken her so long to see what a wonderful man he was? How could she have ever thought he was using her? He wasn’t. She knew that now. He would never stoop to using her to get back at her family. He had too many morals for that. He had too much pride for that. But how could she explain what she saw and heard that night on the wharf?

"Sheridan?" Luis asked coming into the room and sitting the tray on the table beside her. "What is it? You’re looking at me kind of funny. You don’t regret last night do you? Please tell me you don’t."

She shook her head no. "Of course, I don’t regret last night. There is no way I could ever regret what happened between us."

"Then what is it?" He asked taking her hand and bringing it to his lips. "Why are you suddenly looking at me like I’m some puzzle you can’t figure out?"

If he only knew how close to the truth he was. Maybe it was time he did. "Luis, I… I have to talk to you about something and I don’t want you to interrupt me until I’m finished. Okay?"

"All right." He said lowering her hand and linking their fingers together. "I’m listening."

Sheridan took a deep breath unsure of where exactly to start. The night didn’t make sense to her so how could she expect it to make sense to him? She couldn’t but she had to tell him. It was time to tell him. He needed to know what happened just as badly as she did. "That night… that night at the wharf when you kissed me. Do you remember that night?"

She looked into his eyes and all she saw was the love he had professed last night. "Of course I remember. I remember that kiss like it was yesterday. Why?"

Her throat felt tight and the words seemed to stick at the base of it, but she was determined to get to the bottom of why he said what he said. She had to know. "I went home and got into a conversation with Julian. He came to warn me about you. That you would only hurt me and that you were… that you were using me like all the rest of the men in my life had. He said that you were only pretending to be interested in me because you were so determined to find out about your father’s disappearance. I argued with him and told him he was wrong that you would never do such a thing. He told me to find out for myself. To go back to the wharf and talk to you."

Tears pooled in her eyes as memories hit her. "I didn’t want to believe Julian. I wanted to prove him wrong, but… but when I got to the wharf I was the one that was proved wrong. I heard you Luis. I heard you on the phone talking about how I was just a means to an end. I heard you call me a spoiled princess and that you were only using me to find out what happened to your father. How could you do that to me Luis? Do you know how that made me feel? I had believed in you. I believed you were different than all the others, but I was wrong. I was so wrong."

"No, you weren’t." He said raising a hand to rest against her cheek. "Sheridan, I never said those things about you. I never would. God, that was the night I realized I loved you. How could I have been using you? This is why you turned on me isn’t it? This is why you slapped me? Why you’ve been fighting me for all these months?"

She nodded and watched as Luis stood and started pacing the room. "I can’t believe they would do this. I can’t believe they would stoop so low as to use your fears against you… against us. Damn them! How could they be so cold! How could they do that to you... their flesh and blood."

What was he talking about? "Luis, what… who…. Who are you talking about? Who used my fears against me?"

"Your father and your brother. They did this Sheridan. They are behind this. I know they are."

"Luis, how can you say that! I saw you! I heard you! It was your face and your voice, yours! Not my brothers not my fathers, yours!"

"The hell it was!" Luis yelled walking toward her and taking her by the arms. "I left the wharf right after you did! I didn’t go back there until hours later and when I did the only person I called was YOU! Hell, didn’t you hear my message on your machine? I can show you my cell phone bill if you still don’t believe me! I guarantee the only number that would show up for that time period is yours!"

Sheridan’s head was spinning. He said it wasn’t him but she saw and heard him with her own eyes. He said he could prove it to her but how? How could he prove he wasn’t there when she knew damn good and well he was? Unless she had imagined it. No, there was no way she could have imagined that. It had been real. It had been as real as the pain it caused her. But something didn’t make sense. How had Julian known Luis was using her when she hadn’t even known it herself? And how had he known that if she went to the wharf that night she would find that very thing out? There was no possible way he could have known that… unless, as Luis suggested, he had been behind it.

Sheridan’s hand flew to her mouth as the image of the Luis talking on the cell phone flashed in her mind. She recalled every detail of the man. His face, his voice, his body movements, they were all Luis’ and yet if Luis was telling the truth it couldn’t have been him. And if it wasn’t Luis she saw that night then who the hell was it? And why did he have Luis’ face? Luis’ voice? Luis’ mannerism? Good lord, the man had stolen Luis’ identity!

The color drained from her face as she realized just how low her Julian and her father had sunk. Ethan had tried to tell her that they could be behind what she heard that night but she hadn’t believed him. She had been so positive it was Luis… how could she have been so sure? Because, her mind answered, your brother knew the buttons to push… the buttons that would kick your fears into overdrive and make you doubt yourself and Luis. He had known what would happen because he had set it up to happen. She had been played for a fool that night, but it hadn’t been by Luis. It had been by her own father and brother.

Sheridan raised her eyes to Luis’ and let the tears fall. "I’m so sorry. Oh god, I’m so sorry."

He immediately wrapped her in his arms and comforted her while she cried. "Shh, it’s okay Sheridan. I understand. We didn’t’ know each other very well back then. I understand how you could have thought what you thought. I never made a secret of my distrust of your family and of my suspicions they were involved in my father’s disappearance. You fears were justified. I know that. I wish you could have believed in me but I guess I gave you good reason not to."

"No Luis." She said pulling back and looking into his sad brown eyes. "That’s just it. You never gave me a reason to doubt you. You never treated me like a means to an end. That’s why that conversation broke my heart. Thinking you had used me was more than I could handle. That’s why I flew back to Paris. I couldn’t take seeing you every day knowing that you didn’t love me like I loved you. Dear god, can you ever forgive me?"

"There’s nothing to forgive, Sheridan. You didn’t do anything wrong. This is your families fault, not yours. Yeah I wish you could have trusted me… believed in me… but I know why you didn’t. I understand why you didn’t. You family made it impossible for you to believe in me. They wanted us apart and they went to the mat to make sure it happened."

"But they won’t get away with it." Sheridan said wiping the tears from her eyes. "I won’t let them get away with it. I won’t let them keep us apart, Luis. I love you and I’m not about to let them destroy that love."

"I love you too, Sheridan. More than I ever thought possible. But if your family went to these links to keep us apart there has to be a reason for it."

"There is. They’re afraid of something and I say it’s time we turn their fears against them."

"What?" He asked raising a brow in confusion. "What do you mean turn their fears against them?"

"Well I say if they are so afraid of us being together then lets really give them something to worry about. If you love me half as much as I love you then lets teach my family the meaning of the words. Let’s teach them that nothing they do will keep us apart."

Luis grinned and leaned in to place a light kiss against her lips. "I like the way you think Ms. Crane."

"Good." She said wrapping her arms around him and pulling back onto the bed with her. "Then you’re going to love what I do next."

Luis laughed as she flipped him over onto his back, but his laughter soon turned to moans of pleasure as she began to show him exactly how much she loved him. She knew her family would try something else to keep them apart but this time they would be ready for them. This time she and Luis would face them together and she knew that together they would win. Because as she’d once heard Theresa say true love always wins in the end.


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